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Cosmetologist Resume
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A cosmetologist is a professional at beautifying hair, skin, and nails using cosmetic treatments. A cosmetologist is familiar with the biological logic and the chemical reaction behind sustaining healthy and beautiful hair, skin, and nails.

Following are some cosmetologist duties and responsibilities. 

  • Washing, shampooing, cutting, cutting, dyeing, and curling the hair. 
  • Identify the skin condition of the clients and apply appropriate skincare products. 
  • Anti-aging treatments. 
  • Nail artistry. 

A professional cosmetology resume (also known as a beautician resume) is important for landing your dream cosmetology job as it is where you demonstrate how your passion, skills, and experience in beauty treatments can satisfy clients' needs. 

Which resume format is the best for a cosmetologist?

What resume format should I choose? 

📍 Chronological resume format: 

As you can tell from the name, a chronological resume format lists out your background and experience in chronological order. This format refers to how the work experience section is structured.

📝 Note: Regarding where to place the education section on a resume, it depends on whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate. Place your education record at the bottom if you are writing an experienced/senior cosmetologist resume; or at the top if writing a cosmetology resume with no experience. 

📍 Functional resume format: 

A functional resume format is one where you present selective skills and achievements. By using a functional resume format, you emphasize and present only your strengths.

For people with diverse working experience and skills, this format allows you to steer your background into what is relevant for the job you are applying for. 

📍 Combinational resume format: 

A combinational resume format combines the traits of the mentioned two resume formats. Chronological resume format shows the recruiters the critical causal relationship between your past.

On the other hand, the functional format requires you to avoid irrelevant details about your skills and experience. The combination of those strategies may grant you more advantages. 

In which format should a cosmetology resume be sent?

  • PDF: 

Recommended because most types of computers have Adobe Acrobat. However, if the recruiters wish to comment on the document and send it back to you, PDF may cause more trouble. 

  • Word: 

Less preferable unless requested. For people using the Mac system, it causes more effort to view a word document. 

  • Link: 

Use an online resume builder and attach the link to wherever you need it. This method is more convenient in digital ages as the recruiters may nearly have no problems viewing the document. 

How to prepare a resume format for freshers?

  1. Use skill-based (functional) resume format.
    A functional resume format can support you to compile a successful cosmetology instructor resume, even if you have only cosmetology licenses with zero work experience.
  2. Adopt a career objective statement.
    Write a career objective for beauticians to convey to the recruiters your passion for the role and show them what it means to your career planning to get this job. With this cosmetologist resume objective, even if you have minimal work experience, the recruiters will still see your potential. 
  3. Highlight your educational qualifications.
    Share your rank in your cosmetology class. Attach the works you have done during your training in becoming a cosmetologist. This helps indicate that you have gone through solid cosmetology training and can make your cosmetology student resume very competitive. 

What to include in a cosmetologist resume
- 8 key sections

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information) 

A profile is where you provide your basic information. Review the following to know what to include and avoid within your cosmetology resume. 


  • Full Name
  • Email address 
  • Phone Number
  • Location/where you are based (optional)
  • LinkedIn (optional)
  • Personal Website (optional)


  • Date of Birth 
  • Sexual Orientation 
  • Marital Status 
  • Religion
  • Expected/Current Salary 

2. Resume Headline

A resume headline is a concise statement that explains who you are and what you are capable of. A good cosmetology resume headline is one that “says a lot in a few words”.

💡 Tip: To create this effect, we recommend you using action verbs, powerful adjectives, and clear descriptions. 

Examples of resume headlines:

  • Attentive Licensed Cosmetologist Resolved Acne Problems for 100+ Clients
  • Professional Barber with a High Aesthetic Standard and Styled 200+ men’s Hair
  • Nail Polishing Expert who Created 200+ Delicate Nail Arts and Won a Nail Art Award

3. Resume Summary

A resume summary is the expanded version of the resume headline that gives a brief introduction. A good resume summary will make the recruiters decide to read your cosmetologist's resume carefully. Think of reading a resume as a process to learn more about a person.

The recruiters will take your summary seriously if you have a good headline and take your skills or experience section seriously if you have a good resume summary. 

Examples of resume summary:

  • Beautician with 5+ years of experience in skincare education. Designed a 7-weeks course on skincare treatment. Professional in evaluating skin and recommending suitable products. 
  • Hairstylist who has lived in 6+ countries, resulting in familiarity with various culture’s hairstyles. Excel in styling short women's hair and African braiding. 
  • Head of Haidilao hotpot chain's nail polishing sector. Created unique exquisite nail arts. Superb at sustaining high-standard customer service.  

4. Resume Objective

A cosmetologist resume objective is where you state your intention for applying to this job. This statement may reflect how determined you are in doing well on this job, which can be a deciding factor for admission. 

Examples of resume objectives:

  • With a degree in cosmetology, I aspire to execute my knowledge by becoming a cosmetologist. 
  • Driven by the satisfaction from designing sophisticated nail arts, I intend to continue my passion as a beautician. 
  • As skincare treatment resolved my acne problems, I yearn to support people with skin issues as a cosmetologist.

5. Skills

In writing your cosmetology skills for your resume, you shall classify your skills into various categories rather than listing them as bullet points. 

Examples of skills for a cosmetologist:


  • Professional at styling hair best fit for the clients. 
  • Excel at dealing with bangs. 
  • Superb accuracy in cutting the right hair length.  
  • Familiar with Korean, Western, and Chinese hairstyles.
  • Capable of braiding 10+ braiding styles.


  • Attentiveness in polishing nails. 
  • Experienced will 20+ nail treatment tool usage. 
  • Skilled in nail artistry and nail jewelry. 


