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A chef is known to be a demanding profession. Hell’s Kitchen, a famous cooking show starring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, shows us how competitive chefs can be. With that being said, what are the main duties and responsibilities of a chef?

  • Ensures that all dishes are cooked and prepared in a timely manner
  • Presents cooked dish in an aesthetically pleasing way 
  • Monitors kitchen supplies and other kitchen staff 
  • Makes sure that cooking equipment, such as knives, pans, and food scales, are placed in the kitchen 
  • Assists the restaurant in deciding how much food and supplies are required
  • Trains new culinary crew members
  • Studies new and current recipe and obtains all of the required ingredients

Unbeknownst to the majority of the people, there is a significant difference between a cook and a chef. Chefs generally receive education from a culinary school and subsequently receive further training from a notable chef.

On the other hand, cooks are individuals who prepare and cook food on a daily basis and can still be at a learning stage of their careers.  

In the competitive culinary industry, restaurant managers have to read many job applications in a day, while not spending more than 6 seconds reviewing each application.

Hence, having a well-written culinary resume is important. 

In this article, we will discuss using the correct resume format for a professional culinary resume, key sections to include on a culinary resume, as well as providing several tips and a template for a culinary resume.

What is the best format for a culinary resume?

3 resume formats suitable for a culinary resume 

1. Chronological resume format

It is the most frequently used resume format, which organizes work experience in reverse chronological order.


  • ATS(Applicant Tracking Systems)-friendly
  • Preferred by recruiters 
  • Demonstrates career development and qualifications
  • Emphasizes relevant work experience  


  • Easily detected career gaps
  • May raise questions if the work history is unstable

2. Functional resume format 

A functional resume format organizes work experience along with different skills. It is preferred by candidates with several career gaps or career changes. 


  • Covers unstable employment history
  • Emphasizes professional specialization
  • Ideal for a career change 


  • Not ATS friendly 
  • Not suitable for experienced individuals 

3. Combinational resume format 

It’s a combination of chronological and functional formats, usually suitable for candidates with diverse work experience. 


  • Emphasizes excellent job experience, talents, and personal accomplishments
  • Ideal for experienced applicants 


  • Long
  • Repetitive 
  • Not ATS friendly 

Which format should a culinary resume be sent in? 

After completing building your culinary resume, choose the correct document format before submission.

1. PDF format 

Although a PDF format is preferable since it preserves the structure of your culinary resume, some ATS software may have difficulty reading PDF resumes.

2. Word format 

A word format is ATS-friendly. However, your culinary resume formatting can be messed up. It is generally not recommended to use word format unless it’s required.  

How to prepare a culinary resume with no experience?

✅ Advice 1. Use a functional resume format.

If you are writing a culinary resume with no experience or a culinary resume for students, you can use a functional resume format to highlight your transferable skills. 

✅ Advice 2. