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Aug 22nd 2022

How Social Media Recruiting Can Help You Find Your Ideal Talent

the skills which are essential to the role. You can use the skills as keywords in social media hiring posts, helping you attract the ideal candidate. 🔍 Share your job posting on social media Share that you’re recruiting via social media with a post that captures the role and ideal candidate. Choose the channels you’d like to use for your social media recruiting and make posts which fit the style of the social media channel. Include links to
Hiring Tips
Jul 20th 2023

7 Benefits of Using Online Job Posting Websites

Manage Multiple Vacancies First, one major advantage of using these free job posting sites is being able to quickly expand your reach to a large pool of talents. For instance, when job seekers begin searching online, they often look for hiring posts on job posting websites rather than on individual company websites or social media. Second, job posting websites make it easier to connect with these job seekers in a more efficient way. Some sites have free job posting features
Job Search Channels
Aug 18th 2023

5 Best Free Job Posting Sites for Recruitment in Singapore

a list of the 5 best free job posting sites for employers in Singapore. 1. CakeResume If you’re looking for the best place to post job openings, look no further than CakeResume . This global recruitment platform streamlines the entire hiring process from sourcing to onboarding. On CakeResume, you can create hiring posts on your company page and publish them for the users and website visitors to see. For starters, CakeResume lets you post 3 job openings for free. Founded
Hiring Tips
Nov 17th 2023

Forming An Employer Branding Strategy: A Guide

feel and think about the company. Current employees are directly impacted by employee branding, and therefore have valuable input for your employee branding strategy. Include the most common (positive) answers when forming employer value propositions, or sharing their experiences in social media posts. Employer Branding Examples The most successful and sought-after companies maintain interest from job seekers through their employer branding. Here are examples of successful employer branding campaigns, as well as analysis of what makes their strategies so

How to End a Cover Letter & Cover Letter Closing Examples

your application letter is a straightforward task. All you have to do is insert your signature (or full name) and other essential components such as: Complimentary close (closing salutation) Name Contact details Other information (i.e., address, LinkedIn, personal website, social media handles) While finishing a cover letter, make sure you capitalize the first letter, use your real name, and adopt the same font as the rest of your letter. 📝 Note: If you are writing a printed letter, put

Editor Resume Examples & Template [w/ Must-Know Resume Dos & Don'ts]

shows. Key skills included editing shoots, audio compression, and scene selection. Proficient in using film-editing equipment and video editing software. Content editor resume: Dynamic Content Editor with 8+ years of experience writing and editing content for technology startups, including social media posts, press releases, company overview, and product briefs. Excel at creating compelling content that successfully generates sales. Demonstrated excellent leadership skills when directing and managing a team of 4 editorial members. News editor resume:  Detail-oriented News Editor

Cover Letter Tips that Will Help You Land the Job Interview

cover letter sound more effective and relevant to the hiring manager. With greeting criteria being clear and direct, you should avoid using generic terms in your salutation such as “To whom it may concern". Normally, there's information on the hiring manager's contact in the job posting. If it’s not included, you can go on the company's Linkedin profile or any social media presence of the company for such information. Use a suitable language tone for your

How to include interpersonal skills in your resume [resume examples + tips]

skills, are difficult to teach and measure. Not all of us are naturally exceptional communicators or speakers, making it all the more important to develop and list these skills on your CV or resume. Employers often seek out professionals who possess these strengths and base their hiring decisions on a candidate's interpersonal skills. Developing interpersonal skills is essential for both personal and professional growth, and highlighting them on your resume can give you a competitive edge in the job

How to Write a Job-Winning Marketing Intern Cover Letter [w/ Examples & Tips]

The responsibilities of a marketing intern include planning marketing campaigns, doing quantitative and qualitative market research, and being in charge of other marketing operations. It also includes maintaining, moreover, expanding a public audience. Does this sound like it’s something you’d like to do? If it does, being a marketing intern might just be right for you! The process of being a marketing intern starts with applying for the internship, which can be done via the company’s website
Hiring Tips
Oct 26th 2022

Your Guide to Internal Recruitment: Why, How, When + Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: What is internal recruitment Advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment How to recruit internally Tips for recruiting internally An organization has a few recruitment strategies to consider when looking for new talents. Not every position requires the same type of talent. Therefore, recruiters need to understand which recruiting method works best for them. You can find the following among the most common internal and external recruitment methods: Direct advertising Referrals Promotions

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