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How to Write Organizational Skills on Your Resume or CV?

put on a resume if you are a demand planner or events planner. 3. Communication Communication is a broad skill that allows workers to communicate their ideas and feelings effectively. It’s a broad skill because it contains active listening, sharing feedback, empathy, responsiveness, and non-verbal cues. Companies are always looking for individuals with strong communication as an organizational skill to help them elevate a healthy culture. 4. Teamwork Teamwork is one of the most sought organizational skills because
Interview Skills
Apr 15th 2022

Nursing Interview Questions and How to Answer Them (+ Tips)

scenario. Action: Explain actions taken to address this issue. Remember to elaborate on what you have done and not focus on what others did. Result: Share the outcomes from your actions and your learnings or reflection from this experience. Practice sharing those experiences using the STAR framework and be sure to tap into your storytelling mode in nursing job interviews! 🔎 Further reading: STAR Interview Method: Definition, Tips, and Examples Nursing Interview Questions and Sample Answers Below are some examples

Should You Put Address on Your Resume? Why or Why Not

a well-written resume, even without an address. But do make sure you provide your email and phone number so that the hiring team can contact you so that the hiring team could reach you. You don’t feel comfortable sharing your address on the CV . There are a wide variety of reasons why you don’t feel comfortable sharing your privacy and address on the resume. You don’t have to put an address on a resume. Addresses on
Interview Skills
Mar 31st 2022

How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” (With Interview Examples)

Tell Me About Yourself” After understanding why interviewers ask the “Tell me about yourself” question, you should know the following 5 basic elements that can be included in your answer. Keep in mind that no matter what element you are sharing with the recruiters, you should only pick the ones that are relevant to the role’s requirements, while directly answering the question. 5 things you should mention when answering “Tell me about yourself”: Past work experience Personal traits Strengths

Best Tips to Create and Promote Your Logo Design Portfolio

Logo design portfolio by Jesse Clayton Conte Best Websites for Logo Design Portfolio If you are wondering where to start, don’t worry. There are many free website builders and social media nowadays that would assist you in creating and sharing your first online logo portfolio. Here are 5 common websites to make a logo design portfolio: 1. CakeResume CakeResume is a free portfolio and resume builder with an easy-to-navigate interface and community-sharing platform. You can either

Property Manager Resume Resume: Samples and Tips

the job make you excited.  Add a little personality. If you don’t have impressive experience, show your creativity to make your property manager resume stand out.  Consider adding a short sentence to describe you as a person, such as sharing your hobbies that can demonstrate you have the skills necessary for a property manager.  Keep it short. A property manager resume objective should be within 3-4 lines. After all, it is only a quick snapshot of you to

Marketing Coordinator Resume Writing Tips [+ Examples & Templates]

Personal Information) This is the essential section on how recruiters can reach you out. State your full name, professional title, email, and phone number. You may include your address and a link to your personal website or LinkedIn page. Avoid sharing irrelevant personal information in your marketing coordinator resume such as your race, gender, salary, or sexual orientation, especially if you are doing an entry-level marketing coordinator resume, as less experienced job seekers commit this mistake. 📝 Note : Don
Interview Skills
Apr 15th 2022

10 Answers to the Most Common RA Interview Questions

in both the RA interview questions and answers. These experiences should be professional, but you can also get more personal. Frequent questions asked at an interview for an RA position involve skills like conflict resolution and time management, so by sharing anecdotes of times you used specific skills, you can provide context for your abilities during a resident assistant interview. ✅ Use the STAR method . One way to answer RA interview questions is to use the STAR method. STAR stands
Hiring Tips
Aug 22nd 2022

How Social Media Recruiting Can Help You Find Your Ideal Talent

to apply for your open roles. Think of ways to encourage business representation among employees on social media, such as company merchandise or events that they can post about. Other ways to encourage advocacy include internal incentives for employees for sharing their work experiences via posts, especially on LinkedIn. 2. Define your employer brand in your social media profiles Although companies initially took to social media to maintain a brand presence, including employer and employee perspectives can help you when

Merchandiser Resume | Examples, Templates, Writing Tips

passport name, no nickname, no abbreviation Contact details phone number, email address Current location country and city, not a complete mailing address 🖇 Optional to have: Your photo appropriate head/body/background proportion, professional smile, proper dressing, still posture, high image resolution Link to your portfolio or professional social media accounts i.e. LinkedIn, Medium, CakeResume, Instagram, TikTok ❌ Should NOT have: Marital status/ Allergies exclude unnecessary details about private life Hobbies/ Interests/ Motto avoid sharing preferences Religious preference/ Nationalit...

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