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Apr 21st 2022

Requesting Feedback After a Job Interview for Career Growth

to turning this experience into a valuable one is to know what went wrong and work on it. Asking for interview feedback can help you understand where you need to improve. In this post, we'll discuss why you should request feedback after a job interview, as well as helpful tips, steps to write a feedback request email and email templates that you can use. Why Should You Ask for Feedback After an Interview? After an interview, it can be
Interview Skills
Apr 8th 2022

Informational Interview: What It Is and How It Can Help You

a bit intimidating and untoward, but keep in mind that most people love to talk about themselves and their experiences! Chances are it’s a great way for them to reflect on their career too. Reach out via email or a simple message on LinkedIn, asking for an informational interview. Keep your message polite and to the point—briefly introduce yourselves, your situation, and ask for their feedback. If you’re unsure how to write an informational interview request, feel

Best Data Scientist Cover Letter with Tips and Examples

Write a Cover Letter as a Data Scientist Tips for Writing a Data Science Cover Letter Data Scientist Cover Letter Template Data scientists play an important role in a modern society that is predominantly driven by information. Their job entails a wide range of responsibilities concerning analyzing and interpreting raw data. Here are some common tasks that a data scientist is expected to perform: • Data Mining - Identify relevant data sources for mining according to the client's requests, and collect

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