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Caregiver Resume Examples | How to Write & What to Include

no nickname, no abbreviation) Contact information (phone number, email address) Current location (country and city, not a complete mailing address) You should not have these: Marital status/Age/Sexual orientation/Birthday (exclude details on private life ) Hobbies/Interests/Motto (avoid showing preferences ) Religious preference/Nationality (avoid exposing personal identity ) SSN (provide only after being hired) Optional/information that might be asked to provide: Your photo (appropriate head/body/background proportion, professional smile, proper attire, still posture, high image resolution). Active

The Guide to Combination Resumes (with Examples and Templates)

well. A combination resume underscores the job seeker’s professional experience and skill sets. Job seekers who are in the middle of a career change or are skilled in a wide range of areas can reap the most benefits of a combination resume. In this article, we will cover what a combination resume is & its format. how to write a combination resume, tips for writing a combination resume, as well as combination resume samples and templates. What Is a Combination

All You Should Know about GitHub to Improve Your Resume

not enough. You also need to know when and how to include GitHub in your resume. Should You Include Your GitHub Profile in Your Resume? The simple answer is yes. As a rule of thumb, your resume benefits from having a Github profile link. 💡 How using GitHub in your resume can benefit you: Shows skill levels Showing your programming skills in your CV is quite hard, especially when you have never professionally worked in the area. By adding a

Paralegal Resume Examples [Key Sections & Writing Advice]

resume. Things to know before writing a paralegal resume Before getting started in writing a paralegal resume, it is important to go through some basic aspects when making a resume for a job search. ✍🏻 Understand the differences between a paralegal CV and a paralegal resume. Both Curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume are documents that illustrate your professional life, but they have key differences between them. The main differences between a paralegal CV and a paralegal resume lie in

Write a Winning Theater Resume (with Example & Tips)

Full Name Professional Title Email Address Phone Number Address (optional) LinkedIn URL (optional) Personal Website (optional) You should not include these: Date of Birth Sexual Orientation Race Religion Marital Status Salary Step 4: Create an intriguing t heater resume headline . A headline title for your theater resume, similar to a mini trailer of a performance, is a short yet captivating introduction of your abilities and achievements. Use uppercase letters to promote the visibility of your theater resume headline. Attract the

Are You a Freelancer? Let’s Build an Attractive Freelancer Portfolio

building an impressive freelance portfolio is the key to kickstarting a successful freelance business. Setting up a freelance portfolio is similar to setting up a business website, especially more so if you choose to have an online portfolio website with a unique domain. Building an online portfolio website is for clients to have a strong impression of your business, while showing off your niche, service, and testimonials. What Is a Freelance Portfolio? A freelance portfolio is the main tool for

How to Write a Great Summary of Qualifications for the Resume: Examples & Tips

your resume or in a separate section. Instead of briefly introducing you, this part emphasizes your key achievements, work experience, hard skills, personal traits - simply put, summarizing your skills and qualifications relevant to the position you're applying for. Unlike a personal statement or career objective, a resume summary of qualifications should be written in bullet point format and consist of 3-5 most impressive elements of your professional profile. Adding highlights of qualifications to a resume is not a

Steps & Tips on How to List Presentations on a CV or Resume [+ Examples]

anchor would benefit from showing extensive presentation skills on their resumes. You want to showcase your expertise in your career field. One would need a certain level of expertise in their field to deliver a presentation about the industry to a group audience. Thus, listing your oral presentation experience on your CV could serve as strong evidence of your subject knowledge and industry expertise. For example, if you are looking for a job in telecommunications and you’ve created a
Interview Skills
2020 Nov 24th

What Your Interview Body Language Says About You

during an interview? As long as you are not pointing and flinging your arms in their faces, continuing as normal will feel more natural and will show what you feel passionate about. To demonstrate confidence, you may choose to adopt a ‘steepling’ gesture with your hands, where you bring your hands towards your chest and press the tops of the fingers together. It will remind you not to gesture too often, and make you look assertive and professional. Your Eye

College Application Resume: Examples & Writing Guide [+ 5 Tips]

reading your college application resume. 2. Resume objective Three concise and professional sentences for the objective for college admission resume are enough to reflect what you can contribute or bring to the college if getting admitted. Highlighting your goals, briefly showing your traits, and even including fun facts about you that can amaze professors is adequate to attract interviewers’ attention. They will have more intention to read through your objective for a college admission resume. Examples: High school final-year

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