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Jul 6th 2022

Wrap Up the Hiring Process with the Ideal Job Offer Email

for Writing a Job Offer Email Your Candidate Can’t Refuse Job offer emails include a lot more than the job posting and job interviews, so knowing how to write a job offer letter can be overwhelming. Finalizing an employment offer is an exciting and stressful time for both you and the candidate, so writing a good job offer email can reduce any confusion and generate excitement for both of you! 💡 Make a verbal offer first. Although job hunters
Career Development
Sep 28th 2022

Free Retirement Letter Samples + a Great Template!

due to retirement is a formal or informal letter you write to your colleagues to say goodbye when you decide you want to stop working. Writing a retirement letter involves formally informing your employer that you intend to quit your job. After giving verbal notice to your employer, you can send a formal letter to schedule a meeting and make arrangements for your retirement with your supervisor and HR. A retirement letter can help you do that. Other than that

Powering Up Teamwork Skills for Resume [+ 20 Examples & Tips]

how to show teamwork as a skill on your resume and what teamwork skills resume phrases to use in your resume writing. Listed below are 20 key teamwork skills to include in your resume that will distinguish you from other job seekers: 1. Verbal Skills It's essential to be able to express yourself to others, whether it's by phone or face-to-face. During job screening, this is one of the key factors employers examine your suitability as

How to List Transferable Skills on a Resume (Samples, Tips, Templates)

Skills To make sure you come up with a powerful transferable skills example for your resume, it is best to think about the skills you are confident with and could be brought along to the next career. Read through the job description to assure that the list of transferable skills for the resume is in line with what the job positions require. Transferable skills might vary across individuals, but some types of transferable skills are high in demand. Transferable skills

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