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Nov 10th 2023

A Survival Guide on How to Navigate Office Politics

politics definition. Unlike popular employment myths, office politics isn’t always harmful to an organization. Office politics can come in handy when you need support (power and influence) from your co-workers, so long as you know how to navigate office politics to your advantage; which, to clarify, doesn’t necessarily mean engaging in negative office politics. It’s therefore crucial that you know how to spot signs of office politics and become familiar with how to handle office politics
Career Development
Oct 29th 2023

Reclaim Your Career: How to Craft a Compelling Resignation Withdrawal Letter

may be unsuccessful. 1. Company’s policy While at first glance, rehiring you may seem like the most straightforward option for a company. After all, you already are familiar with the company workflow and culture, and you have the benefit of having strong professional relations with others in the office. However, company policies surrounding the steps taken after a filed resignation may prevent you from returning to the position. For instance, many companies have a policy that outlines the process

Business Administration Resume [+ Skills & Templates]

and records. Analyze organization's finances and budgets, including sales reports, financial statements, budgets, and other key performance indicators. Communicate with and offer office support to existing and potential clients using different media. Formulate and implement organizational goals, strategies, and policies. Manage general activities related to production, sales, inventory, and services. Innovate and apply new technologies to support business processes. Direct operations in consultation with department heads, executives, and management boards. Negotiate, analyze, approve and sign official contracts and agreements

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