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Personal Websites - A Guide With Examples

your personal web page. You can attach multiple links all in one place on your personal homepage. This serves as a convenient way for employers to check any relevant social media accounts or other relevant work when browsing through your personal web page. Nowadays, making a personal website isn’t difficult as there are many tools and ways to develop one. Everyone can have their own personal website to build their personal brand and online presence, giving you a kickstart

Mengenal Personal Branding dan Cara Membangunnya di Dunia Profesional

Di era digital ini, banyak orang berusaha untuk membangun personal branding dan meningkatkan kehadiran online mereka. Buku-buku, webinar, kursus online, pun bermunculan untuk mendorong orang-orang membangun personal brandingnya. Jadi, apa arti personal branding dan bagaimana cara membangun personal branding yang efektif? Daftar isi: Apa itu Personal Branding? Pentingnya Personal Branding untuk Semua Orang Bagaimana Cara Melakukan Personal Branding? Contoh Personal Branding yang Sukses Branding Diri di Sosial Media dan Personal Webpage Personal Branding Apa itu Personal Branding? Ketika

How to Make an Online Portfolio [+ Tips, Examples, Guide]

be more and more dependent on technology, online portfolios have become the more common method of presentation. What sets an online portfolio apart from the conventional printed portfolio is that the collection of your works can be accessed on the web. Think of it as a personal webpage. An online portfolio could be used as a way to show and not just tell your potential employers about your skills. By using a portfolio, you can demonstrate and show the evidence

CakeResume for Developers

to get started in CakeResume for Developers? You should have a page to introduce yourself. The first thing that you need to do is to create your resume on CakeResume that will best describe yourself for it serves as your personal page to introduce yourself. The good thing about the CakeResume is that you can share it to social media as your personal webpage. The page will seem, as your real web page for customizing it to your own preferred

How to Design a Portfolio for Students [+ Ideas & Tips]

provides a lot of details about her, including the latest portfolio, education, social media, and most importantly, accomplished projects. Student graphic design portfolio by Quyen Erin 6. Adam Fearing Adam publishes his portfolio as a slideshow instead of making a personal webpage. Each page shows a project with a detailed description, making it become the winning element of this landscape architecture student portfolio. Landscape architecture student portfolio by Adam Fearing 7. Juliet Bolton Juliet’s portfolio looks like an e

What is Personal Brand? 3 Ways of Branding Yourself Successfully!

By making a website or webpage can easily make yourself available online. Most personal website allow you to customize the structure according to your style and preferences. You can use website builder such as Wordpress, Wix or create a single-page personal webpage using CakeResume . CakeResume is a combination between a social media-based personal website and a resume, that allows user to create a one-page platform to introduce themselves in a professional, unique, and completely customizable way. TRY

Introduce Yourself with a Single Webpage

If you want to make it easy for potential employers and clients to learn more about you, consider creating a personal resume website. A standalone webpage to put your resume on can be a great way to introduce yourself, showcase your professional experience, and present yourself in a unique way. Below are some reasons why you should use a resume webpage: Go Beyond a Traditional Resume A standalone webpage can give employers or prospective clients a greater impression than a

5 Reasons Why You Should Use CakeResume for Personal Branding

you will be able to catch the attention of the hiring manager. Fortunately, you now have a way to effectively catch the hiring manager’s attention through the use of CakeResume. What Makes CakeResume the Best Online Resume Builder? Handy Personal Website You may not be aware of CakeResume yet, but it a revolutionary software combining your resume with your personal website into a single webpage. In essence, it is a one-page platform where you can introduce yourself in

6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2022

a year or two before you become highly sought-after in your chosen field. So registering in a few freelance websites to build your clientele is a more sensible way to secure clients. Further reading: Introduce Yourself with a Single Webpage Further reading: Personal Branding - Why and How? 2. Freelance Websites There is a huge demand for side hustlers; as you can see on freelance job sites, companies are tapping on freelance talents ranging from finance consultants to bitcoin developers

Best Video Editor Portfolio with Examples [Porfolio Making Guideline]

Created by CakeResume A video editor portfolio is an art gallery where it displays peoples’ masterpieces, waiting for people to visit and find out what is inside. It is a collection of videos that have been put together in a carefully designed way to better deliver the video editor’s concepts. So, are you one of the video editors who are still scratching your head struggling to create the perfect portfolio that belongs to you? If you are planning to

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