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CEO resume template and formats
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The duty of a chief executive officer(CEO) is to manage and run the enterprise. They make precise decisions that guide the long-term performance of the company. Being the lead of the business and the representative of the public, they have to present a professional image.

Recently the job position of the senior-level executive is constantly growing. If you are striving for this opportunity and decide to write a resume for a CEO position, here are some useful tips for you. In the following content, you are going to find out what are the important information that you should include in a CEO resume by learning from CEO resume samples and a famous CEO resume case- The Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer’s resume. A strong CEO resume portrays authority and professionalism that helps you to stand out from other competitors. 

How to write a CEO resume?

There are a few things to keep in mind before crafting a resume for a CEO position. Learn the basic structure of resume format, and apply them to the CEO resume.

Step 1: Understand the differences between a CV and a resume.

A CV is shortened for “curriculum vitae”. In both CV and resume, the goal is to present one’s performances and achievements to the hiring manager. Here’s what a CEO CV and a CEO resume should be like:

  • A CEO CV: Simple design with detailed information about your professional life.
  • A CEO resume: Various designs with relevant information to the application for a CEO position.

 🗒️  Note: Different countries may have different preferences for a resume or CV!

Step 2: Choose the right resume format. 

It is important to show your professionalism in the CEO resume. There are 4 types of CEO resume formats, including chronological, functional, hybrid, and targeted resume formats. You can click here if you want to understand the differences between these four CEO resume formats.

Step 3: Look up resume templates & resume examples online as references.

A startup CEO resume can be different from a nonprofit CEO resume. Therefore, taking a look at some CEO resume samples in your major field can give you a better understanding of designing your own resume.  

Step 4: Tailor your resume for the job position.

To design an outstanding CEO resume, customize the resume according to specific job applications. Also, quantify your achievements and use keywords to catch HR’s attention.

Step 5: Proofread when you’re done.

Sometimes typos, grammar mistakes, or small errors happen. Proofread your CEO resume, and make sure that it is professional and perfect before sending it out.

What to put on a CEO resume?

Now, before breaking a resume down into parts, remember a successful CEO resume format always goes simple, concise, and informative. Since HR only spends a few minutes on every CEO resume, filter your experiences and select the ones that best match the CEO job requirements.

Follow the instructions below to create a well-organized CEO resume.

1. CEO Resume Profile (Personal Information)

This section provides the manager with basic information about you and allows them to gauge your suitability for their company.

Be sure to provide your:

  • Full name 
  • Professional title 
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Address (optional) 

 💡 Tips: Don't input your current salary, sexual orientation, race, gender and marital status!

2. CEO Resume Headline

Leave HR an unforgettable impression with a powerful CEO resume headline. A CEO resume headline is a one-line summary of your career life. Remember to provide numbers to support your experiences.

CEO resume headline examples:

  • Driven chief executive officer with 7 years of professional experience
  • Result-oriented CEO with 2 years of managing and increasing growth in a startup business

3. CEO Profile Resume Summary 

In a CEO resume summary, highlight your leadership experiences, executive skills, or any impressive accomplishments in a few sentences to introduce yourself. Remember to choose the experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying for,and prove them with strong evidence to show your competitiveness.

CEO profile resume summary example:

Strategic-driven CEO with 20+ years of experience in leading small businesses. Increased client database by 300% in 2 years. Developed relationships with 50+ new partners from 15+ countries. Passionate for taking PAX company to the next level.

4. CEO Resume Objective

A CEO resume objective is similar to what you put in the CEO resume summary. However, besides providing your accomplishments, it puts more emphasis on the CEO’s career goals.

CEO resume objective example:

A dynamic leader with 2 years of professional executive experience. Seeking an opportunity to operate and grow QAZ Corp. as the next CEO and president.

📝 Note : If you have more than 2 years of experience as a CEO, it’s suggested to choose the CEO resume summary. If you have less experience, a CEO resume objective is recommended.

5. CEO Resume Skills

Instead of listing a bunch of generic CEO skills, select the ones that are related to the job position and categorize them into hard and soft skills. Next, focus more on management and leadership skills to highlight your abilities as a CEO. You can also link your soft skills with impressive results to prove you really can utilize them well.

Hard Skills:

  • Risk Management 
  • Employee Development 
  • Business Strategy Planning
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Public and Media Relationship

Soft Skills:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Interpersonal Skills

6. Work Experience

Here is the part where you provide detailed information of your past experiences in a CEO resume. Use bullet points to present the achievements you have. In this section of the CEO resume, every job should include: organization name, job location, job title, the start and end dates, and a brief description of your work duties.

