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What to Include in a Portfolio Resume? 3 Tips to Build a Professional Portfolio for Interview

the importance of portfolios is no longer limited to the fields mentioned above. Nowadays, for positions like content writing, marketing & planning, and project coordinator, “portfolio” is commonly listed in job description as application requirement or a “plus”. CakeResume's Portfolio Collection Page Why is portfolio so important? Portfolio can assist interviewers to look at your work in a short period of time, Job applicants can select the most suitable works to present according to the company’s culture, and enhance

How to Write an Accounting Cover Letter [+ Big 4 Sample Cover Letters]

in reconciling processes and expense analysis, I am excited to apply for the position of Accounts Payable Officer with ABC Company. In my previous role at Sharon Services, I was responsible for processing invoices and reimbursement requests, and supported the work of 15 collection specialists, resulting in a decrease of 25% in our collection time within 6 months. My strong communication skills allow for consistently professional interaction with vendors and employees., I have demonstrated the ability to adapt to a

How to Make a Graphic Design Portfolio [What to Include & Examples]

significantly more than a traditional CV or resume. In the digital age, having a graphic design online portfolio will establish your personal brand on the internet for millions of people to access. An online graphic design portfolio will showcase a collection of past work experiences that portrays your accomplishments, skills, and tangible results of your efforts - such as projects you have done or products you have created. Not only that, employers could get a glimpse of your personality and unique

Best Tips to Create and Promote Your Logo Design Portfolio

for showcasing the designer’s abilities, thought processes, and real-world applications (case studies). Common types of logo portfolio presentations include online websites, social media, or (printed) slides. What Is a Logo Design Portfolio? A logo design portfolio is a collection of logo design work that showcases a graphic designer’s experience and ability. Like any graphic design portfolio, it exhibits the best works made by the artist – except they consist of logo designs only. The purpose of having a

How to Create a Stunning Video Portfolio [Tips + Examples]

greatly from a video reel portfolio: Architects Interior Designers Graphic Designers Illustrator UX/UI Designers Producer Content Creator Director Machine Learning or AI Engineers Actors News Anchor/Presenters Models What Is a Video Portfolio? A video portfolio is essentially a collection of your best work/projects in a video format. It is a branding tool and also a space to display the body of work of a creative professional. Regardless of the niche, there are some key components that a

Creating an Impressive Photography Portfolio Website [+ Examples & Tips]

A photography portfolio is a concise collection of your photos to present your works in a professional manner. It’s equally important to have a photographer website/photography portfolio as this is the only, and yet, the best way to promote your business to potential clients. With an impressive site for photos, you can also showcase your skills and value as a true artist. In this article, you will learn: What Is a Photography Portfolio? How to Make a Photography

How to Make an Online Portfolio [+ Tips, Examples, Guide]

applications are also more appealing with portfolios. But some may ask, what is a portfolio ? By definition, a portfolio is a document of various materials compiled, that showcases both your personal and professional skills, qualifications, as well as education and work experiences. Traditionally, a job applicant could present a physical copy of their own work portfolio to the recruiter. However, as we grow to be more and more dependent on technology, online portfolios have become the more common method of

Collector Resume Examples, Templates & Formats

Created by CakeResume In this article, you'll learn: 5 tips for a job-winning collector resume How to write a strong objective for a debt collector resume How to compile a professional collector resume summary What are essential collection skills for a resume How to write a collection agent resume with no experience Collector resume sample Collectors, also known as collections agents or collections specialists, recover overdue payments on accounts. In general, they track debtors down by phone or

5 Steps to Creating an Impressive Marketing Portfolio

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will read about: What Is a Marketing Portfolio? What to Include in a Marketing Portfolio How to Make a Marketing Portfolio Tips on Creating a Great Marketing Portfolio Marketing Portfolio Examples A marketing portfolio is used by people who work in the marketing field to showcase previous projects that they have marketed for. A marketing portfolio could consist of images, videos, descriptions of the project and the marketer’s contributions, skills and tools

Controller Resume Examples: Templates & Examples

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn: Step 1: Create a professional layout for your controller resume. Step 2: Adopt the right controller resume format. Step 3: Provide essential contact information. Step 4: Write a powerful controller resume headline. Step 5: Boost your controller resume with a strong summary. Step 6: Feature collections skills that employers are seeking. Step 7: Showcase your work experience and accomplishments. Step 8: List educational qualifications and background. Step 9: Beef up your

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