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2022 May 4th

What is work shadowing and how to make the most of it?

passion Job shadowing is a practical and helpful way to determine whether you’d be passionate about a job by showing you its reality. You can also ask questions to get a deeper understanding of the job to know whether the job interests you. 2. Help you decide your career path Joining a shadow program helps you decide whether the job is a career you'd like to pursue since you get chances to ask questions directly to employees and
Hiring Tips
2019 Apr 8th

6 Step Strategy That Will Simplify Your Recruiting Process

pain? Speak to the pain. Influence them by highlighting their power in the dynamic of speed and quality of hires. Step #4. Improve First Impressions Recruiters can be picky about candidates. And interviews often feel they are doing a favour to the candidates just by interviewing them. It is actually the candidate who is doing you a favour by choosing you over your competitors. Candidates have the leverage to interview you and ask you questions about the company. And so

“Why Should We Hire You?” - Best Answer Examples for Your Interview

How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You” Tips on How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You” 20+ “Why Should We Hire You” Best Answer Examples During a job interview, hiring managers may ask you a lot of tough questions. In general, these interview questions vary between industries, but there are some similar things that will be designed in order to learn more about you as a potential candidate. “Why should we hire you?” is one of the most
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 26th

A Guide to Google Interview Questions: 20 Examples and Tips

walk you through how to prepare for a Google interview. We'll cover coding and technical questions, common Google interview questions, behavioral questions and tips. Let's go! Google Coding and Technical Interview Questions Technical interview questions in a Google interview heavily focus on problem-solving skills. Some of the most prevalent topics are data structure, algorithms, recursions and dynamic programming. Be prepared to answer questions on all of these topics. 10 common coding and technical interview questions that you

How to write an internship resume? Pro Tips for Students

are my strengths and personal interests? The research can be pretty mundane, but answers to these questions can help you know what you want and fuel your ambition for a specific position. This, my friend, will help you cut through the clutter when you’re in an interview with an HR. Where are the internship opportunities? Remember to grasp the opportunities when they present themselves. Start with your contacts, and then you can move forward to tap into other channels

Are Cover Letters Necessary? To Send or Not To Send Your Cover Letter

by Yahoo! Finance, 83% of the respondents said that cover letters were essential for them to make hiring decisions. A great cover letter also helped a candidate in the running for the position and 83% of recruiters were more likely to schedule an interview if they received a cover letter. Additionally, over half of the respondents—63%—considered cover letters to be useful in explaining a candidate's motivation to join the company. Well, in most cases when you ask
Hiring Tips
2022 Sep 28th

Hire Offshore Software Development Companies Successfully: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

objectives. Ensure to interview as many offshore development companies or programmers as possible to avoid throwing your effort away. By doing so, you can find those that meet your requirements. After you have a list of suitable candidates, go for the most impactful questions. Ask the offshore software company about its working time and how much of it can they allocate for your project. You can then ask them about their background and experience with similar projects if their time
Hiring Tips
2022 Jul 6th

Wrap Up the Hiring Process with the Ideal Job Offer Email

a job offer to the candidate in a more personal manner. Discussing details of the position over the phone in a verbal job offer can also open up the conversation so the candidate can ask questions right away, and any questions can be resolved or confirmed in the job offer email. 💡 Make sure all legal details are clear. Make sure the pay rates, tax information, employment contract and security checks are all correct and up to date in the

3 Essential Mindsets for Crafting a Stand-Out Cover Letter

Bullet points draw the eye. They make things look easier to read. Use just three or four bullet points and make them highlight the best examples of how you meet the qualifications of the job. When you put yourself in the correct mindset for crafting your stand-out cover letter, you can feel confident that you’re giving yourself the best chance to win more interviews and ultimately the job you want most. How to write the cover letter to
Interview Skills
2022 May 13th

“When Can You Start Working?” - Sample Interview Answers

are at the end of your final round of interviews, congratulations! You might then notice that the next thing your recruiter asks is “when can you start working?” This is a common interview question that most - if not all - employers ask candidates who are being seriously considered for the job. On the surface, this might seem like a simple question to answer; in reality, getting the appropriate answer requires time, effort and practice. This question also comes in various forms

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