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Nov 3rd 2020

First job for freshers: Startups or Corporates? 3 differences

embark on the next journey. As a fresher, you might spend most of your waking hours at your new job for about two or three years; therefore before you recklessly pick your first job, ponder carefully. Here is the classic startup-corporate duel, do you prefer working for a startup or a big company? But first and foremost, let’s define what constitutes a startup and an established company. Next, we’ll delve into some inherent differences in terms of
Hiring Tips
Apr 17th 2023

Cultural Fit: What You Need to Know and Its Importance in the Hiring Process

Questions Cultural Fit vs Cultural Add How to Hire for Cultural Add Company culture can make or break organizational productivity. Whether it’s a quiet and professional office or a lively and interactive space, you’ve probably experienced how company culture can govern the way you present yourself, what you feel are appropriate ways of conduct or how openly you can communicate with others. Companies can suffer from disparate views that block collective progress without an established workplace culture

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