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5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume

better than we do ourselves, and this is made possible by machine learning and AI. According to Linkedin’s 2019 report , job openings for machine learning have grown 96% with $182,000 being the median base salary per year —meaning, machine learning engineers are highly sought after. Another study conducted by Analytics India Magazine reveals that there are more than 78,000 job vacancies in the Machine Learning and Data Science fields in India. Further Reading: 5 Useful Resume Tips

Best Data Scientist Cover Letter with Tips and Examples

large set of structured or unstructured datasets and variables. • Data Analysis - Analyzing data for patterns and trends to provide an interpretation of such data with a certain objective. • Data Modeling - Implementation and optimization of the analytical model of data with machine learning engineers and software developers. • Problem-Solving - The reporting and communication of the analytic solutions with stakeholders in search of the best strategy to improve their business operation. Data Scientists are essential to the success of today’s enterprises
Job Search Tips
3월 3일 2020

For Freshers: Top 10 Most in Demand Jobs in 2020

Data science and machine learning often go hand in hand in taking the world by storm, and has woven into every aspect of our lives, from the facial recognition software on your iPhone to your homie Alexa. Not only do machine learning engineers keep all sorts of nerve-wracking problems at bay but also brighten our lives by alleviating our inconveniences. Every industry needs machine learning engineers. According to LinkedIn’s 2019 report, job openings for machine learning have grown

How to Create a Stunning Video Portfolio [Tips + Examples]

videographer's website or videographer portfolio) we'll say you shouldn't limit yourself. Any of these professions below can benefit greatly from a video reel portfolio: Architects Interior Designers Graphic Designers Illustrator UX/UI Designers Producer Content Creator Director Machine Learning or AI Engineers Actors News Anchor/Presenters Models What Is a Video Portfolio? A video portfolio is essentially a collection of your best work/projects in a video format. It is a branding tool and also a space

How to Write a Machine Learning Engineer Resume (+ Example)

engineer resume? What is a good machine learning resume objective? How to write a professional machine learning engineer summary? What are key skills for a machine learning engineer resume? How to write a machine learning resume with no experience? Machine learning engineer resume sample As our world becomes more advanced with the development of technology and data, machine learning engineer jobs become a hot commodity. As a machine learning engineer, you will be collaborating with data scientists and other engineers
Career Development
7월 1일 2021

How to Become a Software Engineer from Scratch: Ultimate Career Change Guide

Installable software bundles include coding, binaries, assets, back-end services (data access with an API), and testing on targeted hardware devices. Data Scientists collect data from various sources to analyze valuable insight. They proactively fetch and create data structures, creating machine learning-based tools, and present information by visualizing data. Knowledge of R, SQL, and Python is a must. Be clear with your end goal, so you know what to study to become a software engineer. There will be changes
Career Development
6월 5일 2023

Ingin Career Switch? 6 Hal yang Perlu Disiapkan [+Checklist]

Terlebih jika diiringi dengan kesempatan yang ada di depan mereka. Menurut World Economic Forum (WEF) , pada tahun 2023-2027, 12 bidang pekerjaan di bawah ini akan berkembang pesat bahkan menjadi pekerjaan yang paling banyak dicari untuk menjawab kebutuhan global: AI & Machine Learning Specialist Sustainability Specialist Business Intelligence Analyst Information Security Analyst Fintech Engineers Data Analyst & Scientists Robotics Engineers Big Data Specialists Blockchain Developers E-Commerce Specialists Digital Marketing Data Engineers 2. Tuntutan Edukasi yang Lebih Fleksibel Saat ini, tidak semua
Career Development
6월 5일 2023

Data Engineer: Profesi IT dengan Prospek Karir Menjanjikan

Dalam beberapa tahun belakangan, dunia teknologi berkembang dengan begitu pesat. Hal ini mengakibatkan permintaan untuk tenaga ahli profesi-profesi dalam bidang IT meningkat tajam. Pekerjaan seperti data engineer, software engineer, full-stack developer, dan machine learning engineer pun diiming-imingi imbalan yang besar. Di Indonesia sendiri, tenaga ahli IT terkait data banyak diincar oleh startup . Hal ini karena startup memproduksi ribuan bahkan ratusan ribu data point pelanggan setiap harinya. Data-data ini dapat diolah menjadi informasi yang berguna untuk pengambilan

Computer Science Cover Letter: Cracking the Code for Your Path to Success

Created by CakeResume In general, computer science degrees combine theoretical study and practical projects, providing you with the basic mathematical and scientific concepts behind computers. It is a field of study that is very promising and is currently considered to be in high demand in the job market. The job prospects for this field are projected to grow by 21% from 2021 to 2031. The most popular jobs for computer science major include: Software Developer Web Developer UX Designer Mobile
Career Development
7월 25일 2023

11 Jurusan Menjanjikan yang Banyak Peluang Kerjanya!

Memilih jurusan kuliah setelah lulus SMA/SMK biasanya selalu menjadi hal yang sulit, pasalnya jurusan kuliah akan menjadi salah satu penentu jenjang karir yang akan kamu jalani. Jurusan kuliah merupakan poin awal yang memberikan kamu pelatihan, pengalaman, serta keahlian-keahlian khusus yang dibutuhkan di dunia pekerjaan. Tentunya kamu ingin bisa langsung mendapatkan pekerjaan setelah lulus kuliah. Nah, sebelum memilih jurusan kuliah yang tepat, ada baiknya apabila kamu mencari tahu terlebih dulu kira-kira jurusan apa yang gampang cari kerja, atau

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