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Aug 22nd 2022

Write Your Winning Scholarship Essay [plus Examples]

scholarships help ease the financial burden. While applying for scholarships, you are often asked to submit a scholarship essay, or at least a scholarship personal statement, in addition to other basic information. Scholarship essays are an important part of the scholarship process because they can help you stand out. A well-written scholarship essay can make a huge difference when you apply for financial aid. Apart from showing the scholarship committee your personality, goals, and interests, good scholarship writing also
Student Guide
Feb 9th 2023

Contoh Personal Statement dan Cara Menulisnya untuk Beasiswa 2024 [LPDP & KGSP]

Statement of Purpose . 🔍 Catatan: Satu hal yang perlu diingat ketika diberi ketentuan penulisan atau pernyataan untuk menulis personal statement adalah ikuti format penulisan yang diminta. Jika ada pertanyaan, kamu harus menjawabnya dengan jujur dan lengkap. Usahakan untuk tidak menulis personal statement berdasarkan format penulisan yang kamu inginkan, tetapi sesuaikan dengan format yang diminta. Struktur dan Cara Membuat Personal Statement untuk Scholarship Hal pertama yang harus kamu lakukan ketika menulis personal statement untuk beasiswa adalah memastikan format yang kamu gunakan
Resume & CV
Apr 14th 2021

How to Write a CV: 10 Essential Parts & Writing Tips

However, many job seekers may have difficulties telling the difference between “CV'' and “Resume''. Let’s begin with the definition of a resume. Résumé is a french word that means “summary”. A resume is to showcase your technical skills and personal achievements. It is recommended to use resumes when you have at least one year of working experience. The resume highlights your competencies within your working experience, and the length is about one to two pages. Turning to CV, what
Cover Letter
Mar 6th 2024

Motivation Letter for University Admission | Writing Guideline + Examples

the hiring committee what makes you special and suitable for the program. A letter of motivation for university applications can also help you demonstrate your knowledge of the institution and program. An academic motivation letter is sometimes confused with a personal statement, but they are subtly different. A personal statement differs from a motivation letter for admission in that a personal statement is about your individual history and may include more stories about yourself and your journey to this moment
Resume & CV
Apr 21st 2023

CV trợ giảng tiếng Anh: Viết như thế nào và cần lưu ý những gì?

bạn bằng cách điểm tên những con số hay thành tích đáng chú ý mà bạn đạt được trong các lĩnh vực liên quan. Tuy nhiên, bạn cần lưu ý gói gọn phần này trong 3, 4 câu. Ví dụ “Personal statement” trong mẫu CV xin việc trợ giảng tiếng Anh: Third-year student at National Economics University in Hanoi, recipient of an honor scholarship for students with outstanding performance. Passionate English teaching assistant with experience in assisting classes with
Career Planning
May 25th 2021

What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

is written by a previous teacher or supervisor, to provide insight into the applicant’s skills and qualifications to a prospective program or employer. In most cases, someone is asked to submit a recommendation letter when applying for a job, scholarship or college/university admission. Reference Letter A letter of reference refers to a document that endorses an individual's capabilities, personal traits, work performance, written by someone who worked closely with the candidate. Reference letters are most commonly used
Cover Letter
Feb 6th 2023

How to Write The Best Application Letter for Scholarship / Scholarship Cover Letter

not miss out on students who truly deserve the grant. Why Are Scholarship Cover Letters Important? Never underestimate what a well-written scholarship cover letter can do for you. Your scholarship application letter plays a major role in convincing the scholarship grantor why you are the best candidate for the scholarship. 1. It allows you to appeal with a more personal touch. As you can only include limited information on your scholarship application resume, a scholarship cover letter is where
Cover Letter
Jan 16th 2023

How to Write a Motivation Letter for Study Abroad [+ 5 Tips & Examples]

is written to apply to an educational institution, whereas the latter is strictly used for job applications. Motivation letters reflect the person you are and show your individuality that makes you a strong applicant by describing your strengths, skills, and personal interests. A strong motivation letter for studying abroad will show that you are qualified to pursue higher education at the institution of your choice, prove that your personality extends beyond what your academic records say, and show that you
Cover Letter
Mar 12th 2024

How to Write an Application Letter for University (+Sample Included)

Tips for Writing an Application Letter for University Admission You’ve done the soul-searching and have finally figured out what you want to study in university. Great! Now, it’s time to apply. After preparing your transcripts, recommendations, and application form, you sit down for the most challenging part: your university application letter. A well-written and attractive university application letter is an integral part of your university application package. Your university application letter is an extension of yourself
Cover Letter
Apr 24th 2024

Writing Letters of Support Guidelines [+ Templates and Examples]

Writing Letter of Support Guidlines In a competitive job market, the first thing you need to do is to do everything you can to make your application stand out. Extensive experience, in-demand skills, and a well-written cover letter are essential, but being endorsed by others with a letter of support is a powerful way to boost your applications. This endorsement works both ways, and a well-written letter of support can help you make moves or get expected

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