Crucial Mistakes You Can Make in Writing Resume

How important is the resume? It can get you an interview or it can make you a totally unappealing candidate. That’s how important it is!

Job candidates rarely realize what a crucial role the resume has. They understand that it presents their skills, experience, and accomplishments. So they put the skills, experience and accomplishments in a standard template that hiring managers have seen hundreds of times before. They don’t pay attention to the visual appeal. They don’t bother being creative. They think that listing skills and experience should be enough. Oh, but they are wrong!

Do you know how much time a hiring manager spends looking at your resume? Few seconds. Yes, that’s brutal. You’re spending so much time to craft and submit the application that you expect more attention. However, hiring managers don’t have time to pay much attention to each and every candidate who applies for a job. You have few seconds to make an impression with the resume. If it fails to live up to the expectations, well… better luck next time!

So what are the mistakes that make resumes unappealing? Recruiters say that the most common flaw they see is bad grammar. That’s more serious than you think. It shows you don’t pay attention to detail. It also shows you skipped some basic English lessons, so why should the hiring manager think you’re capable to meet high expectations? Writing in third person is another cheesy mistake that many job applicants make.

Speaking of cheesy, we must also mention unprofessional photos and email addresses. A picture from your graduation with an email address you created back in high school? Don’t. Just don’t!

Remember: the resume must present you as a true professional that everyone would want in their team. If you seem unserious, you won’t deserve a chance for an interview. The hiring manager will simply proceed with the next candidate without giving you much consideration. helps us understand the most common mistakes we can make in resume through this insightful infographic. Why is it important to be aware of the mistakes? So we won’t make them! An unprofessional resume can cost you a job. It’s hard to get noticed among all that competition, so you have to make it as perfect as possible! When you recognize these flaws and you make sure not to make them, you’ll be on your way to crafting a great resume. 

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