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A resume for a correctional officer position shall display a strong sense of responsibility. For this reason, it is vitally important that you suggest that you possess them by carefully crafting your correctional officer resume.

Recruiters often seek officers who are serious, responsible, and empathetic but can instill discipline when required. Therefore, make sure your correctional officer resume displays those qualities.

🔎 Fact:

Unlike detention officers, who guard people awaiting trial, corrections officers are in charge of individuals convicted of crimes. It is important to make this distinction among both occupations before moving on ahead for writing your correctional officer resume.

How to write an excellent correctional officer resume?

1. Let’s differentiate between a correctional officer resume and a CV.

A CV and a resume are different in many ways. A CV is mainly used for academia, therefore a prison officer CV would often serve for an institution, whether for research or as a professor, in a criminal studies department.

A correctional officer resume is used for job postings. For institutions, such as penitentiaries, a correctional officer resume is an adequate document.

2. Tailor your correctional officer resume based on the job posting.

An effective correctional officer resume provides career skills and experience that are applicable to the job position.

In your correctional officer resume, make sure to list specific duties and abilities. Moreover, insert relevant keywords that you find in the job description.

3. Make an ATS-friendly resume.

Recruiters often use Applicant Tracking Systems to automatically screen resumes before reading them. Your correctional officer resume has a better chance to reach employers if they are ATS-friendly.

The best option is to follow an easy-to-read and text-based format for your correctional officer resume.

👍 Tip: Adopting keywords used in the job description also makes your correctional officer resume compatible with the system.

4. Refer to correctional officer resume samples and templates online.

Modify any elements you find valuable to your correctional officer resume after looking up resume examples for a correctional officer job.

 5. Mention any past roles regarding the justice department.

This step is specifically for individuals making a correctional officer resume. Even if the positions aren’t directly related to a correctional facility, listing experience with different roles as an officer can aid your correctional officer resume.

6. List any physical training or experience.

It is evident recruiters want strong officers, so having relevant physical training in your correctional officer resume further assures you are the right person for the job. Such examples are martial arts, weight lifting, among other disciplines.

7. Quantify results or outcomes.

Any quantifiable performance will best showcase your capabilities to undertake such a position, so try to include such numbers in your correctional officer resume.

A good objective for a correctional officer resume

A resume objective or a career objective is a short paragraph at the top of your resume and talks about the aim or purpose of your career and details the line of work you want to work in. 

You can include this, or go for a resume summary (which will be addressed after this section).

While making a career objective for your correctional officer resume, consider the following three elements:

📝 Keep it brief.
Your correctional officer resume objective is not an essay, so keep it within 2-4 sentences.

📝 Make sure you're precise on the position you want
Declare the place you're applying for and just chat about your ambitions in terms of the setting you're applying for. 

📝 Show what you can do to maintain order and safety.
Recruiters want a competent officer, so show how you can contribute to the security’s order and safety standards.

Now that we have covered the basics, here are some examples of how a career objective looks like in a correctional officer resume:

Examples of a correctional officer resume objective:

  • An impartial and rigid correctional officer with considerable expertise in commanding the respect and trust of prisoners, detainees, and colleagues. Proven track record at minimum, medium, and maximum security prisons of brave and decisive action during emergency circumstances. Looking for a position in a large adult correctional institution such as Sompopo Correctional Facility to further my career.
  • A diligent and meticulous correctional officer with 9 years of experience. Comfortable serving in a clerical office and striving to push professional relationships and communication skills.  Looking to further my career in the Department of Criminal Justice at Zarro Security Facilities.
  • Detail-oriented and dedicated corrections officer focused on keeping safety and security within the correctional facility. Strong academic background in safety and security management. Skilled in crisis prevention and intervention when needed. Seeking to maintain the order at Fuller State Penitentiary

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How to write a resume summary as a correctional officer?

If you have a lot of experience dealing with inmates, you can opt for a resume summary instead of a career objective.

A correctional officer resume summary is a concise overview of your credentials that demonstrates why you are a good candidate for the job, which may include your accomplishments, experience, training, and skills.

Before moving on to the examples, consider these aspects for elaborating a great professional summary for a correctional officer job:

👍 Describe yourself with bold traits.
Using 1-2 adjectives to describe yourself, especially if they were demanded in the job description, will give your correctional officer resume the edge above other candidates as it gives a vivid portrayal of yourself.

👍 Mention relevant duties.
As an officer, you have done certain duties that are required for the position. Make sure you state the relevant duties based on your experience in your correctional officer resume.

👍 Include outstanding performances or accomplishments.
Numbers of how many potential riots you successfully controlled or how you stopped significant illicit operation during your time as an officer makes you a successful candidate and someone who has what it takes.

