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Oct 11th 2022

Tips On Preparing for a Phone Screening Interview

of major companies which are likely to conduct phone screens and their phone screen processes: 📞 Google phone screen : Google’s phone screening interview process is conducted after the application stage, where you will receive an invitation to schedule a phone screening interview. Google’s phone screening process will have a behavioral component just like any other interview, asking about your experiences and desire to work at Google. However, the technical component of the phone screen will explicitly test your
Hiring Tips
Apr 18th 2023

Topgrading Interview: What Is It and How to Conduct A Topgrading Interview

the vacancy. During the hiring process, applicants should be provided with a detailed questionnaire that allows them to list out their professional history. This will also help reduce the time and effort needed to decipher resumes and check applications. 5. Start with a phone interview. Once candidates begin to line up for interviews, a good idea for the first of a topgrading interview is through the phone. This does not only save time and costs compared to face-to-fac...

A Comprehensive Cover Letter for CV Guide w/ Examples & Templates

an interview and express your gratitude. Sign-off 2. Include your contact information The hiring manager will need your contact information to reach out to you if they require more information or if they want to invite you for an interview. Hence, make sure you provide your contact information in your cover letter for your CV, including your: Email address Phone number Social media handles 💡 Pro tip: You can exclude your residential address, as it is private information that
Interview Skills
Oct 26th 2022

15 Different Types of Interviews w/ Example Questions & Tips

professional. Think of it as a traditional in-person interview but conducted via computer screens instead. One winning tip for this kind of interview is to sit in a quiet room with a stable Internet connection. 2 examples of video interview questions: What do you consider to be your greatest strength? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 🧑‍💻 Interview Type 7: Phone Interview This is normally the first interview round to see if you’re a fit

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