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2022 Jun 16th

10 Best Locations & Companies for Offshore Software Development

In this article, we'll cover: Nearshore vs Offshore What to Consider When Hiring Offshore Development Companies Best Software Outsourcing Destinations Top 10 Offshore Development Companies The software development industry is booming. It's no secret that companies are looking for the best locations and providers for offshore software development as there are many benefits to software developers from offshore locations. For one thing, you gain access to a much larger talent pool, which allows you to find the best
Hiring Tips
2022 Jun 17th

A complete guide to hiring offshore software development teams

be the whole project or just some tasks that the company cannot handle on its own. The offshore development team works in a remote location, usually another country. Big companies sometimes create an offshore software development center and hire dedicated developers. Among the tasks offshore software developers can do for you, you can find the following: ✅ Mobile app development: Offshore app development frees you from having an in-house team. Hiring an offshore software development team gives you access
Hiring Tips
2022 Jun 16th

Dedicated Team Model: The Missing Piece to Your Dream Team

and more. ✅ The service provider gathers a team After the consultation, the service provider will then begin to assemble a team of experts who have the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the project. A dedicated team for a software project development project typically consists of a project manager, software developers, testers, and designers. The roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and the dedicated team is ready to start working on the project! ✅ Full managerial control The essence
Hiring Tips
2022 Jun 16th

Hire offshore software development companies successfully: 10 mistakes to avoid

its working time and how much of it can they allocate for your project. You can then ask them about their background and experience with similar projects if their time availability meets your requirements. Ask them to provide you with developer portfolios. You will find the right offshore outsourcing software development company if you ensure their time, experience, and work style satisfies your requirements. #2. Focusing too heavily on cost It is normal to be worried about staying within a

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