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CakeResume 招募顧問實習生的實習心得、轉正職分享

Hi 大家好,我是 Chris!畢業於日本東京的早稻田大學,回國後,在 2022 年 2 月加入 CakeResume 擔任人才招募顧問實習生;這也是我第一次正式求職成功,並從實習生轉正職的經驗! 文章大綱 一、如何找到招募顧問的

專訪 CakeResume 招募顧問 Candice:每段經歷都是未來的養分

Candice 是最早期加入 CakeResume 的招募顧問之一,主要聚焦在 Javascript 相關的軟體人才招募。加入團隊的 4 年間,她看著 CakeResume 從 5 人團隊發展為近百人企業,歷經組織擴張、規模化發展的階段,身為招募顧問的 Candice 也隨之
Interview Skills
Apr 6th 2022

Writing the Ideal Interview Follow-up Email (& Samples)

to struggle with how to follow up with a recruiter after a job interview, finding it difficult to communicate clearly without sounding too demanding or desperate. Below is a guide that will help you with your follow-up email to recruiters, with explanations to why your message to a recruiter may have been missed, principle steps to consider when writing a follow-up email to a recruiter and some samples and templates you can refer to while drafting your own
Hiring Tips
May 31st 2023

10 Tips for Successful Talent Recruitment

for your applicants. Not only will this make it easier for the right candidates to say yes to an offer, but it will help with your image as an organization. A good experience is one of the best practices for recruiters because any time an applicant has a negative encounter, you risk your brand’s image. There are many tips for recruiting applicants and creating a positive experience as they move through the process. Follow these recruiter tips to enhance
Interview Skills
Oct 6th 2022

The Most Common Signs Your Interview Went Well + 5 It Didn’t

if you did well afterwards. The good interview signs can become blurry and even mix with signs an interview went badly when you are not familiar with them. It would be best to learn how to read the positive signs recruiters give during an interview. Taking a deep breath before, during, and after the conversation can provide extra clarity. Do try to reflect on it once it is over. What is so good about knowing how to know if an

專訪 CakeResume Senior Manager Nick,一探風險擁抱者的職涯思維

CakeResume 的招募顧問團隊熱烈徵才中,對實習生、正職與有興趣的你,不要錯過 Nick 的分享! Nick 是 Recruitment team 的 Senior Manager,帶領 CakeResume 的招募顧問團隊快速成長、拓展市場。擁有 8 年招募經驗的 Nick 為何選擇加入 CakeResume?身為管理者
Hiring Tips
Nov 21st 2023

如何招募優秀工程師?── Softall 索夫特科技 HR 招募經驗分享

背景簡介 索夫特科技提供客戶完善商業運作流程,解決過去系統速度過慢、網站技術過舊、資料撈取不全等缺失,並提供雲端整合、伺服器維護、CDN資料驗證等全面性的服務且協助客戶盤點技術端


會在這篇人資履歷範本中告訴大家。 這次我們邀請到同時待過遊戲業新創,現為外商網路公司的 Recruiter Karen 來介紹人資與 HR 的工作內容、必備技能以及人格特質,並示範人資的履歷該怎麼撰寫。 本文重
Job Search Tips
Aug 3rd 2022

Ditanya “Apa Pencapaian Terbesar Anda” Saat Interview? Begini Cara Menjawabnya!

akan membagikan tips cara menjawab pertanyaan tentang pencapaian terbesar! 📚 Baca juga: 20+ Pertanyaan Interview Kerja Paling Sering Muncul [+Jawaban] Mengapa Recruiter Bertanya “Apa Pencapaian Terbesar Anda?” Alasan recruiter menanyakan pencapaian terbesar Sebelum menyiapkan jawaban, kamu sebaiknya paham alasan mengapa recruiter bertanya pertanyaan tentang pencapaian terbesar dalam hidup. Beberapa alasannya adalah: 1. Etos Kerja Recruiter ingin melihat bagaimana kamu dapat mendeskripsikan suatu “pencapaian” dan proses kamu mendapatkan kesuksesan tersebut. Dari situ, recruiter juga dapat melihat ambisi kamu dalam bekerja. 2

70+ Resume Headline Examples to Elevate Your Profile and Stand Out

Headline on a Resume/CV? How to Write a Resume/CV Headline Resume/CV Headline Examples What is a Headline on a Resume/CV? A resume headline is a phrase that highlights your value and qualities to show to the recruiters. A good resume headline allows recruiters to have a brief understanding of you as a candidate to see if you are a good potential fit for the job. You might have heard of a resume title, but there are

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