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2022 Aug 30th

Competency-based Interview Questions and Answers [Plus Tips]

well-structured in a way that helps highlight your ability and behavior match to the position. In this article, we will equip you with useful answer tactics and examples for your next competency-based interview! What is a competency-based interview? Competency-based interviews or behavioral interviews include a group of questions aiming at evaluating how individuals perform certain tasks and handle specific situations related to real-life situations of the position. Questions in this type of interview will require
Interview Skills
2022 Jun 2nd

Managerial round interview: 15 sample questions and answers

answers to get fully prepared. What is the Managerial Round of Interviews? The managerial round of an interview is when a manager or multiple managers interview a job candidate. After you’ve succeeded in the first few stages of an interview, the HR will pass you to the managerial round and the hiring manager will ask questions to decide whether you truly are suitable to work with them. The purpose of a managerial round is for managers to participate in
Job Search Tips
2022 Jul 26th

“What Is Your Availability?”: What & How You Should Answer

at some point in the hiring process, such as: Job application forms: There is usually a dedicated section in job applications titled “my availability” or similar. Job interviews: Your hours of availability are typically asked during the end of the interview. Interviewers will note this down, so having a concise description will be appreciated. How to Answer “What Is Your Availability?” in an Interview Your availability to work is important information for interviewers and managers, so it's a good

How to Prepare for a Job Interview [Steps, Tips & Common Questions]

interview with little preparation Don't know about the employer Lack basic interview skills Ask the wrong questions Don't know how to answer questions How to Prepare for a Job Interview In this part, you will learn about the interview guidance that can be applied to different situations. Step 1: Do a thorough research of the company. Step 2: Know who the interviewer is. Step 3: Know your motivation. Step 4: Prepare answers for common interview questions. Step 5
Career Development
2022 Sep 28th

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Resign from a Job

throw some follow-up questions at you to see if you are ready. Write a professional resignation letter An important part of how to resign from work is to present a formal letter (or at least an email) explaining the situation. It allows to company to keep a file for further reference. Let us take a look at the proper steps you should follow when writing a resignation letter when quitting a job: 📝 A subject line Whether you are

3 Essential Mindsets for Crafting a Stand-Out Cover Letter

applying to your dream job. To understand how you can create a custom cover letter that helps you stand out and win the interview, it’s important to know the three essential mindsets for writing one. Mindset 1: “What’s In it For Me?” A common cover letter writing mistake is to fill it with “this is why I’m so great.” The harsh truth is, hiring managers don’t really care about you. What hiring managers do care about
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 15th

10 Answers to the Most Common RA Interview Questions

If you are considering a job as a residence assistant, the interview can be daunting. Because RAs have a lot of responsibility, schools can be selective in their hiring process and look for candidates that stand out. The resident assistant interview process might seem hard, but there are some predictable and common RA interview questions, due to the unique needs of the job. Why Interviewers Ask RA Interview Questions In a resident assistant interview, the hiring manager is looking for

Promotion Interview Questions and Sample Answers

CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: What is a Promotion Interview? Promotion Interview Tips Internal Promotion Interview Question and Answer Examples Questions to Ask the Employer in a Promotion Interview There are a few reasons you might be preparing for an internal job interview. You might be interested in moving up in your job, or you may have noticed a different department is interviewing internal candidates. Maybe your superiors have noticed your work and are considering placing you in
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 15th

15 Tips on How to Answer Interview Questions Confidently

asked and often the first interview questions. A self-introduction will help you build confidence and set the tone for the rest of the interview. Bringing up your best career accomplishments in an introduction shows your confidence rather than arrogance in an interview. It can be an icebreaker to create connections with the hiring manager. Preparing a good self-introduction will increase your interview confidence and maintain professionalism. 💡 Prepare answers to common interview questions. Carefully preparing for interview answers
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 26th

How do you work under pressure?—Interview question tips

on your strategies with a specific experience. Showcase how those skills come into play during a past stressful situation at work. 📍Use the STAR method. STAR (Situation/Task/Action/Result) is a framework in drafting answers to behavioral interview questions. By describing a specific high-pressure situation, task, actions you took, and results you reaped from the actions, you can easily paint a picture of how you had worked under pressure for the interviewer. 📚 Further reading: STAR Interview

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