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Emergency Nurse Resume (Examples, Tips, Format)

Assessed patient status and applied specialized care to more than 500 patients in 9 months. Served in a 30-bed emergency services unit for more than 4 years. Assessed, implemented, and documented critical care and life-saving interventions for patients. Mentored and trained 4 new nursing staff in 8 months. Step 3: Include Key Skills in the Resume The skills section is significant to your emergency room nurse resume. It showcases your hard and soft skills to prove your qualifications
Job Search Tips
Sep 5th 2023

9 Cara Cepat Mendapatkan Pekerjaan yang Wajib Diketahui!

ini sebagai cara mendapatkan pekerjaan dengan lebih mudah. Untuk memulai, kamu bisa menggunakan LinkedIn. 1. Mulai dengan menentukan target Pilihlah jenis hubungan apa yang kamu perlukan saat ini. Apakah kamu butuh teman yang dapat merekomendasikan kamu, apakah kamu butuh seorang mentor yang dapat memberimu cara untuk mudah dapat pekerjaan, atau kamu memerlukan seorang rekan kerja? Dengan mengetahui targetmu, kamu akan lebih memperhatikan orang-orang yang sebenarnya cocok untuk tujuanmu itu. Kamu akan lebih memperhatikan gaya dan cara bicara mereka, supaya
Hiring Tips
Nov 16th 2023

Building an Inclusive and Thriving Workplace with DEI

of creating an environment where all employees feel welcome, valued, and empowered to contribute their best. Inclusive practices can range from accessible facilities for individuals with disabilities to fostering a culture where diverse voices are heard and respected. For example, mentoring programs that connect employees from different backgrounds can promote a sense of belonging and inclusion. A common question that arises in understanding DEI is the difference between diversity and inclusion. Diversity is about the representation of different groups in

Facebook PM Peter 的產品管理職涯:新創、跨國公司、To B、To C 通通包辦!

印象最深刻的是? 27:10 聽說 Peter 一剛開始加入 Facebook 的職稱並不是 PM? 29:15 想請問 Peter 對於組建社群、加入 mentorship program 的想法? 31:20 Peter 接下來有什麼樣的規劃呢? 從本土新創到跨國大型軟體公司 如何跨出海外職

60+ Powerful Words to Describe Yourself in Interviews and Resumes

that emphasize your analytical or problem-solving skills to describe yourself. Then, provide a real-life example to elaborate. If you want to effectively demonstrate your leadership skills in a job interview, choose words to describe yourself such as 'encouraging,' 'mentoring,' and 'strategic thinking' to directly address the 'describe yourself' question. Similarly, if you aim to impress the audience with your communication skills , provide an answer containing adjectives like 'confident,' 'approachable,' and 'persuasive'. To present yourself as a creative thinker

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Resume Models & Formats [+ Examples]

example for a work experience section in a resume model: WORK EXPERIENCE Professional Translator  RedCo. Services May 2012 - June 2020 Translated packaging and promotional material for products from English to German, which were approved to be launched on the market. Mentored over 20 recruits and junior translators, providing monthly support and feedback. Wrote more than +300 published articles both in English and German. To show you are an experienced professional, add numbers and percentages in this section in your resume
Hiring Tips
Jul 7th 2022

New Hire Checklist: How to Onboard New Employees Seamlessly

Send an informative welcome email to the new hire. Inform them of company policies and company culture. Set up work area for the new hire. Set up accounts and create logins. Organize an orientation and prepare team introductions. Assign a mentor for the new hire. Inform the new hire of job expectations. Schedule time for onboarding feedback. Plan regularly check-in. ✅ Confirm first-day details with the new hire. List thorough detail for the employee’s first day on

Bí kíp viết CV xin việc giáo viên thành công khi đi ứng tuyển

tiêu nghề nghiệp cho CV xin việc trợ giảng tiếng Anh: “Caring teaching assistant with 3 years of experience in curriculum development for children. Seeking a new role at the Red Maple kindergarten to further develop my administrative skills and mentoring experience.” Đọc thêm: CV trợ giảng tiếng Anh: Viết như thế nào và cần lưu ý những gì? 4. Kinh nghiệm làm việc Liệt kê thứ tự các kinh nghiệm giảng dạy mà bạn tích luỹ được trước đó
Job Search Tips
Sep 21st 2023

MA 計畫是什麼?銀行 MA 與 FMCG 的工作內容、薪水與面試準備

銀行與 FMCG 的 MA 計畫是什麼?面試又該如何準備? 儲備幹部(MA) 是什麼?常見於銀行金融業和 FMCG 產業的 MA 制度,除了是新鮮人與應屆畢業生能夠最直接接觸到產業前線的途徑之一,也是企業為了在市
Career Development
Aug 25th 2022

Kenali Lebih Jauh Officer Development Program: Pengertian dan Tips Lolosnya!

Daftar isi: Apa itu Officer Development Program? Jenis Pelatihan Officer Development Program Apa Saja yang Perlu Disiapkan untuk Mendaftar ODP Bank? Tips Lolos Seleksi Officer Development Program Bukan rahasia lagi bahwa officer development program cukup diminati kalangan fresh graduates . Mengapa demikian? Selain dinilai prestisius dan memiliki benefit yang menggiurkan, karyawan yang menyandang gelar officer development program ini diproyeksikan menjadi pimpinan atau posisi manajerial dalam perusahaan. Tak heran bila jenjang karir ODP sangat menjanjikan kedepannya. Officer development program sering dijumpai dalam

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