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How to Make an Amazing Writing Portfolio (+ Examples)

many more. Categorizing your writings into different categories on your online writing portfolio helps the readers navigate their preferred content easily. Remember, think from a reader’s perspective. Step 5: Design the layout of your portfolio. The layout of your writing portfolio depends on your personal preference. Typically, your portfolio shows links and images of your writing samples. You can also organize your portfolio layout by genres, content, and styles. Writing Portfolio Examples How to make a writing portfolio? If

30 Portfolio Examples, If You’re Wondering What a Portfolio Should Look Like

you will be brought into a rainbow road that showers you with highly saturated colors. In this photography portfolio example, we can see how the grid layout effectively showcases the photographer’s photography style effectively. Key lessons from this photography portfolio example : Show consistency in your work on display. Contact information and business inquiries section should be tidy and easy to use for further clients to reach out more easily. 6. Kristin Wong , Writer & Journalist Online writing portfolio by Kristin

How to Make an Online Portfolio [+ Tips, Examples, Guide]

to include only the ones that can help you shine more. Check out these Online Portfolio Examples ! Who needs an online portfolio? E veryone , no matter in which career field or for what purpose, can benefit from having a personal online portfolio. If you work in the creative industry , such as arts, interior design, architecture, graphic design, photography or videography and writing, having a career portfolio is essential. Writers, teachers, models and other professions that rely on visuals also require

What Is a Portfolio & What Should a Great Portfolio Look Like?

sent to the employer. Professional e-portfolio by Tom Holloman Online portfolio An online portfolio is created on platforms like CakeResume, Behance or Dribbble; and can serve as a tool to create a bigger online presence. Full stack developer personal portfolio by Minjoo Ruth Bai Website A portfolio website is essentially a website that consists of your works and is usually created using platforms like Wix and WordPress. It works just like how any other website would. Professional writing portfolio

Freelance Writer Resume Guide with Samples

Refer to freelance writer resume templates & examples online Writing a resume may seem overwhelming at first. No worries! Try to look up freelance writer resume examples and templates on the Internet - this way, you can get yourself great tricks and writing advice. Step 4: Tailor your freelance writer resume for the job opening There are a variety of jobs to get your freelance writing career off to a great start such as content writer, journalist, travel/food reviewer, editor, and
Career Development
Nov 2nd 2023

Make Money With These 10 Side Hustle Ideas

hustle is to figure out what you can do best. Make a list of your skills and examine your areas of expertise. Another consideration for a side hustle is your hobby – for example, a fitness lover could coach people on the side, or a knitting enthusiast can sell their products online. Step 2: Prepare Your Portfolio A portfolio of your previous side hustle jobs can help you stand out. Tools like CakeResume’s portfolio builder can help you prepare an ...

Mẫu portfolio cho copywriter & content writer (kèm hướng dẫn A-Z)

freelancer hoạt động chủ yếu trên UpWork thì việc có portfolio video là một điều gần như bắt buộc đấy! Hơn thế nữa, việc gửi portfolio xin việc bằng link youtube cũng được nhiều nhà tuyển dụng ưa chuộng. Mẫu portfolio content writing của May Luong Đọc thêm: 10 công việc freelancer có thu nhập ổn định hiện nay Làm portfolio copywriter & content writer ở đâu? Việc tìm cho mình một công cụ hoặc website tạo portfolio online không hề

How to Write an Interior Designer Resume (+ Samples)

analyzes all applicants' resumes and searches for specific keywords in them. To have an ATS-friendly interior designer resume format, follow through the steps in this article and create an impressive resume for interior design jobs! 👍 2. Refer to online templates and examples for writing an interior design resume. Free interior design resume templates can be found easily via a search engine when you do not know how to write your first interior designer resume. 👍 3. Tailor your

Craft Your Professional Portfolio Resume Like a Pro [+ Tips]

CakeResume's Portfolio Collection Page For talents in engineering and design-related fields , " portfolios " are usually requested during job application process. There have already been plenty of relevant online resources like tutorials and templates. However, more and more companies now require job applicants to provide "portfolios" for interviewers as references, and the importance of portfolios is no longer limited to the fields mentioned earlier. Nowadays, for positions like content writing , marketing & planning, and project coordinator, “portfolio” is commonly listed in

Secrets of Writing Successful Upwork Cover Letters

Upwork Cover Letter In this article, you’ll learn about: How to Write an Upwork Cover Letter Cover Letter Samples for Upwork Tips on How to Write a Cover Letter for Upwork Proposals Upwork Cover Letter Template Today's job market is undeniably tough, especially with remote work developing into the “new norm" all over the world. Both freelancers and recruiters/clients now have a lot of platforms to achieve their own purpose. However, Upwork seems to be among the

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