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15 Contoh CV Bahasa Inggris yang Dilirik HRD dan Cara Membuatnya!

Bahasa Inggris - Dibuat di CakeResume Bagian Penting dalam CV Bahasa Inggris (Struktur Penulisan) Dibawah adalah 5 bagian yang harus ditulis saat membuat CV Bahasa Inggris yang benar. Yuk, kita simak format CV bahasa Inggris dan cara membuatnya yang benar! 1. Personal Profile atau Data Diri Hal pertama yang harus kamu tulis pada Curriculum Vitae , baik CV Bahasa Indonesia maupun CV Bahasa Inggris adalah data diri . Pastikan hal ini ada pada data diri yang kamu tulis di CV kamu: Nama Lengkap

How to Create a Stunning Video Portfolio [Tips + Examples]

has been recognized, it's a selling point that can be included in your video portfolio. There are many mediums to host your video portfolio. Let's dig into where you can create your video reel portfolio. 🎬 Website A personal video portfolio website is perfect for someone who has been building their brand or is considering starting one. Although they take more time to construct, personal video portfolio sites allow more flexibility, especially for freelancers who need to showcase

Waiter/Waitress Resume (Examples and Tips)

to its identical definition, the article will use waiter and waitress interchangeably. How to write a professional waiter/waitress resume? Step 1: Craft an Waiter/Waitress Resume Headline Headline, the few words that mark a person’s professional and personable brand in their waiter/waitress resume, could hammer home a candidate’s job application result. A resume headline Refers to a few words to 1 sentence that highlights a candidate’s accomplishment, title, and profiles. Generally located at the very

Tax Accountant Resume Examples & Guide

only one sentence, you need to introduce yourself to the hiring managers in the most impressive way. You can focus on your professional expertise, outstanding achievements, or anything that makes you stand out from other candidates. Examples of a well-branded tax accountant resume headline : Entry-level tax accountant resume “College Grad with broad knowledge of tax regulations as well as an understanding of state and foreign tax issues.” Junior tax accountant resume “Tax Accountant with demonstrated ability to assist

Respiratory Therapist Resume Examples (+ Expert Tips on Resume & Cover Letter)

personal information to avoid in the resume profile. 2. Resume Headline A resume headline is a concise statement at the top of the page, briefly introducing who you are as a candidate for the opening position. To craft a well-branded resume headline, also known as a resume title, you can highlight your professional level, key skills, or outstanding achievements. Example of a headline for a registered respiratory therapist resume : “Patient-oriented Respiratory Therapist who successfully weaned 30+ patients off

HR Generalist Resume: Templates, Examples & Essential Skills

academic fields as teaching, medical & nursing, accounting or science. No length limit to the length, normally ranging from 2 to 6 pages. Plain and simple design/layout. HR generalist resume Mentions the areas of expertise, skills and work experience only personal relevant to the target position. Is commonly required for the job application along with the cover letter. Should be kept as short and straight-to-the-point as possible, ideally within 2 pages The layout varies from fields to

Creating an Impressive Photography Portfolio Website [+ Examples & Tips]

you’re marketing yourself as a commercial or editorial photographer, it’s essential to print out your professional photography portfolio and promotional materials. This way, clients can take a closer look at your previous works with advertising agencies, magazines, or brands as well as some accomplishments you’ve achieved. A printed photography portfolio is also a safe bet when you have an in-person interview. Digital/online photography portfolio Most photographers consider their own portfolio as one of the most

Writer Resume Examples [+ Resume & Cover Letter Writing Tips]

be absolutely no mistake in your writer resume. Serious grammatical mistakes and typos will put a big question mark, especially if you are writing formal and serious content. What to put on a resume for a writer? 1. Resume Profile (Personal Information) The basic information should be presented clearly in the writer resume’s first section. Basic information that you can simply include: Full name Professional email Telephone number Address (optional) Personal websites such as LinkedIn, Medium, or WordPress URL

The Guide to Creating a Killer Modeling Portfolio

many free website builders for models to create their online modeling portfolio. You could also seek a web designer to create a model portfolio website for you. While managing a social media page might seem to be enough for your branding, it is still recommended to have your own website because you would have control of the entire page design. With a personal website, you could easily organize the photos of different projects or types of modeling you have experience

Cách viết CV tiếng Anh chuyên nghiệp (kèm mẫu)

hãy cho nhà tuyển dụng thấy được thành tích học tập cũng như các hoạt động ngoại khoá bạn đã tích cực tham gia. Được tạo bởi CakeResume Mẫu CV tiếng Anh cho sinh viên mới ra trường Trong phần “Personal Statement", bạn có thể chia sẻ thêm về định hướng nghề nghiệp trong tương lai của bản thân, qua đó, nhà tuyển dụng có thể thấy được sức trẻ, khao khát cống hiến cũng như suy nghĩ nghiêm túc

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