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May 4th 2022

What is work shadowing and how to make the most of it?

a professional can teach you more than a textbook can. A job shadow, or career shadowing, gives you a peek at “what it’s like to be” do a certain job. To shadow someone at work means following and observing a professional during their typical workday. For example, students who study computer science can do engineering shadowing. Students who study nursing or physiotherapy can also go to the hospital to job shadow a physical therapist or a nurse. Common Job
Career Development
Jul 8th 2022

How to Set Career Goals Effectively [Plus 120+ Career Goal Examples]

enabled them to achieve success. If you get stuck during the process of determining your career development goals, meet up with a career coach or advisor for guidance when assessing your background and planning out your future career. Example: Max, a senior student at college, struggled to map out a career plan that suits him and determine his career plans after graduation. He examined his academic and work history and recalled spending a meaningful summer job shadowing for a clinical

How to Make an Online Portfolio [+ Tips, Examples, Guide]

skills, experiences, passion and potential - in a compelling , creative , interesting and convenient way. Having a professional portfolio increases your credibility, as it allows employers to see the evidence of what you tell them on your resume or during your interview. Showing your works through a professional portfolio also allows potential employers and/or potential clients to imagine what it would be like to work with you, which could be more intriguing and persuasive than just words. Personal Portfolio vs. Professional
Career Development
Apr 6th 2023

What is Personal Brand? 3 Ways of Branding Yourself Successfully!

6 billion users around the world, Facebook can be a great outlet to broadcast posts and enhance your career. Recent research shows that Twitter’s role is much more than sharing breaking news in 140-character snippets. Twitter is now a social network that gives online influencers a platform to share their content and build a powerful global distribution. Your LinkedIn profile is a strong representation of your personal brand by showing a history of your professional workplaces. And then

How to Create a Web Developer Portfolio

a web developer online portfolio certainly creates better website traffic. What Is a Web Developer Portfolio Building a web developer portfolio is not just about showing your previous work examples. It is about showing your characters and strengths as a professional web developer. Each web developer has a unique way to build a website, so it is an opportunity to flaunt your creativity. Having a web developer portfolio page extends your career beyond employment. Many web developers eventually become a

How to Write a Dancer Resume (Examples & Tips)

Showing that you have absorbed the dancing techniques through classes and training in your dancer resume lets the recruiter understand that you have what it takes for the position, even if you have no experience. What should you include in a dancer resume? 1. Resume Profile (Personal Information) Begin your dancer resume with an introduction of yourself to the recruiter: Full name Professional title Email address Mobile number Address 2. Dancer Resume Headline Capture the recruiter's attention through a

How to Design a Portfolio for Students [+ Ideas & Tips]

Ideas for Students 1. Jian Yuxuan Jian's portfolio on CakeResume is a great example of simple portfolio design for students. As a part-time reporter, she presents all articles written and contributed by her. They are listed out in a simple way that looks neat, organized, and professional. Student portfolio by Jian Yuxuan 2. Wu JingPin If you’re looking for a basic sample portfolio design for students, check out Wu’s portfolio on CakeResume. Besides showing his projects

How to Write a Bartender Cover Letter

How to Write Cover Letter for Bartender Position Bartender Cover Letter Template Tips on How to Make a Bartender Cover Letter Bartender Cover Letter Example While you are enjoying your time drinking at the bar, a bartender works to provide a pleasant service. Their main jobs are serving customers by interacting with them, taking orders, giving recommendations when needed, and preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. When applying for a job as a bartender, you might have some difficulties showing

10 Best Fonts for a CV to Create an Eye-catching CV

If you want to get more artsy for your CV, serif font might be the best font style for CV. Created by CakeResume In this article, you will read about: Why Is the CV Font Important? What Is the Best Font for a CV? What Is the Best Font Size for a CV? How to Choose the Best Fonts for Your CV Tips to Create an Eye-catching CV According to HR experts, a curriculum vitae (CV in short) is

Simple Tips for Creating a First-Class Personal Portfolio

To a prospective client, you as a professional are often perceived only to be good as your portfolio. They’re checking you out for the first time, and if you don’t impress them enough, you just won’t get their work. And if you don’t get work, you don’t get paid. And if you don’t get paid, then – you do get the point. The point is, having a great web design portfolio can greatly increase your

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