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A coach provides feedback, gives advice, and sets up training programs to reach a goal. A coach also develops a game plan for a group or individual using various resources. 

Oftentimes, people mistake a coach for a mentor because both provide help for people. However, keep in mind that a mentor provides advice based on their own experiences.

Before you can tackle others’ problems as a coach, you will want to tackle the problem of writing a professional coaching resume. 

How to write a coaching resume?

🖋 Step 1: Understand the differences between a coaching CV and a coaching resume. 

CVs provide a detailed account of all your previous experience and educational background while resumes contain the most relevant accomplishments to the role that you’re applying for.

🖋 Step 2: Choose the right coaching resume format. 

You have the option of selecting one of the three formats for your coaching resume: the chronological resume format, the functional resume format, the hybrid resume format.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each resume format can be valuable for you when you decide which one to use, especially if you are writing a coaching resume with no experience.  

🖋 Step 3: Look up coach resume templates and samples online. 

Browsing through examples of examples and templates of coaching resumes can give you ideas of what to include or how to structure your very own coaching resume. 

🖋 Step 4: Tailor your coaching resume for the position. 

From a basketball coach resume and a football coach resume to a health coach resume, you will need to create your resume to fit the specific coaching role you are applying for.

🖋 Step 5: Compose a professional cover letter for the coaching position. 

From a health coach cover letter to a sports coach cover letter, there are a variety of coaching cover letters that an applicant can carefully draft to address the specifics of the job and show your enthusiasm. Pair your coaching resume with the fitting coaching cover letter to up your chances.

🖋 Step 6: Proofread your coaching resume. 

Don't let a small mistake ruin your image as a fitting coach. Make sure your coaching resume is error-free by reviewing it a few times.

What to include in your coaching resume?

Whether you are creating a coaching resume for the first time, or you are looking to repolish your current coaching resume, learning and reviewing the sections below can be worthwhile. 

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

The resume profile at the top of your coaching resume is essential for the hiring team to your basic info: your full name, email address, phone number, and address (at least city/state and country). 

2. Coaching Resume Headline

The headline is where you give a brief self-intro for the hiring team to understand who you are. When you create a headline, you will want to be selective in what to include so that it is concise and captivating.  

Coaching Resume Headline Examples: 

  • ASCA Certified Swim Coach Who Guided Olympic Men’s Swim Team 
  • Basketball Coach Experienced in Developing Strong Sportsmanship and Workout Plans

3. Coaching Resume Summary

The resume summary provides the hiring team with an idea of what strengths will be covered within your coaching resume. This is important because only if your summary captures their attention, will they be interested in learning more about you. 

Coaching Resume Summary Examples: 

  • Team-minded football coach with 5+ years of experience training high school football players. Knowledgeable in football safety rules, off-season workout plans, and maximum performance drills. 
  • Resourceful tennis coach skilled in forehand, backhand, and serving techniques. Experienced in mentoring middle school tennis players to stay motivated and finding effective practicing strategies. 

4. Coaching Resume Objective

Alternatively, the resume objective lets the hiring team gain a sense of your strengths and what you plan on achieving career-wise. Notice that the focus for a resume objective is on the career goal. 

Coaching Resume Objective Examples: 

  • Dependable instructional coach who led and assisted teachers to achieve a successful teaching plan, which boosted student test scores by 14%. Seeking a coaching role at Tator School to assist a larger group of instructors. 
  • Devoted volleyball coach proficient in monitoring individual player performance, conducting training sessions, and improving player’s basic six skills. Looking to join Elite Sports as a volleyball coach to support the elite volleyball team. 

5. Coaching Resume Skills

The skills you include in your coaching resume give the hiring team the reasons why you qualify as a coach. Be sure to refer back to the job description to confirm that you included the wanted skills.  

Coaching Resume Skills Examples: 

  • Developmental Feedback
  • Performance Review
  • Meeting Management

6.  Work Experience for a Coaching Resume 

The work experience shows the hiring team the activities you have partaken in previously. Each work experience entry should include your professional title, the company/organization name, and the duration (starting to ending).

Coaching Resume Work Experience Example: 

Personal Coach 
Growth Co
Jan 2014 - Jun 2016

  • Provided up to 10 one-on-one coaching sessions per week to discuss financial and living action plans.
  • Developed personalized strategies for each client to achieve the goal at a faster pace, increasing productivity rate by 11%.
  • Tracked each performance update to ensure customer satisfaction.