Work experience examples for a CEO resume:

CEO and President, DQP Company, California, USA

  • Effectively managed over 1000 employees in 5 countries.
  • Developed new business strategy for long-term objectives and achieved short-term goals.
  • Increased company revenue by 250% in a 3-year period.

7. Education

Focus on what you did in the business school or MBA program. Link relevant coursework that shows your motivation for being a leader. It is fine if you don’t have a business-directed educational background.

This would be a great chance to show that you are a flexible learner and can easily adapt to different fields, and explain how your domain knowledge supports you in the CEO position.

CEO resume education example:

Master of Business Administration, London University 2007-2009

Relevant Coursework:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Development 
  • International Business
  • 8. Additional Information: Projects/Certifications/Awards/Hobbies

    The key point to make your CEO resume stand out is to add extra information that shows your capability of being a CEO. Here are some suggestions for you to add to a CEO resume:


    Master of Business Administration, London University 2007-2009

    • Hobbies
    • Certifications or Awards 
    • Volunteer Experiences
    • Language Proficiency Levels  

    President of Finance Club, 2003-2005

    • Increased club members by 50% in a 2-year period 

    What does a CEO resume look like? 

    Let’s take a look at the former Yahoo CEO- Marissa Mayer’s resume. This CEO resume was made by a Bulgarian resume platform. As soon as Marissa’s Resume was uploaded, it received polarized comments. In such a disputable case, we can analyze the Yahoo CEO resume from the below aspects.

    1. Quantify results on resumes.

    In the experience section of Marissa Mayer’s resume, she provides concrete figures of the achievements she has executed. However, in the language section, it is suggested to avoid using the Likert scale.

    Although using the Likert scale is a way of quantifying results, the recruiters are not able to know the concrete level of your skills when reading your CEO resume.

    2. Adopt the right resume format.

    This CEO resume used a chronological resume format. Every experience is clear and listed in order.

    3. Use resume action words(verbs).

    Using action words in the job description makes the statement precise and concise. On the other hand, note how this CEO resume includes some unusual sections such as “Life Philosophy”, or “Most Proud of”. It shows creativeness.

    4. Keep an easy-to-read and simple resume layout.

    By keeping a simple and easy-to-read layout like Marissa Mayer’s resume, the recruiter can focus more on the content and the applicant itself.

    5. Add customized sections.

    It is bold to add the “A Day of my Life” section in a CEO resume. The idea could be quite eye-catchy, but keep in mind that this kind of customization is not suitable for all kinds of CEO job applications. It might be extraordinary for a startup CEO resume, but not proper for a hospital CEO resume.

    CakeResume provides the right resume templates & formats for CEO candidates to show their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best CEO resume Now!

    How to write a cover letter for a CEO position? 

    After writing your CEO resume, remember to write a cover letter for a CEO position. A CEO cover letter contains five sections.

    Follow the structure below to create an excellent CEO cover letter:

    1. Contact information
      In a CEO cover letter, provide your name, email address, and phone number so that recruiters can contact you.
    2.  Introduction
      Make a good start by giving a warm greeting. (Remember that it should be proper and formal!)
    3.  Motivation (Intentions for applying)
      Elaborate on the reason why you are applying for the position. Show your passion by demonstrating what you like about the company.
    4. Qualification
      This is the core part of a CEO cover letter! Here you have to persuade the hiring manager why you are suitable for this position. Present the achievements you listed in the CEO resume and prove how these match the company’s goals with figures and results.
    5. Closing
      Last but not least, make a nice closing and your CEO cover letter is finished!  

    CEO Resume Sample
    (Text Format)

    Michael H. Smith 

    Driven Chief Executive Officer with 7 Years of Professional Experience

    Email: [email protected]

    Resume Profile 

    Strategic-driven CEO with 7+ years of experience in leading small businesses. Increase client database by 300% in 2 years. Developed relationships with 50+ new partners from 15+ countries. Passionate to take the senior-level executive officer in PAX company.

    Work Experience

    CEO and President, DQP Company 

    Sep 2010-Jun 2015  

    • Effectively managed over 1000 employees in 5 countries
    • Developed new business strategy for long-term objectives and achieved short-term goals
    • Increased company revenue by 250% in a 3-year period

    CEO, WRF Company

    Jun 2008- Aug 2010

    • Oversaw executive leadership, public relations of the company, and media.
    • Restructured 2 global departments and increased productivity by 82%


    • Hard skills:
      • Business Strategy Planning, Risk Management, Organizational Restructuring, Public and media Relationship 
    • Soft skills: 
      • Leadership, Communication, Collaboration, Interpersonal Skills, Critical Thinking 


    • London University (2005-2007)
      Master of Business Administration
      Relevant coursework: Business Strategy, Business Development, International Business

    --- Originally written by Annie Chao ---

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