  • Proficient in skincare knowledge. 
  • Accurate in identifying the client's skin condition. 
  • Familiar with 100+ skin products’ elements and effectiveness. 

6. Work Experience

In this section, you may use the chronological approach of listing your complete working history or use the functional approach of presenting only the relevant experiences. Overall, the work experience section shall include your title, name of the company, duration of work, and summary of your duties and responsibilities. Moreover, you may include your prominent achievements.

Examples of resume objectives:

Barber | Happy Barber Shop | May 2018 - May 2019

  • Cut hair. 
  • Dyed hair. 
  • Styled hair. 

7. Education

The education section on your resume for a beautician job is straightforward. Present which school you have gone to and your final course grade.

📝 Reminder: Include extracurricular activities only when they are relevant to your cosmetology profession. 

Examples of education:

National Taipei University of Technology
Cosmetology degree
GPA 3.6

8. Additional Information

From numerous cosmetology student resume examples, you may see they often include certifications. Certifications are essential in an entry-level cosmetology resume and self-employed cosmetologist resume. Certification sets the standard for becoming a qualified cosmetologist.

💡 Tip: We strongly suggest you to include certificates, projects, and awards in your beautician resume. 

Additional Information:

  • Master Class in Beauty & General Cosmetology
  • Esthetician Certificate
  • Average Customer Review on barber platform: 5/5 star.

5 tips on how to write a good cosmetologist resume

✅ Tip 1: Tailor the resume to the job description.

Job descriptions are the keywords recruiters search for on a cosmetology resume to judge whether the candidate is qualified for the role. Search for cosmetologist's job descriptions for writing your beautician resume. 

✅ Tip 2: Make it concise and relevant to the job. 

Only include experiences that are directly related to hair styling, nail polish, and skincare. Exclude experiences and skills not applicable to the role. Ensure every word on your cosmetologist resume is needed. Proofread and try to shorten the resume. 

✅ Tip 3: Refer to online resume examples.

The more cosmetologist resume samples you read, the more you will understand what a good cosmetology resume is. If you are writing a cosmetology student resume, we suggest you first refer to multiple cosmetology student resume examples online. Explore and get inspired by them. 

✅ Tip 4: Keep the formatting consistent (styles, colors, font, etc.).

A successful cosmetology resume is easy to read. With this goal, consistency in the font, size, and design is important. We suggest you search for cosmetology resume examples, and you may realize there are no difficulties in reading. 

✅ Tip 5: Include photos of your works. 

Whether you are writing a beautician CV or a cosmetology instructor's resume, project evidence is important. Attach photos of the nails you polished, the hairstyle you have done, and skin changes following your skincare routine.

CakeResume provides the best cosmetologist resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate your qualifications. Let us help you land the dream with a strong cosmetologist resume (free download)!

What resume template is the most successful one?

You might think of building your cosmetology resume off from a resume template. However, the most successful resume template in your case depends on how effective the template presents your skills and experience

First of all, you might not need a resume template. You can start by filling out the eight key sections on a cosmetologist resume mentioned above without considering its structure. Then, you may proofread the drafted cosmetology resume multiple times and refine it, which can turn out to be your final resume. 

The pros of using a resume template are having a structure to begin with. Having a blueprint allows you to focus your energy on actions that steer towards the final result, eliminating mistakes. However, be careful not to restrain your content too much at the early stage. You might miss adding key valuable skills or experience when you care too much about sticking to the template. 

On top of that, the best cosmetology resume template is one that reflects your sense of beauty. Cosmetology is a profession of beauty. Pick an elegant font, ensure the layout is clear and symmetrical, the style and the use of color should embody your idea of beauty. If you are writing a cosmetology resume with no experience or just out of school, it's suggested to begin by reviewing cosmetologist resume samples & templates online.

💡 Note: In general, pick the template that emphasizes educational background and career objectives which showcasing your attentiveness and passion.

For experienced candidates, please pick a more professional template and include a solid list of attachments on the works you have done. 

Finally, whether you are writing an entry-level cosmetology resume or a self-employed cosmetology resume, please try out the recommended effective free online resume builder. Its friendly user interface and clean template allow you to rest assuredly “only” focus on listing out your experiences. All customized designs embedded in the platform look professional, which you can not go wrong with your choice. 

On the other hand, you can design your resume template via word doc or google doc. For people writing a beautician resume, these two methods are applicable as well.

Cosmetologist Resume Sample

Jessica Park

Beauty Expert Specialized in Nail Polishing, Hair Styling, and Skincare

[email protected]
Seoul, Korea 

Professional Summary

Cosmetology expert skilled in complex nail design, cutting and dyeing hair, and managing pimple treatments. Obtained cosmetology license since the age of 20 and have served for 200+ clients. Exceptional precision in cosmetology treatments. 

Work Experience

Seoul Health System
April 2016 - August 2018

  • Assessed clients’ skin condition. 
  • Recommended clients appropriate products. 
  • Maintained cosmetic equipment 

Beautician intern
PS Salon
January 2013 - March 2016

  • Maintained an enthusiastic and positive attitude. 
  • Provided spa and salon service. 
  • Supported barbers with what they need.


2010– 2013, Gwangju Health University
Department of Skincare and Beauty
GPA: 3.6


Hard Skills: 

  • Skincare treatment. 
  • Anti-aging and pimple clearing treatments.
  • Nail polish and aesthetic design. 
  • Cut and wash hair.
  • Styling, dyeing, and curling hair. 

Soft Skills:

  • Consistent customer service standard. 
  • Maintaining cleanliness of tools and working area.
  • Phenomenal communication skills. 
  • Thoughtful in meeting client’s needs. 
  • Patience


  • Obtains Cosmetology License 

--- Originally written by Rebecca Huang ---

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