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Jul 7th 2022

Looking to Become a Networking Expert? 10 Pro Tips

companies and organizations. They both certainly have their pros and cons: online networking provides flexibility in attendance from anywhere and accessibility to participants, whereas in-person networking, however, allows for deeper personal connections and physical interactions. In terms of online networking, some examples include virtual open house events, online information sessions and virtual skills workshops. On the other hand, in-person networking are, for instance, career fairs, professional conferences and roundtable discussions. Top 10 Tips for Better Networking You might
Career Development
Jan 30th 2023

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Network On LinkedIn

about who you know, networking on LinkedIn also centers around who knows you. And with over 830 million members, you never know who might change your future. Whether you’re an individual or a business, job seeker or an employer, networking has always and will always play a significant role in professional circles, regardless of the industry. Networking on LinkedIn is no different. Here are just some of the benefits networking on LinkedIn can bring to your professional career: Make
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Sep 3rd 2023

Killer LinkedIn Profile Picture Tips You Wouldn’t Want to Miss!

including recruiting, job interviews, and networking , to name a few! A great LinkedIn profile picture will also go a long way to building a brand of sorts, particularly if you use your LinkedIn profile picture on other official documents or professional platforms (but more on this later). LinkedIn pictures confirm your identity In the age of technology, identity theft has never been easier and more dangerous to your personal and professional life. That said, having a professional LinkedIn profile picture
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Sep 28th 2022

But Really, What Are Job Requirements?

met for the candidate and the responsibilities expected of a role, written out in words for understanding. In other words, they are the job qualifications, the job criteria, or the hiring requirements. They are most likely seen on company websites, professional networking sites, and job posting boards at employment centers. What are job requirements? To be more specific, job requirements list out the attributes, experience and skills an employer would like their ideal candidate for the job vacancy to have
Career Development
Sep 5th 2023

Elevator Pitch: 5 Cara Membuat Pitching yang Menarik!

kandidat lain. Kamu bisa mulai dengan bertukar nama dan sapaan, lalu pemberi kerja akan kemungkinan besar membalas dengan, “ Ceritakan tentang diri Anda .” Kemudian kamu bisa mulai pitchnya 📚 Baca juga: Efektif! 5 Cara Perkenalan Diri Saat Interview dan Contohnya 2. Professional Networking atau Mencari Kerja Saat kamu sedang networking dengan orang-orang baru kamu bisa gunakan elevator pitch untuk membangun relasi dan komunikasi yang baik. Kamu bisa berkenalan dengan sebanyak mungkin orang untuk menemukan peluang yang sesuai dengan pengalaman kamu
Career Development
Oct 7th 2023

Taiwan Summer Programs for a Unique Study Abroad Experience

their stay in Taiwan. Companies in Taiwan must also abide by laws for hiring foreign workers, so it could prove difficult to convince them to help you with obtaining a working visa for such a short period of time. International Networking By doing a summer program in Taiwan, you will meet and socialize with many interesting people from around the world. You can also try reaching out to any working professionals, networking groups or organizations to get insight and career
Career Development
Apr 8th 2019

5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Your Personal Brand

video. You can also include a “Further Reading” or “Tip” links on the bottom , and customize what you share. 4. Set Up Profiles on Social Networks with Target Audience Content related to personal branding will most likely be useful on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, while journalists and media pros are also likely to have Twitter accounts. When promoting your content, write posts with search engine keywords in mind, and include a call to action to entice those who

Should You Use “To Whom It May Concern” for Cover Letter Salutations?

Dear [Employer’s Full Name] The ideal way to address the hiring manager without using the term “To Whom It May Concern” is using the hiring manager’s full name which you can find from the company’s website or professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. By doing so, it shows the reader that you have done research regarding the company and are actually interested in the job. Dear Cavin Hampton: Dear Sarah Gordon: Dear Peter McCarson: 📝 Note: By
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Aug 25th 2023

What is LinkedIn & How to Use It for Your Career Progression

Created by CakeResume Whether you are on it or not, you must have heard of LinkedIn. Nearly 800 million professionals worldwide connect with others on LinkedIn to grow professionally and personally. It is the largest networking site for people to share work-related information and their insight. And LinkedIn just keeps growing. A strong, active presence on LinkedIn will do your career good. Among many other things, you can meet important people in the industry, seek job opportunities, apply for

Best IT Support Resume Examples (& Pro Resume Tips)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write an IT support resume? What to put on a resume for IT support? Tips for writing the best IT support specialist resume How to write a cover letter for an IT support job? IT support resume sample 📝 Definition: Experts in Information Technology (IT) are responsible for helping companies manage their technical systems and supporting technology users with troubleshooting assistance. Knowing how to write an impressive IT support resume requires some

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