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Academic CV 2023 Writing Guideline (+Template, Example, and Tips)

your advisors’ names. Example of a Ph.D. student curriculum vitae education section: EDUCATION University of Michigan Ph.D. in Psychology | May 2022 - Dissertation : Mapping the criminal mind: Profiling and its limitations. - Dissertation Advisors : John A., Steven B., Bill C. University of Chicago M.A. in Psychology | May 2019 - Thesis : Social Media Interface and Generation Z’s Cognitive Mapping - Thesis Advisors : Charles A., Martin B., Kelly C. University of Wisconsin B.A. in Psychology | May 2017 Relevant professional experience List
Interview Skills
Nov 9th 2022

Interview Bahasa Inggris: 28 Contoh Pertanyaan dan Jawabannya!

yang sedang kamu lamar. Tipsnya adalah untuk presentasikan dirimu sebagai kandidat yang paling cocok untuk pekerjaan tersebut. Contoh jawaban untuk pertanyaan wawancara dalam bahasa Inggris: My name is Kelly. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Indonesia and I have been working as a Software Engineer at Company Z for 2 years. I developed the backend of the company’s web application, specifically the product detail page using Java programming language. I am also

Dental Assistant Cover Letter: Examples & How to Craft One

team. I have a considerable amount of experience, as thoroughly explained in my attached resume, in areas such as four-handed dental assisting, dental equipment operating, and patient processing. In my most recent position working as a dental assistant at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, I have received 95% positive feedback from a daily number of 40+ patients visiting the clinic. I was also in charge of developing 100% of dental radiographs/x-rays, ensuring the correct operation of dental
Career Development
May 25th 2021

What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

a previous teacher or supervisor, to provide insight into the applicant’s skills and qualifications to a prospective program or employer. In most cases, someone is asked to submit a recommendation letter when applying for a job, scholarship or college/university admission. Reference Letter A letter of reference refers to a document that endorses an individual's capabilities, personal traits, work performance, written by someone who worked closely with the candidate. Reference letters are most commonly used in the hiring

A Guide to Effectively Put Relevant Coursework on Resume [+ Examples]

Adding Relevant Coursework to a Resume Relevant Courseworks - Meaning & When to Include What does including relevant coursework on resumes mean? It means that since you don’t have abundant experience in the field, you can utilize relevant coursework at the university to showcase your skills to the employer. There are several uses for adding relevant coursework to resumes. You can showcase your skills from your experience and also highlight your academic achievements. But, how do you highlight academic achievements with

Engineering Internship Cover Letter [Samples, Tips + Template]

is Jane Doe, and I am writing to apply for the intern position in the technical operations department of The Renewable Energy Company. As a renewable energy enthusiast, I have taken many related courses throughout the past 3 years of university, where I find myself intrigued by the future of off-shore wind energy plants. Last summer, I had the opportunity to work as a technical operations intern at The Windy Company, where I had to create a communication procedure
Career Development
May 24th 2023

5 mẫu đơn xin học bổng hay khiến hội đồng xét duyệt “say yes”

Anh / Đơn xin học bổng du học [Tên bạn] [Email] [Ngày/Tháng/Năm] [Tên tổ chức/trường học] [Địa chỉ tổ chức/trường học] Dear [...], My name is [...], and I am writing this email to apply for a scholarship at [...] University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from [...] University. After that, I worked in [...] company for [...] years as a [...]. During my time at work, I have applied what I had learned to formulate sales strategies to help

Mastering 3D Artist Portfolio: Showcase Excellence with Style

artist who displays his 3D artist portfolio with wit and style. His main focus is characters.  3D Environment Artist Portfolio 3D Environment Artist Portfolio by Louis Stelfox Louis Stelfox showcases his work that was completed during his 2nd year at university. He explains the technical details of the artwork very well. In addition, he also won the Rookie Awards in 2019, which is an important milestone to display on his portfolio. 3D Generalist Portfolio 3D Generalist Portfolio by Jack Bromhead

Best Referral Cover Letter w/ Examples, Templates, Tips [Cover Letter Writing Guideline]

Writing your cover letter with a referral from an employee who is working in the same company can make hiring managers notice your application. A referral is the recruitment program when somebody you know endorses or recommends you for job applications. This person is often someone who has worked with you before, be it your former employer or colleagues. Referral benefits both applicants and recruiters. Job applicants who apply using referrals found that their hiring process is faster and smoother

Physical Therapist Resume Examples (Vital Dos & Don'ts!)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a resume for a physical therapist? What is the best resume format for a physical therapist? How to make a physical therapy resume template? Top 8 Physical Therapist Resume Dos and Don'ts Physical therapist Resume Sample “Those who saved my pain in the neck.” Physical Therapist’s job description was often succinct to an over-simplified explanation. Physical therapists are medical professionals (allied health professionals) that promote, maintain, and restore

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