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Mar 6th 2024

A Complete Guide to Taiwan Work Permits for Foreigners

Established by Overseas Chinese or Foreigner(s) School Teacher Full-time Foreign Teacher in a Cram School Sports Coaching or Athlete Arts and Performing Arts Contracting Foreigners It should be noted that the Taiwan work visa requirements are highly specific for each qualified category. The precise information can be found on the Taiwan work permit online application website . What Are the Requirements for a Taiwan Work Visa? The requirements for a working visa in Taiwan are relatively straightforward. Here are
Career Planning
Mar 6th 2024

Taiwan's Effort in Recruiting Talents in the Digital Field for the Upcoming Decades

for quality of life . Another factor that makes Taiwan's employment scene just so attractive is the ease of finding a job. There are plenty of job search sites for both students and seasoned professionals looking to start working in Taiwan as a foreigner. In some cases, the only requirement is a basic understanding of Chinese and a valid Taiwan work permit for foreigners. In this article, we will share all the information about the prosperous opportunities in Taiwan for
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Mar 6th 2024

How to Find Part-time Jobs As an International Student in Taiwan

or six months - students need to reapply whenever their work permit is no longer valid. Remember, you can't work in Taiwan, no matter what the position might be, part-time, intern, to name a few. Without a valid working permit, you can be fined and even deported from Taiwan. What Jobs Can International Students Do in Taiwan? There is a wide variety of jobs in the Taiwanese job market for foreigners - chances are, you will easily find one that
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May 21st 2024

Working in Taiwan: How to Start, What You Need and A Comprehensive Job Search Guide!

young people. Also, most signs and announcements in Taiwan are bilingual, so don't worry about getting lost in the city as foreigners. Because English is becoming mainstream now, there is a high demand for English teaching jobs in Taiwan for foreigners, both in public schools and cram schools. You can also explore a bunch of jobs for foreigners in Taiwan with CakeResume . What You Need to Start Working in Taiwan 1) Work Permit Generally speaking, for foreign professionals
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May 1st 2024

Choosing the Right Job Search Site in Taiwan

of CV-related services. Be sure to check out our CV maker ! 2. You’re currently not in Taiwan If you are not based in Taiwan, in addition to the aforementioned job search documentation, you will also need to have Work Permit, Work Visa, or Taiwan Residence Permit to be eligible for work in Taiwan . What Is the Best Website to Find a Job in Taiwan? Now that you have gotten the technical part of the job search out of
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Mar 6th 2024

Taiwan Summer Programs for a Unique Study Abroad Experience

abroad in Taiwan working, you can consider English teaching for Taiwan’s summer camps or schools. Other opportunities might be available in industries related to your studies, such as in IT, semiconductors or AI. It’s important to note that foreigners on a student visa MUST gain a work permit, and foreigners on travel visas are NOT permitted to work during their stay in Taiwan. Companies in Taiwan must also abide by laws for hiring foreign workers, so it could
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Mar 6th 2024

Practical Tips for a Seamless Work in Taiwan Journey 2024

📚Further reading: Mastering Chinese: A Guide to Learning Mandarin in Taiwan Tips for Visas and Legal Requirements To work in Taiwan, it is crucial to obey the visa and labor laws. There are a variety of visas which give foreigners the opportunity to come to Taiwan to live or work. Here are our top tips for work visas and legal requirements in Taiwan. Tip 1: Understand visa and labor Laws To work in Taiwan legally, it's crucial to
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Aug 22nd 2022

A Guide to Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners

of opportunities for work in Taiwan. People also choose to work abroad in Taiwan for their excellent healthcare system and convenient transportation network. Expats may look for jobs in Taiwan because of their safety record and low rates of crime. Taiwan is a relaxing, safe, and prosperous place to live for many reasons. Types of Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners Although many companies are hiring in Taiwan, the government will only give work permits to professionals in certain sectors. Luckily

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