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are applying to. Include all computer skills. If you took a basic web design class years ago, that would not be something you would want to list in your education section but you could list “web design experience” in your skills assuming you actually still can do a little web design. Do not list a foreign language that you are not fluent in. If you had two semesters of Spanish don’t list Spanish as a skill. The reason for
Job Search Tips
2020 Mar 3rd

For Freshers: Top 10 Most in Demand Jobs in 2020

engineers. According to LinkedIn’s 2019 report, job openings for machine learning have grown 96% with $182,000 being the median salary. In India alone, there are over 78,000 job vacancies in the machine learning and data science fields. Skills such as data mining, artificial intelligence, and python are needed for this post. Further reading : 5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume 3. Full-stack developer The 21st-century human does everything online, therefore well-functioning websites

Complete Film Production Resume Guide [Examples, Templates, Formats]

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: Step 1: Pick the best layout for your film production resume. Step 2: Choosing the best format for a film production resume. Step 3: List your contact info and personal details. Step 4: Create a thought-provoking film production resume title. Step 5: Make a professional resume summary. Step 6: Include skills relevant to the job. Step 7: Highlight the best experience in your filmmaking resume. Step 8: Elaborate on your educational background. Step

Python Developer Resume Examples (Templates & Tips)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: Use the most suitable Python developer resume template. Choose the proper format for your Python developer resume. Start with contact information and basic personal details. Create an intriguing resume title. Craft a professional resume summary statement. Include skills and abilities relevant to the job. Highlight your best experience and accomplishments. List educational qualifications and background. Add an extra section to highlight personal traits or achievements. Craft a convincing cover letter for the Python developer

Are You a Freelancer? Let’s Build an Attractive Freelancer Portfolio

to testimonials. ✨ Resume Contact information – list your contact email information, so your clients can reach you easily. For example, use email, LinkTree, or phone number. Professional history – showcases your previous work experience. Often, freelancers start out their careers working for big companies. Listing your professional history can help clients get to know you more professionally. Useful Tips for Creating the Best Freelance Portfolio 💡 Categorize the works. In truth, there are rarely any freelancers out there who only provide

Best Front End Developer Portfolios [How-to guide + Examples]

end developer portfolio is not a resume. Yes, your front end developer personal website might encompass your educational background and experience. However, a portfolio for front end developers emphasizes more on different selling aspects of your qualifications compared to a technical resume. We have put together the ultimate list of ways to create (or optimize) a winning front end developer portfolio. We'll discuss what content to put on your portfolio for front end developers, explore the steps to create
Career Development
2022 Jul 8th

How to Lean in and Become a Software Developer

in various types of colleges, such as community, technical, junior, and affiliated colleges as well as universities. The curriculum typically covers network management, programming, and software applications. For instance, classes will teach web development using PHP and MySQL, data analytics skills, Python introduction, and discrete mathematics. After finishing the associate degree, students can choose to either begin their career as a software engineer or continue their way and migrate into a bachelor’s degree. 📚 Further reading: ​​ How to List

How to Make an Interior Design Portfolio [+ Examples, Tips & Guide]

or clients immerse themselves in your creativity. An interior designer portfolio serves a similar purpose to a resume. But, it comprises a whole lot more than just words, as it should focus more on encapsulating your personal style and planning skills. What Is an Interior Design Portfolio? Whether you are a professional or a student, your interior portfolio is crucial in taking you further in your career as an interior designer. An interior design portfolio is a collective visual resume

Best 3D Artist Resume Examples | Summary, Objective & Skills

nothing gets clearer than being specific. Soft skills You can include these as proof that your traits make you a great fit for the role. Make sure you have proof in your 3D artist resume summary to back this up. Technical skills 3D artist is a very technology-based career. Technical skills might be one of the key skills employers are looking for. Put only 1-2 most relevant technical skills you possess into your 3D artist resume summary. You

How to Write a Product Manager Cover Letter (With Template)

[email protected] 222-222-2222 April 4, 2022 Alice Karim Hiring Supervisor Serious Software Dear Mrs. Karim, I’m writing to apply for the product manager intern position at Serious Software. I am a fast learner with strong technical skills and relevant experience as a computer science camp leader. My interpersonal skills and attention to detail make me a strong candidate for this position. Over the last two years, my responsibilities at Camp Teen Computer have included managing

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