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2022 Apr 18th

Apa itu Management Trainee: Pengertian, Tugas, Gaji, dan Keuntungan!

Daftar isi: Pengertian dari Apa Itu Management Trainee (MT) Tugas dari Pekerjaan Management Trainee/Manajemen Trainee Syarat dan Keterampilan untuk Mengikuti Program MT Keuntungan Kerja Posisi Management Trainee Buat kamu yang masih studi atau baru lulus, mungkin kamu kerap kali mendengar istilah ‘ Management Trainee /Manajemen Trainee ’ atau yang biasa sering disingkat menjadi MT. Istilah ini belakangan sangat populer bagi sebagian orang, khususnya di kalangan anak muda. Lalu apa itu " management trainee"? Biasanya perusahaan yang membuka lowongan management trainee adalah perusahaan
Career Development
2022 Aug 25th

Kenali Lebih Jauh Officer Development Program: Pengertian dan Tips Lolosnya!

manajerial dalam perusahaan. Tak heran bila jenjang karir ODP sangat menjanjikan kedepannya. Officer development program sering dijumpai dalam perekrutan perusahaan perbankan baik BUMN maupun swasta di Indonesia. Apabila dilihat dari konsepnya, ODP bank ini konsepnya agak mirip dengan program Management Trainee (MT) untuk beberapa perusahaan besar. Namun, apa perbedaan ODP bank dengan program MT? Nah, bagimu yang tertarik untuk membidik jenjang karir ODP di perusahaan perbankan di Indonesia, kali ini CakeResume mengupas tuntas apa itu officer development program . Tetap stay

在 L'Oréal 跟 Google 工作是什麼樣子?Google BD Manager Rachel 的職涯探索以及 L'Oréal Trainee 經驗

邀請了現任於 Google TW 的 Business Development Manager Rachel。畢業自港科大工商管理系的 Rachel,在加入 Google 前在 L'Oréal Hong Kong 擔任 Retail & Education Management Trainee,也曾在 Citi Bank、Lindt & Sprüngli 實習。 無論學歷、經歷都與科技業大相徑庭的 Rachel,是在什麼樣的契機下加入 Google
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2022 Feb 9th

想加入 FMCG 巨頭 L'Oréal 嗎?2022 年儲備幹部、暑期實習徵才中!

目標呢? 如果你想加入台灣萊雅,別忘記點擊展區說明,了解整個 L'Oréal 集團的全球計畫與未來展望! Management Trainee Program 和應徵 L'Oréal Taiwan 職位最直接相關的,就是儲備幹部的心得與工作內容了,直接參考過往學長
Job Search Tips
2022 Jan 15th

Mudah! Cara Melamar Kerja di Indomaret (Online dan Offline)

kerja Usia maksimal 35 tahun Pekerjaan yang tersedia juga ada banyak sekali seperti front end developer, Java programmer, database administrator, senior UI/UX designer, dll. Tentunya, syarat lamaran kerja indomaret ini akan berbeda-beda untuk setiap posisi pekerjaan. 5. Supervisor Trainee Program ✅ Program ini cocok bagi kamu yang ingin mengembangkan karir kamu dalam waktu 1 tahun saja menuju tingkat Supervisor. Berikut adalah syarat melamar kerja di indomaret untuk Supervisor Trainee Program: Memiliki pendidikan D3 (Teknik Sipil/Mesin/Listrik), D4

300+ Action Verbs List for You Resume to Make Your Writing Stronger

Secretarial Action Verbs Communication Power Verbs for Resume Strong Team Player Action Verbs Assisted Administered Blended Coached Controlled Conjoined Contributed Collaborated Coproduced Counseled Educated Fostered Handled Harmonized Helped Gathered Inspired Instructed Involved Joined Mentored Merged Partnered Reconciled Suggested Supervised Supported Trained Tutored Teamed (up) Management and Leadership Action Verbs Aided Aligned Arranged Assembled Centralized Deployed Directed Dispatched Divided Employed Empowered Enabled Endorsed Engaged Ensured Facilitated Formalized Fostered Furthered Guided Handled Hired Implemented Incorporated Inspired Integrated Leveraged Maintained Merged Mobilized Optimized

Customer Service Representative Resume (Examples, Templates, & Tips)

6+ years experience & led a team of five. Has sound knowledge of CRM systems, problem-solving, and communication. Entry-level customer service representative resume summary sample: Detail-oriented student with a 6-month intern in XYZ company’s CSR role. Trained in communication and project management. Act 3: What skills does a customer service representative need ? Skills, the candidate’s professional expertise, and ability in certain fields are sections the employers emphasize during recruitment. A customer service representative skills on

Personal Trainer Resume Guide & Examples [+ Cover Letter Tips]

you are applying for. A personal trainer resume summary is ideal for individuals making a resume with solid experience. It shows your value based on your past duties and responsibilities as a fitness trainer. Fitness Trainer Resume Summary Examples: Fitness trainer with three years of experience across multiple fitness centers. Proven track record in assisting clients and members achieve their fitness goals following customized plans and diet plans. Assisted in developing new fitness programs with management and superiors leading to

Top Resident Assistant Resume Examples | Complete Resume Guide with Tips

resident assistant resume? What to put on a resume for a resident assistant? 5 tips for writing the best RA resume How to write a resident assistant cover letter? College Resident Assistant Resume Sample Resident Assistants are commonly known as trained peer leaders who help facilitate activities of residence halls in colleges, universities, or medical institutions. The RA position is required to possess skills such as interpersonal, problem-solving along with a solid background in management. Such skills and knowledge

Licenses & Certifications on a Resume - An Easy Guide

to Put Certifications on Resumes Certifications on Resume Example Certifications and licenses are qualifications that demonstrate an individual has the necessary knowledge and abilities to fulfill a job role that demands such competencies. These credentials show you have been taught, trained, and prepped to fulfill a specific set of job requirements. Adding resume/CV certifications is vital in today’s job landscape as employers are looking for well-prepared professionals. Moreover, many industries demand a specific set of skills criteria

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