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Chemical engineering is a globally recognized branch of engineering, with one of the highest paying salaries out there. Chemical engineers design processes in various industries: food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and petroleum, and the list goes on. They are responsible for analyzing lab processes and large-scale production plants to ensure maximum productivity while minimizing operating costs. 

It is safe to say that the job opportunities for chemical engineers, even at entry level or fresher, is limitless.

However, the number of students pursuing a chemical engineering degree is escalating, fast, indicating that landing a job in the chemical engineering field would be more cut-throat. This highlights the importance of building an outstanding chemical engineering resume.

How to write a chemical engineering resume?

Step 1 : Understand that a chemical engineer CV differs from a chemical engineer resume.

Too often job seekers regard a chemical engineering resume and a chemical engineering cv to be identical. As a matter of fact, there are some notable differences between them :

Step 2 : Choose the right chemical engineering resume format.

Writing your own professional chemical engineer resume can be a hassle; that is why most of us prefer to follow a template. Listed below are the different types of chemical engineering resume template:

  • Chronological
    If you choose to write your chemical engineer CV with a chronological template, list out your most recent experiences and accomplishments first. 
  • Functional
    A functional resume format for your chemical engineering CV emphasizes your set of skills.  Any qualification, certification, or accomplishment related to the fields of chemical engineering should be prioritized over working experience. 
  • Combination
    A combination resume for your chemical engineer resume is a fusion of chronological and functional resume where it showcases the list of skills and experience first and working experience listed out in a reverse chronological order follows after. 
  • Targeted
    A targeted resume format is tailored particularly for a specific position or company. Your chemical engineer resume will be customized to secure the desired job opening at a particular company.

It is not realistic to say that there exists a perfect chemical engineer resume format because once again, it comes back to your own purpose of making a resume.

Are you trying to aim for a particular job opening at a targeted company?
Or are you trying to send out your chemical engineering resume to as many companies as possible? 

💡  Tips: 

If you are a fresher or entry-level chemical engineer with minimal working experience in the field, you would stand out more with a functional chemical engineering resume format.

On the contrary, if you are an experienced chemical engineer aiming for your dream job at a high-esteemed company, a targeted chemical engineer resume format would be more suitable.

Step 3 : Search for chemical engineering resume examples online

To get an idea of how your resume should look like, review chemical engineer resume samples online. There is no ideal chemical engineering resume, but you could always make use of the available sources! 

See below for free and downloadable and chemical engineer resume samples.

Step 4 :  Modify your resume for the job position you aim for

It is crucial to adjust your content so as to make it less general; companies prefer those whose chemical engineering CV is specific and clear. This way they know exactly how your set of skills, experience, and achievements fit their requirements.

Step 5 : Write your chemical engineering cover letter.

Most job applicants attach their chemical engineer CV or resume with a cover letter. Add a specific chemical engineering cover letter to help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. A cover letter for a chemical engineer tells your story, your qualifications that are tailored for the job opening.

Step 6 : Proofread 

Too often we disregard the importance of proofreading. Proofreading drastically improves the quality of your chemical engineering resume. We would want to avoid grammatical and spelling errors in our resume!

What to put on a resume for chemical engineers?

1. Resume Profile

Your resume header needs to be clear so that the hiring manager can easily contact you for an interview. Here is a checklist of what personal information to include in your resume: 

  • First and last name
  • Home or cell phone number
  • Email address
  • LinkedIn profile (optional)
  • URL for personal website (optional)

Refer to chemical engineering CV samples for ideas.

2. Chemical Engineering Resume Headline

Perhaps seemingly more important than your chemical engineering resume content, your headline is only one concise line that attracts recruiters first. Therefore, it is important to make your chemical engineering resume headline as captivating as possible.

Chemical engineering resume headline example:

“Highly-skilled Production Chemical Engineer with over 20 years of field experience, Proficient in MatLab, Python, and R.”

3. Profile Summary for Chemical Engineers

Inferring from the name itself, your chemical engineer resume should include a concise resume summary of your most relevant skills and/or experiences. This helps differentiate you from the rest of the candidates.

An example of a profile summary for your chemical engineer resume could be:

“Detail-oriented chemical engineer with over 5 years of experience in process control and waste management industry. Highly experienced in PID automation with an eligible professional engineering license. Excellent practice with Aspen Plus and Aspen ADSIM. "

4. Chemical Engineering Resume Objective

A resume objective for your chemical engineering resume mentions the purpose of your career and is as short as 2-3 lines

A chemical engineering resume objective would look something like this: 

“Qualified chemical engineer with over 5 years of experience, looking for a position at (company’s name) to execute process control analysis in power plants.”

5. Chemical Engineering Skills for Resume

To outstand the numerous competitors out there, list more specific and technical skills on your chemical engineering resume. Chemical engineering skills for resumes include both soft skills and hard skills. If you have a set of skills, you might want to consider making a chemical engineering skills resume (functional resume format).

Soft skills for chemical engineer resume:

  • analysis,
  • problem-solving,
  • detail-oriented mindset.

Hard skills for chemical engineer resume:

  • AutoCAD,
  • Simulink,

6. Work Experience

Working experience is incredibly important, but for most freshers, especially in the chemical engineering department, working experience is not highly prominent. Worry not; most chemical engineering student resumes usually include lab experience within the university.

