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How to Include Projects in Resumes (Samples, Tips, Templates)

sometimes, especially for freelancers, designers, and software engineers. In this article, we will show you how to mention your projects on your resume effectively. TABLE OF CONTENTS Why You Should List Your Projects on Your Resume Types of Projects to List in a Resume How to Include Projects in a Resume (+ Samples & Template) Tips on How to List Projects on a Resume Resume Projects Section Examples Why You Should List Your Projects on Your Resume Adding projects in your resume
Career Development
Jul 15th 2022

How to Become a Freelancer: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed

offer, which can include: Showcasing key skills Make sure you highlight the tools, skills and programs which you can use for client projects in your freelancer resume. For instance, being proficient in photoshop, procreate and Adobe InDesign will boost your resume if you want to become a freelance graphic designer. Include relevant work experience Your freelance resume can focus solely on relevant work experience to help you convey that you are well-versed in your field. If you want to

How to Write a Game Designer Resume (& Example)

designer resume to life with action verbs. Action verbs, such as developed, formed, authored, can help better express the impact you had on video game projects in your game designer resume. What is a good objective for a game designer resume? For an entry-level game designer resume, you will want to write a short description detailing the goal of your game designing career and your accomplishments that shows your suitability. The objective of your game designer resume should include

High School Students: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips

soft. Hard skills are related to specific technical knowledge, while soft skills are often personality traits that are valuable in every field. It’s better to have both hard and soft skills on your resume. What skills should you include in your resume, then? First, dig through all your past classes or projects and make a list of what you’re capable of. Next, look closely at the job you’re applying for and highlight all the skills included in

Resume That Will Land You a Programming Job

graduate with no mentionable experience, you should read How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College ! Include Relevant Information Only One of the most common observations by hiring managers is that entry-level developers clutter their resume with unnecessary or unrelated facts. If you are an entry-level developer having trouble filling a one page resume because of not enough experience, it is still better to focus on job-relevant experiences. List one or two projects

Research Assistant Resume: Skills, Templates & Examples

when applying for research assistant job positions is to submit a multipurpose resume. It would be unwise to use an undergraduate research assistant resume to apply for a research assistant position that requires candidates to submit a graduate research assistant resume, even though they are both student research assistant resumes. Pick phrases or keywords from the job ads and include them in your resume. You should also opt to list duties relevant to the position and not every single responsibility

Retail Manager Resume Writing Guide & Tips [Top Examples]

a resume. The major differences between a retail manager Curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume are their length and content. A retail manager CV is generally a 2- or 3-page document showcasing your comprehensive professional background and achievements. You could list down and elaborate on your educational qualifications, work experience, skills, publications, and projects in your retail manager CV. In contrast, a retail manager resume is a 1-page document outlining your background including work experience, education background, and experiences

How to Write Achievements in Your Resume [+Tips & Examples]

you reach the goals? In what timeframe have you achieved the goal? How often did you surpass the goal? The purpose of answering these questions is to demonstrate your past successes in measurable and quantifiable metrics. Where to include achievements in a resume? You can include your achievements in the following resume sections: Work Experience Section Resume Summary/Objective Projects Section Education Section Awards & Achievements Section 1. Work Experience Section Listing your work experience in quantifiable accomplishments can help employers

How to Write an Interior Designer Resume (+ Samples)

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: How to write a great interior designer resume? What is a good objective for an interior designer resume? How to write a resume summary for an interior designer job What are some great skills to put on the interior design resume? How to write an interior designer resume with no experience Interior designer resume sample Being an interior designer can be challenging. Interior designers often manage between 20 and 30

All You Should Know about GitHub to Improve Your Resume

Created by CakeResume In this article, you'll learn about: What is GitHub? Should You Include Your GitHub Profile in Your Resume? How to Include your GitHub Profile in Your Resume Tips for Including GitHub in the Resume We are all living in the digital era. The increased presence of technology in our lives and the influence of the internet have changed the labor market. There has been an increased demand for coding jobs. For example, companies are looking for

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