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Oct 9th 2022

How to Use Mock Interviews to Land Your Dream Job

nail your interview, your best bet is practicing interview questions in a mock interview. Mock job interviews can help you prepare answers to common questions, improve your speaking skills and give you confidence. What is a Mock Interview? A mock interview involves practicing interview techniques and answers to imitate a real-world job interview. Essentially, a mock interview is playing ‘pretend’ in a simulated environment, in order to help a job applicant to practice and prepare for the actual interview
Interview Skills
May 4th 2022

The Fresher Interview Playbook: Tips & Common Questions

job. 🎯 Use the STAR method . When answering fresher interview questions, it's important to use the STAR method: Situation, Task, Action and Result. This will help you provide specific and concrete examples of your skills and experiences. 🎯 Do mock interviews. Fresher or not, the best way to prepare for a job interview is to practice. Mock interviews will help you get comfortable with answering fresher interview questions and will help you identify any areas that need more work
Interview Skills
Oct 5th 2022

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Job Interview

company does, while demonstrating that you are a confident and reliable candidate. Many job seekers make a mistake by not preparing answers for potential interview questions or thinking of related examples from their past experiences. You can also conduct a mock interview with a close friend or a family member to practice your responses. This will help you feel and appear more confident and qualified, and in turn ace your job interview. Below are some common interview questions to get
Interview Skills
May 13th 2022

How to Prepare for a Google Interview

problem-solving and coding skills. ✏️ In-depth interviews The best way to prepare for a Google interview is to focus on the in-depth interview portion. There are several interviews performed over the course of a day, and each interview covers specific topics, like technical or interpersonal skills. For this part of the process, coding theory and practice should be a major focus of your interview preparation for Google. ✏️ Decision Your interviewers will write recommendations after each interview

Cover Letter for English Teacher w/ Examples [Cover Letter Writing Guideline]

to take. I am drawn to Sunny’s teaching philosophy of creating a better environment for students to learn by allowing them to join practical activities while learning. I would be thrilled to be part of Sunny and teach the students in the future using the skills and expertise that I possess. I also believe that this opportunity will allow me to grow as an educator. I would be glad to have a chance to have an interview where I...

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