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Sep 2nd 2022

Goodbye Emails to Coworkers: How to Write & Samples

could end up distracting you from work in your final days. Sending an email to coworkers at the end of your last day is also not the best approach, since it can seem abrupt or cold. It's therefore best to send off an email to colleagues a day or two before you leave. 📝 Decide who will get your email. When crafting your last day email to coworkers, decide which of your colleagues should get one. Should it be
Career Planning
Mar 6th 2024

Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Two-Week Notice Letter

you hold at the company. State the job title, company name and date of notice (the day you send the email). Then, include the last day of your employment, two weeks after the date of notice. There is no need to include any pleasantries. A resignation letter is not taken personally by anyone in the company, so simply stating your intent to resign is enough, and maintains a professional stance. For example: “I am writing to inform you of my
Career Planning
Sep 28th 2022

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Resign from a Job

outline you previously drafted. It is even a better idea to ask a friend to help you practice how to leave a job. Do a few rounds of role-playing. Ask them to throw some follow-up questions at you to see if you are ready. Write a professional resignation letter An important part of how to resign from work is to present a formal letter (or at least an email) explaining the situation. It allows to company to keep
Recruitment & HR
Nov 18th 2022

How to Manage a Remote Team - A Guide

and you may need to schedule a time to talk online. Even quick conversations can therefore become long ordeals when leading virtual teams. What’s more, communicating when you manage a remote team is difficult because it’s much easier to misunderstand the tone of emails or instant messages. For instance, writing ‘Send it in by the end of the day,’ in an email can sound much sharper than in person. When you’re managing remote workers, you need to
Resume & CV
Feb 22nd 2021

Sales Associate Resume: Examples, Skills & Job Description

are some information needed to be included while some not. Says YES to These List: Full name (First + Last) is required for presenting yourself professionally (Your colleagues can know your nickname later on when you actually start working). Phone number, email address, or any other contact method. A Headline tells your story and professional history! Address. if you’re applying as remote workers. BIG-NO NO List: Albeit finding ways to monetize your skillset is the practical method for career
People Operations
Jul 7th 2022

New Hire Checklist: How to Onboard New Employees Seamlessly

and confidentiality, alcohol and/or drug contracts, emergency contact details, or medical history documentation. ✅ Send an informative welcome email to the new hire. An informative email should inform the new hire about their first-day date, start time, and workplace location. Attire-related information will also be helpful to decide what to wear. You should ask for required ID documents or banking information if you need the employees to carry it on their first day. ✅ Inform them o...

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