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Nov 10th 2022

Kickstart Your Freelancing Career: Top 20 Freelance Websites

the most used freelancing website in India.  This site offers freelance jobs ranging from traditional ones like copywriting, graphic design, and programming, to some other less common freelancing opportunities like voice acting, architectural design, and project management. Pros: The freelancing site handles the legal and financial aspects like the contract and billing and even offers mediation in case a problem occurs. A plethora of jobs are posted every day for people with different specialties. Cons: Many low-quality offerings need
Job Search Channels
Aug 26th 2022

How To Get Maximum Use From Job Search Sites

google, or have their recruitment agency advertise on google as well. However, there is no way to directly apply for the jobs on Google Jobs like other job websites, so you will have to redirect yourself to the right job site to apply. 🎯 Monster Monster is a popular job site in the US and India, where you can search for jobs independently, or upload your resume for recruiters to see. Monster’s job site also offers career advice and

20 Great UI Designer Portfolios Examples [+ Pro Tips]

from the shots of each work that he did. He also added a friendly and inviting message on each to engage with the design community. What an exemplary way to connect with fellow designers through your UI designer portfolio! Dribbble offers a feature where clients can hire directly from the platform. Additionally, Dribbble also lets designers find jobs (full-time or freelance) through their site. UX/UI portfolio by Taras Migulko Now that we have covered the different platforms you
Job Search Channels
Aug 19th 2020

How to Find Jobs in India? 3 Best Ways for Job Hunting Online & Offline

experienced veterans, you wouldn’t want to miss this. You might have heard of NaukriHub, it originated from Naukri. It focuses more on the northern parts of India. 2. Monster India Acclaimed the “Google” of the job search world, Monster offers a great deal of information needed for a job-searcher. Once you click on the website, there are some categories for you to choose from, jobs for freshers, international opportunities, contract gigs, walk-in jobs and services for the
Career Development
May 4th 2021

Qualities of a Successful Freelancer [+Tips]

It’s cliche to think that freelancing is only for stay-at-home parents who aren't able to commit to a full-time job; or introverted individuals, who’d rather sit at home alone without expending effort to build camaraderie with their colleagues. In fact, freelancing has now become a lifestyle by choice, ushering in a new life of mobility and versatility. In the previous Freelancing 101 , CakeResume covered a series of freelancing pros and cons. By now you
Career Development
Aug 24th 2022

Want to Know How To Become a Graphic Designer? Read This!

designers from a graphic design agency. This means you will be tasked with making designs for a range of industries, products or campaigns. However, agency graphic designers will be limited to making one-off or short term projects. #Type 3: Freelance Graphic Designer Freelance graphic designers are self-employed and offer their services on a piecework basis. Freelance graphic designers can work on projects as big or as small as they’d like, set their own hours, and charge their
Job Search Tips
Jan 17th 2020

CakeResume for Freelancers: Boost Your Income with a Professional Resume

will enable you to share it as your personal website and include it in your profile in Freelancer.com. By doing so, whatever craft you are engaging in as a freelancer might not just your pastime or hobby but a job that awaits more opportunities for your successful career. CakeResume has provided opportunities to number of job hunters and job enthusiast toward achieving their goals in life, which is to become hired and to earn trust from potential employers and

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