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Best Cover Letter for Cleaning Jobs w/ Examples, Templates [Cover Letter Writing Guideline]

West Aspen Avenue Chillicothe, OH 45601 202-555-0190 [email protected] Aug 24, 2022 Rosie Templeton Exploration Kids 71 Pearl Avenue Lewis Center, OH 43035 Dear Ms. Templeton, My name is Rachyl Liza, an independent, self-motivated, and hard-working neat freak who has 2 years of working experience as a cleaner at Piccolo Co. I saw the opening for a cleaner at jobhunt.com and I am seeking a new environment change for my cleaning career. Hence, I
Career Development
Aug 10th 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Become a Lawyer [+ FAQs]

Created by CakeResume When navigating legal gray areas—such as contracts, lawsuits, or settlements—in the modern world, lawyers help clients understand their options and follow judicial procedures. Although lawyers are known for fighting court battles, they also represent, advocate and provide consultation to individuals and businesses. Depending on experience and level of education, the job prospects of lawyers range from working behind-the-scenes in law offices to roles that involve practicing law in courtroom environments. Some examples could

Certified Public Accountant Resume: Writing Guide with Examples

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn about: How to write a great certified public accountant resume? What is a good career objective for a CPA resume? How to write a certified public accountant resume summary? What are some key skills for a certified public accountant resume? How to write a CPA resume without experience? Certified public accountant resume sample Working in any business, you might have heard the terms accountants and CPAs (certified public accountants) used frequently

How to List Transferable Skills on a Resume (Samples, Tips, Templates)

time, transferable skills are one of the cards you should play with prudently when designing your resume . What Are Transferable Skills & Why Are They Important? Imagine that you are looking for a position in a specific field but lack relevant working experience, how are you supposed to convince the recruiters that you have something to offer on the table? In most talent searches, recruiters might not only look for people who have similar working experiences to the field they are

How to Become a Teacher: A Comprehensive Guide!

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: How to decide your teaching career path Teaching degrees and certificates Searching for a teaching job Becoming a teacher can be one of the most fulfilling career paths. Obtaining a teaching and education degree and becoming a teacher will allow you to leave a positive mark and be of service to society. Once you get into teaching, you start working with young people and accompany them through a journey to prepare
Career Development
Nov 23rd 2023

A Complete Guide to Taiwan’s Language & Places to Learn

Created by CakeResume Before traveling to Taiwan, you might wonder - what language do people in Taiwan speak? Taiwan actually adopts a diverse linguistic background which has passed on for countless generations. Because it has a rich historical and cultural setting, it significantly influenced the Taiwan language until today. Language is a valuable asset. So, it’s important to know the language Taiwanese people use, whether you’re here for traveling, studying, working, or doing business. We’ll walk you through
Interview Skills
Apr 1st 2022

“What Motivates You?” & Example Interview Answers

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will read about: Why Interviewers Ask “What Motivates You?” How to Answer “What Motivates You?” Tips for Answering “What Motivates You?” Good Example Answers for “What Motivates You” Answer Samples for “What motivates you” During an interview, interviewers pop up all sorts of questions to understand you professionally and personally. One of the tricky questions they might ask is, “What motivates you?” Your brain might be working fast trying to speculate what they

The Full Guide for a Perfect Personal Assistant Cover Letter

In this article, we'll cover: Personal Assistant Cover Letter Samples How to Write a Personal Assistant Cover Letter Personal Assistant Cover Letter Template How to write a personal assistant cover letter? The first step is to learn the duties and responsibilities of the position so you can write a fitting personal assistant cover letter. A personal assistant has to support their busy boss and handle daily tasks such as taking calls, writing emails, working on documents, and managing their

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume (Examples & Tips)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to make a certified nurse assistant resume? What to put on a CNA resume? Tips for writing the best CNA resume How to write a phenomenal CNA cover letter? Certified nurse assistant resume sample A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is someone who assists a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). A certified nurse assistant may serve seniors, those with disabilities, or others, depending on the working location and the developed
Career Development
Aug 24th 2022

Want to Know How To Become a Graphic Designer? Read This!

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Types of Graphic Designers How to Become a Graphic Designer Tips on How to Become a Graphic Designer Without Experience Graphic Designer FAQs Demand for high quality and unique designs is increasing as brands desire to maintain a strong presence in social media, traditional media, and advertisements. In fact, careers in graphic design are increasing in popularity, as successful professional graphic designers can make over six figures a year by working

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