7.  Education on a Coaching Resume 

The education shows the hiring team your completion of the necessary qualifications for the role of a coach. For each degree, you list should include your degree type, school name, duration (start and end dates), and any awards/honors.

Coaching Resume Education Example: 

B.S. in Sport & Exercise Science
University of Northern Colorado
2012 - 2016

  • Sports Coaching Emphasis
  • Minor in Sport Coaching 

8. Additional Information

Whether you have many years of experience or little experience, showing additional information such as coaching certifications or licenses can help emphasize your expertise in the area.

Bonus Information for your Coaching Resume Examples: 

  • Certificate: Certified Wellness Life Coach 
  • License: National C License

Tips for writing the best coaching resume

✏️ 1. Customize your coaching resume for the position.

Making small changes to your coaching resume for a specific coaching position might seem inefficient, but in the end, the hiring team will notice the efforts you put in for the role.

✏️ 2. Quantify your coaching resume examples.

Show the hiring team specifics about what you achieved. They will want to know how many people were on the football team you coached, or the amount of improvement shown by a trainee. 

✏️ 3. Design an ATS-friendly coaching resume format.

An ATS-friendly coaching resume format consists of:

  • text-only
  • clean layout
  • easy-to-read font
  • simple colored text (ideally black text)

✏️ 4. Utilize action verbs for your coaching resume.

Countless action verbs fit the ideal coach image, such as guide, encourage, and lead. Add these dynamic verbs to show that you know all the tricks of your trade.  

✏️ 5. Demonstrate your teamwork skills.

Team player skills go a long way especially for a coaching resume with no experience. Show that you have the coaching mindset for the position. The hiring team will love to see that you are superb at collaborating with others.

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How to write a cover letter for a coaching position?

Below is an easy-to-follow coaching cover letter outline that you can use:  

  • Contact Information:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Mobile Number
    • Address (optional)
  • Greeting: 
    Provide a simple greeting by addressing the hiring team correctly and introducing yourself. Additionally, you can provide details as to how you found the coaching position. 
  • Intention:
    Address the reason or reasons why you are applying for this coaching position.
  • Qualification:
    Guide the hiring team’s attention to why they should choose you out of all the other applicants. Back up your reasons with a few specific instances when you put your coaching skills to use. 
  • Closing:
    Thank the hiring team for their time and wrap up your coaching cover letter politely.

Coaching resume sample

Sami Brown

Certified Health Coach Known for Creating Efficient Personalized Health and Lifestyle Plans

Tempe, AZ 85287
[email protected]


Philanthropic health coach with 3+ years of experience training individuals to live a healthier lifestyle. Knowledgeable in creating health and wellness plans, manageable lifestyle adjustments, and customized health goals. 

Work Experience

Health Coach
Health & Fit
Aug 2018 - Present

  • Consult with 25+ clients monthly through one-on-one appointments to plan out lifestyle and health adjustment plans.
  • Conduct weekly health inspections for each client to confirm the effectiveness of health and fitness goals.
  • Organize additional monthly group activities, such as yoga night or salad brunch Sunday, to support a healthier mentality.

Health Coach Assistant
Health & Fit
Jun 2017 - Jun 2018

  • Monitored 10 clients weekly to check the effectiveness of the individual health plans. 
  • Supported health coach in setting up monthly lifestyle events by booking appointments, obtaining supplies, and organizing client email invitations.
  • Assessed BMI and blood pressure for each client to track effective strategies for health goals.   


Hard Skills:

  • Nutritional Facts
  • Dietary Conditions 
  • Mild Food Remedies
  • Food Alternatives
  • BMI/Blood Pressure Tracking
  • Healthy Food Plans
  • Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Simple Fitness Plans
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivational Strategies

Soft Skills:

  • Empathy 
  • Listening
  • Supportive
  • Problem-Solving
  • Positive
  • Honest
  • Attentive 
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Respectful
  • Patient


  • ASU-Certified Integrative Health & Wellness Coach
  • Certified within the National Society of Health Coach 


B.S. in Health Sciences
Arizona State University
2014 - 2018

  • Healthy Lifestyles and Fitness Science
  • Barrett Honors Scholar
  • GPA: 3.71

--- Originally written by Jessica Sun ---

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