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2021 May 6th

How to Work Remotely? 13 Efficient Ways to Find Remote Jobs Online

the door to what most certainly would be the morning rush hour. But as expected, technology found a way to shake things up. Work and lifestyle have become flexible. In fact, technology has merged them by creating the means to work anywhere in the world. Today, there are more and more companies that allow you to work remotely. If you’ve freelanced before, then you know what it means to work remotely. You can wake up at 5:00 am
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2021 Aug 16th

遠端工作哪裡找?熱門職缺 & 10 大遠距工作求職管道都在這裡!

來。也就是說,點進每個遠距工作職缺的「Apply for this position」會直接轉到該企業的招募網站,並不是直接在 We Work Remotely 上面應徵。有趣的是,在每個職缺頁面的最後,We Work Remotely 也提供求職者回報「這個工作是否確實為
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2021 Jan 13th

Resignation Letter Writing Guide [+Templates, Samples, Tips]

quit one’s job face-to-face with a formal resignation letter to show gratitude for all the training and time spent on you. But circumstances arise. In 2020, the pandemic throws us a wrench, many have been forced to work remotely and social distancing. That makes providing notice in-person not feasible. A resignation email thus becomes acceptable. You want to do that professionally and courteously so as to leave smoothly. How to Write a Resignation Letter / Resignation Email
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2022 Apr 8th

How to Successfully Negotiate Your Salary for a Job?

support by providing better career development opportunities, work-life balance, and health-related perks and allowing you more work flexibility. Some of these can include training and development opportunities and qualifications, healthcare coverage and fitness stipends, and flexibility to work remotely. While the tangible perk of money is important when you negotiate your salary, the compensation that comes in these forms of a benefits package should be considered before you accept a new job offer or re-sign your work
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2021 Jan 19th

工程師們,別讓辦公室限縮工作潛能! 精選 4 個海內外遠端工作求職平台

面試之前,所有企業都不會再要求你做任何額外的技術測驗! 3. 全球最大的遠端工作求職平台: We work remotely 你準備好前進海外了嗎? WWR 是世界上最大的遠端工作求職平台,網站每個月有超過 100 萬的瀏
Interview Skills
2022 Mar 8th

50+ Good Questions to Ask in a Job Interview (Interview Hack)

much as possible so that you can actually have a conversation with whoever is interviewing you. Examples of yes/no questions for the interviewer are: Is there any career path example that begins with this role? Are employees allowed to work remotely? 💭 Avoid asking questions that cover multiple topics. Be firm and structured. Don't overwhelm people with mixed topics when asking the hiring manager questions during the interview. Stay away from these kinds of interview questions when you
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2020 Apr 13th

9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

develop errors or even fail completely. You can subscribe to services like Pluralsight, Udemy, or Lynda to keep your knowledge up to date as a developer. Autonomy A common trend among startups and many IT jobs is the ability to work remotely. If you're not comfortable working remotely a few days a week or completing projects on your own without the supervision of others, it's time to brush up! Some large organizations still have traditional employment expectations, b...

Virtual Assistant Resume: Examples & Writing Guide

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a professional virtual assistant resume? What is the best resume format for a virtual assistant? How to make a virtual assistant resume template? Top 10 virtual assistant resume Dos and Don'ts Virtual assistant resume sample Virtual assistants are generally independent contractors who provide assistance to clients remotely. They mostly perform administrative tasks but may also get involved in other functions of a business such as marketing, accounting, design, etc. Due

Should You Put Address on Your Resume? Why or Why Not

help dissolve worries the employer might have in this case. Your location helps you stand out. The hiring manager might be looking for job seekers who are close to the business. Showing that by putting your address on the resume works to your advantage. You have enough space on your resume for the address.  Some job applicants don’t have their addresses on their resumes simply because there is not enough space as a one-page resume is favored and
Career Development
2022 Mar 25th

Mau Jadi Personal Assistant? Tugas, Gaji, dan Caranya! [+Contoh CV]

Daftar isi: Apa itu Personal Assistant Tugas dan Tanggung Jawab Personal Assistant Skill yang Dibutuhkan Personal Assistant Tips Menjadi Personal Assistant Personal assistant adalah posisi pekerjaan yang penting untuk melancarkan kehidupan profesional atau kehidupan pribadi para pengusaha, direktur, manajer, selebriti, atau bahkan untuk seorang individu/keluarga. Tugas seorang personal assistant mencakup tugas-tugas administratif untuk memastikan pengorganisasian, penjadwalan, dan perencanaan yang tepat. Personal assistant pun dapat bekerja dalam lingkungan bisnis atau jarak jauh ( remote work /WFH). Di artikel CakeResume ini

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