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Nov 8th 2023

Am I in a Toxic Work Environment? [+Signs & How to Deal]

toxic work environment, the greater the chance there is to prevent more problems that could happen in the future. 9 Toxic Work Environment Signs If you’re not so sure whether you’re just a sensitive person or in a toxic work environment, then it’s time to pay close attention to several negative aspects that might indicate that you’re in a toxic workplace. Here are 9 warning signs and several toxic work environment examples: 1. Excessive Micromanagement Micromanagement
Career Development
Nov 1st 2023

Top 10 Good Reasons for Leaving a Job & How to Explain

you are working with. That’s why prioritizing family is an acceptable reason for leaving a job. 4. Dealing with physical/ mental health issues. Work is important, but health always comes first. If you have an accident that needs long-term recovery, or have been diagnosed with a severe sickness, it is very important to have proper care and support before anything else. Other than physical health, employees with mental health concerns due to a toxic work environment causing stress,...
Hiring Tips
Feb 23rd 2024

Identifying and Addressing Microaggressions in the Workplace

Microaggressions in the Workplace A healthy and professional work environment is one of the drivers of an efficient and productive workplace and should be a top priority for both HR and administrative departments. A toxic workplace can have significant and lasting detrimental effects on employee well-being, productivity, and overall company success. Microaggressions in the workplace are the title given to this pattern of behavior and subtle and often unintentional discriminatory remarks or behaviors. These microaggressions in the workplace are
Hiring Tips
Nov 10th 2023

A Survival Guide on How to Navigate Office Politics

Ellie from Marketing about Sharon’s new workplace romance that hasn’t been reported to HR yet. Awkward and not very nice to share, especially not without Sharon’s consent. Which makes gossiping, when taken too far, contribute to a toxic workplace environment. Which is one of the main reasons employees have for quitting their job . 3. Demonstrating Exceptional Performance While excelling at your job is a good thing, consistently outperforming peers in tasks and responsibilities may be considered office
Hiring Tips
Feb 23rd 2024

20 Best Exit Interview Questions to Ask for Valuable Employee Insights

ask within an interview lasting no longer than one hour , if that. Exit interview questions are also most commonly asked by a member of the HR department in face-to-face exit interviews, but interview settings depend entirely on company work settings and individual needs. For example, where traditional brick and mortar institutions may feel more comfortable with holding in-person discussions, remote-based companies may choose instead to hold virtual interviews or use online surveys like Typeform, SurveyMonkey, or

Physical Therapist Resume Examples (Vital Dos & Don'ts!)

that promote, maintain, and restore health! Certified physical therapists all carry the skills and education necessary to diagnose, prognosis, coordinate care for their patients. In certain countries, they are also referred to as physiotherapists and have authority for prescriptions to work alongside physical treatment (the United Kingdom will be an example). Life is an unceasing war; job application is one of its deadly battles. A robust physical therapist resume (physiotherapist resume) serves as a strong move of preliminaries and first
Job Search Tips
Jul 13th 2020

Why Networking Helps You Land a Job: 6 Easy Ways for College Students

the moment, let them know you’re always open to opportunities if something comes up in the future. 2. Attend school events School events are usually less awkward than off-campus events, because you’re more familiar with both the environment and the participants. For example, you can often see your classmates in career events held by your department. If you have a friend who is more extroverted, ask if you can tag along. You can then skip the (sometimes

Tutor Resume: Example and Tips

skills and graduate high school, as well as assisting them with standardized academic or occupational tests. What are the differences between a teacher and a tutor? Teachers lead a formal learning session and follow a curriculum in a structured learning environment. Tutors help students, often 1-on-1 or smaller groups, understand the subject/topic they are learning and provide additional, special, or remedial instruction regarding that matter. Teacher positions usually require teaching or education certifications, whereas tutors don’t
Interview Skills
Jun 20th 2020

How to Answer Salary Expectations? 3 Useful Tips for Salary Negotiation

"Salary expectation" is a practical problem that job seekers often encounter in the process of job search. Generally, everyone hopes to get a higher salary. However, in the process of job hunting, salary structure and welfare plans offered by each enterprise varies. As a job seeker, you might get into the bottleneck problem of "not knowing how to negotiate salary with HR" and "not being able to tell which offer is better.” During interview, how to negotiate a salary

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