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Dec 3rd 2023

Here's Why Workplace Communication is so Important & How to Improve It

Building effective communication skills in the workplace is essential to ensure cooperation and success among your team. This article will go through the importance of having strong communication in the workplace, as well as finding your communication style, and how to build your communication skills . Table of Contents: What is Workplace Communication? 7 Common Communication Styles Why is Workplace Communication Important? Ways to Develop Your Communication Skills at Work How To Improve Workplace Communication? What is Workplace Communication? Workplace communication
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Feb 23rd 2024

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace: What Is It and How Can You Change It

and tools for addressing unconscious biases in the workplace. Creating a Culture of Inclusivity Establishing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and publicly committing to diversity and inclusion goals can create a culture that values differences. In addition to addressing unconscious bias in the workplace, this promotes a sense of belonging and fosters collaboration among employees from diverse backgrounds. Encouraging Diverse Perspectives Actively seeking input from employees with different viewpoints enhances creativity and problem-solving. Leaders should encourage open communication and ensure
Career Development
Jan 10th 2024

What Are Social Skills and How to Master this Skill Set?

in the workplace. By using other forms of social communication skills, such as active listening and empathy, conflict resolutions can be achieved effectively. Why Are Social Skills So Important? Created by CakeResume Social skills are required in all forms of communication, both in your personal and professional life. It is a skill that is used everyday, so working on them should be a priority. As improving social skills takes time, knowing how they pay off in the long run could
Career Development
Sep 28th 2022

A Guide to the Perfect Employee Performance Review

may not apply to the role you’re reviewing, while other important qualities could be missing. Basic Information Date Reviewer Review period Employee Information Name Position Manager Responsibilities Employee’s current tasks Skill Rating Efficiency Teamwork Leadership Independence Punctuality Reliability Communication Consistency Goals Has the employee met goals from the last review period? Performance goals for the next review period Areas of Improvement Comments Performance Review Question Examples It’s important to have some questions prepared in advance for the
Career Development
Nov 23rd 2023

Discover The Power of Teamwork Skills [+ Tips & How to List on Resume]

In this section, we will delve into these elements of teamwork skills, including clear and open communication, active listening, building trust, and resolving conflicts, as well as defining roles and responsibilities within a team. Communication and Active Listening Clear and Open Communication Effective communication within a team is the cornerstone of successful collaboration. When team members communicate openly and clearly, it reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and enhances the overall efficiency of the team. To improve communication skills within a
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Feb 23rd 2024

How to Use Employee Resource Groups to Implement DEI

this. We have a whole guide on promoting inclusivity here ! Fostering a Sense of Community: By having a committee of employees who are interested and passionate about promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, stronger camaraderie and community can be fostered in the workplace. By encouraging both the employee resource group to actively listen to the needs of their colleagues, a sense of trust and belonging can be formed. This strengthens teams and encourages open communication, ultimately providing more insight to the
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Apr 17th 2023

7 Effective-Proven Strategies for Managing ADHD in the Workplace

with ADHD: 💡 Encourage transparency. Having ADHD at work can impact the way tasks are completed, and an employee might feel like they aren't as productive as their co-workers. Managing ADHD in the workplace should start with transparent communication. Encourage open dialogue when supervising an employee with ADHD, by asking what adjustments they would need to work productively. Asking directly will make sure that the workplace accommodations for ADHD you decide upon are useful to the employee. 💡

Communication Skills in CV: 15 Common Skills & Examples in CV

to hone yours, and to include communication and interpersonal skills in your CV as one of the weapons in your job search. Here are 15 types of communication skills, along with an explanation of how they can be useful in the workplace and in certain fields, and followed by examples of how to demonstrate each skill in CV writing. Friendliness and empathy Presenting Public speaking Reflection Written communication Confidence Clarity Responsiveness Active listening Giving and accepting constructive feedback Being open
Hiring Tips
Nov 17th 2023

Forming An Employer Branding Strategy: A Guide

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: What Is Employer Branding? Employer Branding Strategies Employer Branding Examples Tips for Employer Branding When hiring, recruiters not only have to select candidates based on their qualifications, skills and experience, but also envision how they would fit with the existing team. Writing detailed job descriptions and having open communication with candidates improves efficiency in hiring; however, improving employer branding is a unique way to attract high quality candidates. Employer branding strategies
Career Development
Nov 1st 2023

Performance Review Handbook for Great Result

Created by CakeResume Although performance review is a common practice nowadays, you might still find yourself looking for performance review templates, performance review questions, how to write performance reviews, or performance review phrases to be better prepared. This article is filled with essential knowledge and practical examples that would come in handy to employers, managers, and employees. During performance review, employers are allowed to assess their employees' job performance and offer constructive feedback. This essential practice serves as a compass

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