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Aug 24th 2022

Want to Know How To Become a Graphic Designer? Read This!

Designer Companies, businesses or brands without an in-house graphic designer will employ professional graphic designers from a graphic design agency. This means you will be tasked with making designs for a range of industries, products or campaigns. However, agency graphic designers will be limited to making one-off or short term projects. #Type 3: Freelance Graphic Designer Freelance graphic designers are self-employed and offer their services on a piecework basis. Freelance graphic designers can work on projects as

Graphic Designers: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips

to learn and invest in yourself. Especially in the design industry, you’ll look more professional and trustworthy to recruiters if you are certified, and they will be intent on finding the certifications in your application. There are lots of online resources in graphic design and design tools available, such as Adobe Certified Associate, one of the popular certifications for graphic designers. Resume certificates & awards section 7. Other Experience/ Project Not sure what to put on your other experience sect...

How to Make a Graphic Design Portfolio [What to Include & Examples]

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: Graphic Design Portfolio Examples - Ideas & Inspiration How to Make a Graphic Design Portfolio What to Include in a Graphic Design Portfolio Tips on Creating the Best Graphic Design Portfolio As the world begins to grow, a professional online presence is a crucial thing to have for prospective employees. Whether you are a full-time graphic designer or even a freelancer, a graphic design portfolio is valuable in the current job market, if not significantly

Best Graphic Design Cover Letter | Examples and Writing Tips

You'll learn: Graphic Design Cover Letter Example What to put on a cover letter for graphic designers Cover letter tips for freelance graphic designers on UpWork Extra tips - Perfect junior graphic designer cover letter Extra tips - Professional senior graphic designer cover letter Cover letters, or “application letters“, are letters written by job applicants to the hiring manager, explaining their motivation for applying for a position, and their competence for the role. As a graphic designer, you’ll also need

How to Create a Stunning Video Portfolio [Tips + Examples]

for photography or videography-related roles (in the form of a videographer's website or videographer portfolio) we'll say you shouldn't limit yourself. Any of these professions below can benefit greatly from a video reel portfolio: Architects Interior Designers Graphic Designers Illustrator UX/UI Designers Producer Content Creator Director Machine Learning or AI Engineers Actors News Anchor/Presenters Models What Is a Video Portfolio? A video portfolio is essentially a collection of your best work/projects in a

Introduce Yourself with a Single Webpage

paper resume, but fit it within a visually appealing design. Images, links, and video are all acceptable as long as they are used appropriately. Your resume still needs to be focused, so include only what is relevant. Directly Link Your Professional Work While any professional can benefit from an online resume webpage, it is especially suited for creative types such as designers or graphic artists, as well as those who work in the tech industry, such as developers. Because most

How to Start Making an Architecture Portfolio: Best Portfolio Examples & Ideas

it’s ideal to keep track of your architecture work overtime or to present professionalism. It may be cumbersome to carry around, but, if printed right, the remarkable and sublime sense of paper is irreplaceable. Some architects will work with graphic or editorial designers to make their printed portfolio another piece of work. Digital/Online Architecture Portfolio Digital or online architecture portfolios are digital files such as an architecture portfolio in PDF or online architecture portfolios shared on websites such

How to Write a Game Designer Resume (& Example)

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: How to write a remarkable game designer resume? What is a good objective for a game designer resume? How to write a game designer resume summary? What are some good skills for your game designer resume? How to write an entry-level game designer resume? Game designer resume sample Games would not exist if it weren’t for the work of game designers. Game designers are responsible for more than

Web Designer Resume Examples [What to Include & Writing Tips]

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a web designer resume What to put on a resume for a web designer Tips for writing the best web designer resume How to write a web designer cover letter Web Designer Resume Sample Web designers are often tasked with designing and creating the layout of a website from scratch. Most often, web designers’ responsibilities involve writing a website according to their clients’ needs, hence collaboration is a key task. A

Designer Resume Writing Guide with Examples and Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: Which format is the best for a designer resume? What to include in a designer resume: 8 key sections 5 tips for a good designer resume and portfolio What designer resume template is the most creative one? Designer resume sample A designer’s job duties not only include making things beautiful, pleasing, or eye-catching. It’s also about making connections to people and how people act, interact, and understand

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