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2022 Jul 7th

Looking to Become a Networking Expert? 10 Pro Tips

feeling disappointed. Now picture this: you go into the networking event with the goal to understand “how can I help others in the room?” rather than “what’s in it for me?” You walk out of the event making business connections and feeling inspired. It is said that true networking happens when the network professional recognizes that everyone in the room has equal value to contribute. This is where people connect and build genuine relationships with those that share the

Professional Network Engineer Resume: Examples

Network Engineer Resume Sample (Text Format) A network engineer, also known as a network architect, builds, plans, implements, and maintains computer networks that are associated with the phone, data, video, and any other wireless network services in the workplace. A network engineer’s duties include: Ensure a good network performance by establishing and maintaining it Design the networking environment by coordinating system installation, establishing, documenting, and enforcing system standards Build network connections and configurations Troubleshoots network problems and outages, as

Write a Successful Desktop Support Resume in 10 Steps (+ Examples)

highlight personal traits. Step 10: Craft a convincing desktop support cover letter. Desktop support resume sample As desktop support, you will be: troubleshooting hardware and software problems resolving user questions in regard to technical issues assisting with product updates and network connections To excel in the tasks above, you will want to have a strong IT background with confident customer service skills. Another profession that requires the strengths of desktop support is a help desk. While they might seem very
Career Development
2022 Sep 2nd

Goodbye Emails to Coworkers: How to Write & Samples

at your workplace, and leave you open to connecting with those people outside of work. You never know how people you work with today can impact you tomorrow and writing a goodbye email to those coworkers will maintain your good network connections. 📍 Sending goodbye emails to coworkers shows good etiquette. A polite and friendly goodbye email to your coworkers really goes a long way to demonstrate your professionalism. Whether you’ve been working there for a short or long
Career Development
2021 Apr 16th

How to use LinkedIn? 5 tips to boost your career with LinkedIn

use search filters to help find the right job for you If you pay for a premium subscription, you can have access to even more features such as seeing where you stand compared to other candidates. 2. Expand Your Professional Network The main purpose of LinkedIn is to build a professional network. Beside interacting with your existing connections, it also enables you to expand your network without looking like a fraud or a creep. First of all, different from most
Job Search Tips
2020 Jul 13th

Why Networking Helps You Land a Job: 6 Easy Ways for College Students

put, it is more efficient and effective for employers to hire via referral programs. What does that mean for job seekers? You need to find people who are willing to refer you, and you do that through networking. The more connections you have in your social network, the more likely you can find someone that will refer you. Further reading: 8 Ways to Get a Better Job Fast The more connections you have in your social network, the more likely
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 8th

Informational Interview: What It Is and How It Can Help You

If you already have friends in the position, company, or industry that interests you, you’re among one of the luckiest—just ask friends out for a cup of coffee. If there’s someone in your second degree of the network (those who share a mutual connection with you), ask if that mutual friend can help introduce you for an informational interview. Your school’s alumni network and LinkedIn are also great ways to identify someone to interview. Most people
Career Development
2022 Jul 8th

How to Ask for a Job Referral: Guide, Tips and Examples

ask for a job referral. Who to Ask for a Job Referral There are several places that you can turn to when you're looking for a job referral. Here are some people to consider reaching out to: 💡 Your network First, take a look at your network. Identify people who might be able to help you with a referral and reach out to them. This could be close friends, former colleagues, professors, or even family members. Let them know
Job Search Tips
2022 May 4th

What is work shadowing and how to make the most of it?

career you'd like to pursue since you get chances to ask questions directly to employees and understand the job from their point of view. You can even get a couple of valuable resumes and interview tips. 3. Help develop network Job shadowing gives you a chance to develop a network in your interested career field. The professionals you meet are useful resources in the future. If you build good relationships with them, they might be willing to answer more
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 7th

How to Decline a Job Interview: Tips and Email Samples

doesn’t meet your needs. In those cases, you need to know how to gracefully decline a job interview. Whatever your reasons, it’s important to maintain professionalism when you decline an interview by email. You never know how this network connection could affect you later. It can be tricky to decline a job interview by email while being polite and professional. You want to make your needs clear without burning that bridge or causing offense. Things to consider before

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