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20 Computer Skills to Write in Your CV [w/ Examples & Writing Tips]

proficiency in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Maintained positive client ratings across 100+ brochures and infographics. Created 100+ social media graphics that achieved high engagement rates and increased followers for clients. Received Logo Design Award for 2 consecutive years. Redesigned 10+ websites with significant increases in overall UX scores. Writing Skills Composed 50+ articles for beauty and healthcare blogs. Generated social media copywriting in both English and Mandarin. Applied SEO and marketing tactics in written newsletters, blogs, and social media posts

Human Resources (HR) Manager Resume Guide (Examples & Tips)

should research the industry, company, and details of the job description to identify the priorities and needs of the recruiter, and then make your resume mirror them. 💡 Tips : You could also search for professional HR manager resume examples on websites like CakeResume and LinkedIn. Step 5: Proofread. Nothing is worse than discovering typos and grammatical mistakes in your HR manager resume after sending the application. To avoid embarrassing mistakes, proofreading is a must-do you shouldn’t forget. It
Interview Skills
Jun 20th 2020

How to Write a Professional Thank You Email After an Interview? 6 Essential Guides

having a better answer after some more reflection, the follow up mail after interview is your chance to briefly answer again the part you feel you could have improved on . Samples " I was asked in the interview how to increase website’s traffic, and I responded with three feasible solutions, but a fourth one came to my mind after I left and reflected more on the problem ... " However, if it was a group interview, then it is best not to
Job Search Tips
Mar 3rd 2020

For Freshers: Top 10 Most in Demand Jobs in 2020

fields. Skills such as data mining, artificial intelligence, and python are needed for this post. Further reading : 5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume 3. Full-stack developer The 21st-century human does everything online, therefore well-functioning websites have become basic necessities. That being said, full-stack developers have the crucial roles in developing both the front-end and the back-end of websites, aligning the interface with the customers' needs. From JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and basic

Guide to a Top-Notch Product Design Portfolio [+Tips and Examples]

project or a one-person project? Role – Highlight your role during that specific project. Are you responsible for the visual design part, or any other parts? Platform – What platform is your previous project being used on? For example mobile apps/websites. Timeline – How long is the duration for that specific project? Constraints – List out the difficulty that you have overcome when doing the project. 5. Process of each project The process of each project can highlight the specific methods you

CV Backend Developer: Chi tiết cách viết, Tips và Mẫu tham khảo

vụ cho công việc Phương tiện liên lạc khác - Cung cấp các ứng dụng liên lạc khác mà bạn sử dụng cho công việc (nếu có). Ví dụ: Skype, Zoom, v.v. Blog/Web - Có thể cung cấp các blogs/websites cá nhân mà bạn nghĩ hỗ trợ cho quá trình tuyển dụng. Ví dụ: LinkedIn, GitHub, v.v. Ví dụ: Trần Hùng Anh (+886) 989-567-888 [email protected] Zoom: [email protected] GitHub: ewardtran98 2. Giới thiệu bản
Career Development
Aug 24th 2022

Want to Know How To Become a Graphic Designer? Read This!

course, designed to build your skills and knowledge on the essentials quickly. Bootcamps will usually pick one type of graphic design software and get you to a proficient level so you can use the tools independently for your own designs. Websites which host a range of bootcamps include: Udemy Coursera EdX SkillShare NobleDesktop Courses: If you’re looking to learn graphic design at a reasonable pace, but don’t want to do a whole degree, you can try learning graphic

Best Copywriter Cover Letter Samples and Writing Guides

creating content that is not only captivating but galvanizing. I believe my years of experience in copywriting and marketing can contribute to the success of your institution. As the job entails a set of responsibilities in advertising campaigns with emails, websites, company brochures, and online marketing materials, my previous position at iContent entailed the same responsibilities such as print advertisement, email campaigns, social media marketing, and other web-based campaigns. I have created more than 350 product campaigns for brands

8 Unique Web Design Portfolio Inspirations

showcase your portfolios might be a different way of gaining those plus points. For instance, if you have extra skills like 3D animation, you can show your works in a more 3D and interactive layout than other web designer portfolio websites. If you are more confident in colors, building your portfolio website in a color palette unique to you will make clients remember you better. 5. It shows that you are professional and serious in this field of work. As

Project Coordinator Resume Writing Guide [+ Examples & Templates]

make the applicant stand out from other competitors to attract recruiters’ attention. Step 3: Look up resume templates & resume examples online as references. Before writing the project coordinator resume, you are highly recommended to check project coordinator resume examples on websites like Cakeresume and Linkedin to know what a resume looks like and how others make their resumes stand out from competitors. Step 4: Tailor your project coordinator resume for the job position. When writing a project coordinator resume, remember

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