Examples for writing a professional resume summary as a correctional officer:

  • Strict and assertive professional corrections officer with 14 years of experience in inspections and conflict resolution. Monitored over 2,000 inmates during movement and daily routines. Reduced injuries by 20% through reducing possible smuggling activities.
  • Observant corrections officer and a former security guard with a proven track record in martial arts and powerlifting. Has more than 6 years of experience supervising inmates at a national security prison. Skilled in visitor ID verification and patrolling premises. Has apprehended over 30 shoplifters and dealers as a security guard while awaiting law enforcement arrival.
  • Resourceful and accomplished Corrections officer with thorough experience in supervision and safety. Skilled in preventing potential rioting by effectively dealing with confrontations. Maintained custody and control of 500 to 700 prisoners at a medium-security facility, ensuring 100% compliance.

Listing skills for a correctional officer resume

Skills define if you are capable or not for the job in a security facility. There are two formats relevant to a correctional officer resume, which are Simple Bullet List and Expanded Bullet List.

Simple Bullet List

  • Pros: The easiest and most straightforward way to keep your skills section short in your correctional officer resume.
  • Cons: Lacks detail and requires you to further explain in your work experience section or cover letter.

📝 Example:

- Restraint techniques

- Physically fit
- Communication

Expanded Bullet List

  • Pros: Includes details and an explanation for key skills in your correctional officer resume.
  • Cons: Takes up more space in your correctional officer resume.

📝 Example:

- Inmate Population Control: Mentally prepared and always ready to reduce insurrection at the facility or any conflicting instances. Familiar with the general guidelines and procedures of crowd control within the facility.
- Self-Defense: Able to defend oneself when engaging with violent inmates and in any hostile situation

Three elements to consider while crafting your skills in your correctional officer resume:

👍 Include both hard and soft skills.
Your correctional officer skills in your resume will be fully prepared if it contains both personal skills and technical skills relevant to the position.

👍 Keep it well-organized.

You know inmates have to follow orders for organizational purposes. The same goes for skills in your correctional resume. No employer wants to read a sloppy skills section, so have your skills list in an organized manner.

👍 Double-check the job posting.

You may have missed an aspect at your first glance, possibly a key skill. Make sure to check the job listing again to make the best correctional officer resume.

Here are more example skills for a correctional officer resume:

Hard skills:

  • First aid and CPR training
  • Armory and key control
  • Crisis prevention intervention
  • Ethical standards of conduct
  • Law enforcement background

Soft skills:

  • Flexible
  • Detail-oriented
  • Multi-tasking
  • Observant
  • Time management

Writing a correctional officer resume with no experience

If you happen to lack work experience or you are going through a career change, don’t worry! We have your back on making a correctional officer resume with the following pieces of advice:

✍🏻 Point out your educational background.
Your education will receive the most attention in your correctional officer resume as you lack professional experience. Depending on where you are applying for (judicial penitentiary, federal prison, etc.), you may need to add relevant training or certificates.

✍🏻 Choose a career objective over a resume summary.
For a correctional officer position, a resume objective aligns you with the correctional job demands by stating your skills and passion.

✍🏻 Adopt a functional resume format.
For your correctional officer resume, there are four different forms of resume formats to pick from: chronological, functional, hybrid/combination, and tailored resumes. Among all, a functional resume format emphasizes skills over job experience, which is ideal for freshers.

✍🏻 Send a cover letter.
Writing a correctional officer cover letter is a way to tell the employer why you should be picked and taken into consideration. Describe your skills, qualifications, and motivation to apply for the position.

✍🏻 Create a personal website or blog.
Getting a customized website illustrates that you have put in a sincere initiative in your work quest in ways a correctional officer resume cannot, such as essays, testimonials, photographs, and additional media.

Correctional officer resume sample

Enrico Panucci

Corrections Officer with 10 years of experience

Mobile: (+7) 000-1293
Email: [email protected]

Professional Summary

Skilled corrections officer with extensive experience in inspection and dispute resolution. Contributed to the improvement of officer safety at San Joaquin Correctional Facility and minimized ambush incidents by 50%.

Work Experience

San Joaquin Correctional Facility 
Correctional Officer 
Aug. 2016 - Dec. 2020

  • Trained and certified 60 inmates as welders.
  • Enforced institution’s regulations by maintaining effective custody, care, and control of inmates during their period of imprisonment.
  • Detected illegal smuggling activities through a pipeline between prison facilities and outside.

Tombolla State Prison
Correctional Officer
Jul. 2010 - Aug. 2016

  • Patrolled and inspected units, yards, buildings, prisoners to guarantee safety and security within the premises.
  • Maintained control and discipline with the use of physical restraint and restraining devices.
  • Reduced forms of altercations towards fellow officers by 50%.


Waldorf University Forest City, Iowa
Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security
2008 - 2010


  • Defensive tactics
  • Observant
  • Public safety
  • Assertive
  • Restraint techniques
  • Communication
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Physically fit
  • Inmate rights
  • Team leadership

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