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Mar 19th 2021

Why Every Professional Should Have A Personal Website

you to highlight what channels you prefer to be contacted through , whether it’s via phone, e-mail, LinkedIn or Twitter. Furthermore, including keywords such as your university, city and industry name on your website, will increase your chances of appearing higher in search rankings. 2. It Gives You More Control over Your Online Presence Your personal website is one piece of online real estate that is totally under your control, which is critical since about half of employers Google

如何為資料庫服務做產品設計?MongoDB Product Designer Tan 的紐約科技職涯與 UX 求職技巧

享他如何在職涯中實踐自己注重的「影響力」。 Tan 從淡大軟體設計畢業後先在廣達擔任工程師、負責 Apple iPod touch 的產品,因為有感於當時的工作只能跟隨產品既定的 spec 製作,希望能夠為產品發揮更多影
Career Development
Jan 16th 2023

10 Pekerjaan Bidang IT yang Paling Dicari dan Gajinya!

layar, misalnya server database. Full-Stack Developer : mencakup semua tugas front-end dan back-end, sehingga posisi paling banyak dibutuhkan karena memiliki kemampuan yang lebih komprehensif. 💻 Cara Mendapatkan Pekerjaan Web Developer: Banyak web developer memperoleh gelar associate dalam pengembangan web atau bidang IT lain yang relevan. Beberapa mungkin memperoleh gelar sarjana di bidang IT atau bidang bisnis. Bagi kamu yang mencari lowongan kerja bidang it lulusan SMK, tidak perlu berkecil hati karena kamu dapat mengembangkan keterampilan desain web/ web

15 Best Free Portfolio Websites (w/ Pros & Cons, Pricing, Key Features)

exposure, which helps with your personal branding. Creators everywhere are now in the market for online portfolio makers or website builders for their portfolios. Now, making an online portfolio is no longer such a daunting task which requires coding or web design skills. There are various portfolio sites that offer various portfolio creator tools as well as different pricing ranges. Depending on what type of portfolio you will create - artist portfolio, graphic designer portfolio, web developer/designer portfolio, photography portfolio

Entry-Level IT Resume Examples: Complete Writing Guide

emphasize software, while others emphasize hardware or computer system maintenance. For those writing an entry-level IT job resume with no experience, it is better to confirm interest in which type of entry-level IT. Moreover, be careful not to apply for jobs demanding skills exceeding your abilities. For instance, a web developer is different from a software engineer. Although both include programming knowledge, the latter works as a team and on a larger-scale project, and the former requires

Computer Technician Resume Example (Complete Guide with Cover Letter Tips)

demonstrate its usage, and troubleshoot when users encounter any problems. Update system software when necessary. Set up and resolve problems with computer network systems, cabling, and wireless networks. Configure email accounts through POP3, Outlook, and IMAP. Set up equipment for web conferences and other events using computers and their peripherals. Computer technicians are believed to be a competitive job market due to the high number of job seekers. So if you want to get hired, you'll need a job

Guide to Resume Format in PDF: When to Use & How to Create

High security - you can determine whom to read. CONS The link might contain some virus. Requires the Internet connection to open the file. Inconvenient to download. 5. Plain text PROS Useful when you choose to share your resume on a web portal directly. Works well with searchable databases. Easier for ATS to read and scan. CONS Lacks the visual appeal to compete with other candidates. Unsuitable for creative jobs. Hard to impress employers. Tips on How to Choose the Best
Career Development
Oct 29th 2022

Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Tugas, Skill Set dan Proyeksi Karirnya!

bahwa software dan hardware berjalan sesuai fungsinya, meningkatkan keamanan ( cybersecurity) , dan pengembangan teknologi. Jabatan chief technology officer ini sejajar dengan CFO, COO, atau CMO. Pekerjaan CTO cukup high demand di era teknologi saat ini, terutama perusahaan big technology seperti Microsoft , Apple , Meta , dan perusahaan sosial media lainnya. Tidak hanya perusahaan teknologi, ternyata posisi chief technology officer juga dibutuhkan oleh institusi perbankan, perusahaan F&B, perusahaan otomotif, perusahaan streaming musik, perusahaan startup, hingga di institusi pendidikan. Nah, pada umumnya chief technology

Designer Resume Writing Guide with Examples and Tips

writing a designer resume is not only about creativity. We’ll walk you through the tips to write a professional interview-winning designer resume. This article is for those who are writing a: Graphic designer resume UI / UX designer resume Web designer resume Product designer resume Art director resume Fashion designer resume Game designer resume Which format is the best for a designer resume? To start writing a designer resume, first adopt a format. The right format will present your

Hard Skills for Resume: Definition, Examples, and How to Improve

commonly gained through education, training, and working whereas soft skills are personality traits you may have spent your whole life developing. Additionally, hard skills are directly related to the position you’re applying for. Meanwhile, soft skills are not only applicable to one specific job but universal. Top 100 Hard Skills to Put on a Resume/CV Outline Accounting and Finance Skills Business and Management Skills Marketing Skills Writing Skills Engineering Skills Web Development Skills Project Management Skills Nursing

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