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Aug 19th 2022

5 Contoh Pertanyaan Interview User dan Tips Lolos Seleksi! [+Jawaban]

interview user: “Saya menginginkan pekerjaan ini karena saya mencari peluang yang memungkinkan saya melatih keterampilan saya dengan bahasa pemrograman Java. Saya merasa posisi ini akan memungkinkan saya untuk mengasah keterampilan interpersonal saya ketika bekerjasama dalam tim yang berisi anggota tim product, design, dan business . Pengalaman saya dengan software programming memungkinkan saya untuk membangun aplikasi mobile yang akan menambah nilai kepada pengguna dan menambah fitur yang dibutuhkan pengguna sehingga akan membuat mereka mempunyai user experience yang nyaman.” 2. Ceritakan tentang keterampilan
Career Development
Nov 3rd 2022

Supply Chain Management: Pengertian, Tujuan, Proses, Ciri-ciri

memerlukan supplier untuk menyediakan bahan. Selain penyediaan barang, perusahaan juga membutuhkan distributor untuk mengirim produknya kepada konsumen. Hal ini menunjukkan fungsi SCM sebagai mediasi. 3. Fungsi Biaya Fungsi SCM yang terakhir yaitu memudahkan pemantauan jalannya supply chain, biaya riset pasar, product design , dan biaya operasional. 6 Proses Supply Chain Management Proses Supply Chain Management 1. Pelanggan Tahap pertama dalam proses SCM adalah menerima pesanan produk dari pelanggan. Perusahaan akan memperoleh informasi dari konsumen, misalnya jumlah barang, tipe, tanggal pengiriman, dan

SEO Resume Examples (Advanced Resume & Cover Letter Tips)

Manager Resume Summary Example: SEO manager with 6 years of experience involved in multiple SEO campaigns. Excellent communication skills with good points of view when presenting ideas to partners, executives, and customers. Experienced in instructing current trends and methods towards design, product, and development teams. SEO Analyst Resume Summary Example: SEO analyst with 4 years of experience implementing and managing key SEO performance metrics. Skilled in developing reports and alerting processes to ensure site content follows SEO best practices. Excellent
Interview Skills
May 13th 2022

Product Manager Interview Questions and Tips

on user experience, incorporating things like design and feedback. All these elements are sure to come up in the product manager interview. Product managers are indispensable to any company, which is why pm interview questions can be such a challenge. Product managers follow the life of a product, and at times manage a large team. There are bound to be problems with any product, so interviewers will ask specific product manager questions to determine that you can minimize issues and

Personal Websites - A Guide With Examples

thrive and be set apart from the rest of the competition. Remember that you are also your own brand. Thus, knowing how to present a personal website is important when it comes to promoting yourself and/or your service or product. 20 Best Personal Website Examples Do you want to build a personal website and need some design ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Personal websites vary depending on your background and what you are showing or

Visual Merchandising Resume: Templates, Examples & Essential Skills

Visual merchandisers leverage their skills and knowledge in design to handle the visual display of product images, features, and more. Additionally, they also evaluate the company’s value and conduct market research to figure out the most appealing layouts and designs to attract more customers. In general, the position may bear some resemblance to the job requirements of a merchandiser. However, a merchandiser is in charge of a product’s journey from production to consumption, whereas a visual merchandiser is

Samples and Tips for a Civil Engineer Cover Letter

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Civil Engineer Cover Letter Sample How to Write a Cover Letter for a Civil Engineer Civil Engineering Cover Letter Template Civil engineers have crucial roles in their communities, designing and maintaining important infrastructures like roads, buildings, waste and water, and public transit. They must manage a team of people while being mindful of budget and deadlines. If you intend to work in the world of civil engineering, then congrats! Your first
Career Development
Jul 8th 2022

How to Lean in and Become a Software Developer

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: Education Required for Software Developers Software Development Experience Requirements How to Become a Software Developer How to Become a Software Developer Without a Degree Software engineers use computer languages to design software, solve software problems, or maintain computer applications. Their daily activities include constructing, modifying, and testing programming languages to ensure applications meet users’ needs. They often work closely with quality assurance specialists, software developers, or product managers. Software engineer job

Java Developer Resume: Example and Template

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a Java developer resume What to put on a resume for a Java developer Tips for writing the best Java developer resume How to write a cover letter for a Java developer Java developer resume sample Java developers are tasked with designing, building, and developing sophisticated applications, websites, and software using the Java programming language. Unlike a software engineer or a software developer, a Java developer’s role and responsibility are

Copywriter Resume Writing Guide (+ Sample)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a great copywriter resume? What is a good objective for a copywriter resume? How to write a resume summary for a copywriter? What are some great skills to put on a resume for a copywriter? How to write a copywriter resume with no work experience? Copywriter resume sample Well-designed copy is at the core of any successful marketing plan. Copywriters craft copy to sell products or services to the target

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