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Feb 18th 2021

What Is Personal Development? 3 Simple Steps to Self Improvement

What are some personal development goals? Concrete Examples of Self Development Skills You know that personal development skills are qualities you want to embrace, which will further lead to a self-growth goal. But precisely speaking, what do personal development skills entail? Here’s the top-down approach to help you put things into perspective. Basically, your life can be separated into a few aspects: career, self-fulfillment, people, or you can also decipher it as inter- and intra-personal

How to Add Extracurricular Activities in Your CV

Not only you may have a chance to get a scholarship, but also an opportunity to meet good friends. 💭 Here are the skills you can show by including sports in your CV extracurricular activities: Teamwork Work ethic Communication Leadership skills Personal development Arts Extracurricular activities in arts mean participating in a wide range of activities. These activities include being a tutor, cartooning, animation, and ceramics. 💭 Here are skills that shows through this extracurricular activity on your CV: Time
Career Development
Apr 8th 2019

5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand that Will Help You Out in Harsh Times

success from your customers. They differ from standard recommendations by the fact they specifically show the problem you solved and how you solved it. #4 Find Your Weak Points Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, both professional and personal. Develop the skills you need at work, including oratory, communication, and writing . Personal branding involves publicity; it's not for shy people. Make a plan for the development of personal skills. #5 Follow Successful People in Your Area If
Career Development
Nov 5th 2023

What Skills Should I Enhance for A Successful Career?

Personal Growth Skill enhancement can not only help you in your career, but it can help you develop personally as well. Learning new skills can bring new perspectives, insights and challenges which can help you build patience, respect and humility. Personal development is an overlooked part of career and skill enhancement, as many people believe that they should not mix their personal and work lives together. However, striving for personal growth can be advantageous to both your career and personal

How to Write a Killer School Counselor Resume: Examples and Tips

of experience supporting students with emotional and social development strategies. Honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for 3 consecutive years. Kind postsecondary school counselor dedicated to providing emotional and social support for students transitioning into the workforce. Proficient with career development resources for different majors and career paths. 🖋 Step 3: Include key school counselor skills for your resume. Whether you are a current student looking to create a school counselor intern resume, or an experienced counselor seeking to craft
Career Development
Sep 27th 2022

How to Become a Consultant: Tips & Advice

strategy, such as mergers & acquisitions, corporate strategy and investments Financial advisory consultant: deals with financial decisions regarding risk management, taxes, restructuring and financial improvements for a business Marketing consultant : offers expertise and industry insight into improving marketing campaigns & their outcomes Personal consultant: helps individuals to review their strengths and weaknesses to formulate career, education and personal development improvements. Legal consultant: helps businesses with legal issues regarding legal disputes, compliance with regulations and forming internal policies. Business consultant: helps with the

A Comprehensive Cover Letter for CV Guide w/ Examples & Templates

you choose to email a cover letter for your CV, these details should be included in your email signature. 3. Show your commitment to the company's growth One thing that the hiring manager takes into consideration is whether your personal development aligns with the company's mission and goals. However, there isn’t much room to express this in your CV. Thus, you must show your commitment to the company’s growth when writing the cover letter for your
Job Search Tips
Apr 13th 2020

9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

during their hiring processes for both junior and senior level developers. Try to get some practice before showing up! Portfolio You should never come to an interview without a portfolio of your previous work. Even if it's your first development job, work on personal projects or contribute to open source software as you're learning development to be able to showcase your skills to future employers. Having working web applications or software can go a long way to getting
Career Development
Oct 19th 2023

Career Development vs. Career Growth: How to Achieve Both

Created by CakeResume Whilst starting out in a professional field, many people think about their long-term career plans, aiming for high-level roles or high salaries . This career growth mindset can be motivating for many people who have big professional goals, but oftentimes, what can be done in the short-term to achieve this is overlooked. Whilst career growth is at the forefront of many workers’ aspirations, the short term skill building, networking and experience required to reach career

100+ Key Hard Skills to Put on Resume [+ Listing Tips for Maximum Impact]

Created by CakeResume You may have heard a lot about the importance of the skills section in a resume. However, you might have not heard of hard skills to put on resumes which are different from soft skills. To put it simply, hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities that an individual can acquire through practice, repetition, and education. When going over the hard skills on your resume, employers can grab a quick idea of your expertise and see whether

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