💡 Tips: If you have internship experience, you should include it to boost your chemical engineering resume. Consult with a chemical engineering internship resume for reference, too.

7. Education

Listing out your education background is necessary, but make sure to include only your most recent information in your chemical engineer resume. Some important details to include are:

  • The degree
  • Your major (and minor if you have one)
  • Year of graduation
  • College/University

8. Additional information

To further strengthen your chemical engineering CV, you could also include any publications, licenses, certifications, or awards you have achieved. If you have contributed to the publication of a scientific paper, or have experience in taking licenses on operating machines, you could add it onto your chemical engineer CV.

Tips for Writing a Professional Chemical Engineer Resume

    Tip 1 : Tailor your resume for specific job positions.

    Applying for a lab assistant or a chemical process engineer would require different skills and experience. Make sure you modify your chemical engineer resume so that hiring managers can quickly notice your worth.

    Tip 2 :  Keep your resume concise and clear.

    Avoid using unnecessary words that may confuse recruiters. Long run sentences and big words should not be included in your chemical engineering resume!

    Tip 3 : Link Metrics to your chemical engineer resume.

    Saying that you have made an improvement in an experiment or a research sounds appealing, but including statistics would be even better for your chemical engineering resume.

    Compare saying that you have increased the efficiency of a particular reaction with having increased the efficiency by ten-fold: which sounds more concrete for your chemical engineering resume?

    Tip 4 :  Resume design and layout: ATS-friendly.

    Make an effort to make your chemical engineering resume layout visually appealing. However, keep in mind that the purpose of designing your chemical engineer resume is not to make it artistic, but to make it organized for hiring managers.

    In addition, ensure that your chemical engineering resume is compatible with ATS, an AI software used by hiring managers to select candidates automatically.

    Online resume builders like Cake, provide service in building a professional chemical engineering CV.

    Tip 5 :  Use action words in your chemical engineer resume.

    Craft your chemical engineer resume with action words, instead of passive words. Action words are strong and powerful – and they will help you land an interview.

    Tip 6 : Build an online portfolio or website to display your projects.

    Most chemical engineering projects, like Aspen Plus simulations or AutoCAD projects are difficult to explain in words. Attach them online to make your chemical engineering resume stand out!

    How to write a cover letter for a chemical engineer?

    A cover letter for chemical engineers is incredibly important as it helps recruiters know you more personally. There are several details to include in your cover letter: 

    Chemical Engineering Cover Letter ✉️

    1. Contact Details

    You should include the following information in this part of your chemical engineering cover letter: 

    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Mobile number
    • Address (optional)
    • Links to your professional personal websites like LinkedIn and Cake

    2. Introduction

    You can earn some extra points by leaving a good first impression on the hiring manager. In the beginning of your chemical engineering cover letter, greet the hiring manager by name. This would seem like you have done your research on the company!

    3. Motivation

    Similarly to your chemical engineering resume objective, describe why you are interested in applying for the job position. 

    4. Qualification

    This is the main part of your chemical engineering cover letter. You show off your skills, experiences, achievements, certifications – anything that allows you to shine. Note that a cover letter for chemical engineers highlights both soft skills and hard skills.

    5. Closing

    The purpose of this part of your chemical engineering cover letter is to thank the recruiter. Express your gratitude and you are good to go! 

    If you are still unsure of how to build a cover letter, consult with chemical engineering cover letter examples online!

    Chemical Engineer Resume Sample

    [+ Downloadable Chemical Engineer Resume PDF]

    Anastasia Wijaya

    Professional Process Chemical Engineer with over 25 years of field experience

    Mobile: +886901234567
    Address: Washington, USA
    Email : [email protected]

    Resume Summary

    Chemical engineering professional background with strong lab and field experience. Have successfully contributed to the improvement of R&D in the wastewater treatment and chemical refinery industry. Helps clients with research, analysis, and optimization strategies to maximize productivity while improving marginal cost.

    Work Experience

    Process Engineer,  June 2020- Present
    Chiang Wei Chemical Company

    • Responsible for conducting PID analysis in ethanol production 
    • Identified root-cause analysis of ethanol-water distillation refinery, increased throughput by 10%
    • Direct distillation optimization strategies in an effort to decrease heat duty, by far lowered by 9%

    Summer Internship,  June 2017 - Aug 2017
    Loyola Chemical Industry Limited Liability Company

    • Carried out chemical tests for the synthesis of polyaluminum chloride, including its derivatives, that act as active ingredients for wastewater treatment
    • Conducted various tests on treated wastewater to improve efficiency of formulation of coagulants by 20%
    • Improved performance of heat exchanger by applying HIDIC and was able to reduce operational cost by 15%


    2014– 2018, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
    National Taiwan University
    GPA : 3.91
    Scholarship Recipient/Dean’s List (all semesters)


    Soft Skills

    • Detail-oriented
    • Problem-solving mind-set
    • Analytical thinking
    • Communication 
    • Team-building

    Hard Skills

    • MATLAB
    • AutoCAD
    • Aspen Plus
    • Aspen Hysys 
    • Simulink 
    • C++

    Cake provides the right chemical engineer resume templates & formats for chemical engineer talents to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best chemical engineer resume Now!

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