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Personal Websites - A Guide With Examples

your personal web page. You can attach multiple links all in one place on your personal homepage. This serves as a convenient way for employers to check any relevant social media accounts or other relevant work when browsing through your personal web page. Nowadays, making a personal website isn’t difficult as there are many tools and ways to develop one. Everyone can have their own personal website to build their personal brand and online presence, giving you a kickstart

Best Front End Developer Portfolio Examples [+How-to guideline]

Include in a Front End Developer Portfolio The first key of constructing your front end developer portfolio is identifying the information that should be included. Let's break down the basic content all front end developer portfolios should have: 1. Home page / Cover page This landing page of your front end portfolio website is the first thing that people see. Make sure you create an inviting design so they are keen to stick around and browse through your front end

15 Best Free Portfolio Websites (w/ Pros & Cons, Pricing, Key Features)

3 font styles available for text tool 2. Behance Behance is a free portfolio website where creators can showcase and discover other creative works done by other creators. On Behance, users’ works which are made public will appear on the homepage of the website, allowing all website visitors and the online portfolio link visitors to view the works. Behance homepage ✨ Features Using the platform is free once you have signed up on Behance. There is no restriction on the

How to Design a Portfolio for Students [+ Ideas & Tips]

In this article, you will learn about: 15 Best Creative Portfolio Ideas for Students Free Websites to Create a Student Portfolio Design 10 Tips to Make a Creative Student Portfolio Design The importance of putting together a comprehensive portfolio for students can’t be stressed enough. A powerful portfolio for application can help increase the chance of achieving your goal in such cases as: Building personal branding Looking for freelance or part-time jobs in creative fields (i.e, graphic

20 Great UI Designer Portfolios Examples [+ Pro Tips]

people within the creative industry. UI designer portfolio on Behance by Oussama Yamine 4. UI Portfolio Website by Lucas Simons Minimalist, clean but never boring. With over 10 years of experience being a UX/UI designer, Lucas definitely knows his personal style and it shows. Right off the bat, his homepage is screaming with vibrancy. His Format UX/UI portfolio website is nothing but striking and informative. The “Services” page is embellished with minimalist icons and a short description of

UX Designer Portfolio: 10 Best Portfolio Examples and Why They Work

a pleasant experience when going through your UX designer portfolio, there are a few components that you should consider including: Front page Headline About me section Contact information Resume (optional) Works Other projects (optional) Front page A front-page or home page is an excellent place to start your UX designer portfolio planning. When choosing how to present the front page, consider the following essential questions: How do you want to introduce yourself? Professionally? Or friendlily? Will the front page

The Ultimate Guide to A Great UI Designer Portfolio

designer portfolio website is popular in your region, especially for recruiters and employers. Whether or not you have knowledge about coding. The number of UI design projects for your portfolio. What Should Be Included in a UI Designer Portfolio? 1. Home page Think of this as the exterior of a restaurant that looks good enough to attract you to walk into and dine. The homepage of your UX/UI portfolio website needs to be eye-pleasing, but able to direct

5 Steps to Creating an Impressive Marketing Portfolio

from the portfolio. What to Include in a Marketing Portfolio Before you start building up your own marketing portfolio, you need to know what others expect to see in it. There are six main parts of a marketing portfolio: Cover / Home page About me / Bio Contact Information Resume / CV Content (Projects) Testimonials and Awards 1. Cover / Home page We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the cover or the homepage of your marketing portfolio

How to Make an Amazing Writing Portfolio (+ Examples)

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: What Is a Writing Portfolio? How to Create a Writing Portfolio Writing Portfolio Examples 5 Best Writing Portfolio Websites Tips on How to Build a Writing Portfolio Having a writing portfolio is beneficial when demonstrating your writing skills. In fact, among many other freelance specialities, writing is one of the easiest to kickstart a freelance career. So, what is a writing portfolio? It is a portfolio that gathers examples of
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Aug 26th 2022

How To Get Maximum Use From Job Search Sites

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Top 10 Job Search Sites Engineering Job Search Websites Tips for Using Job Search Sites Whether you’re using a job site, networking with others, handing in applications in person or are advertising your freelance services, finding a job is a mixture of effort, luck and timing. The most popular method for finding work is using job sites - with job seekers using an average of 7.6 job hunting sites during

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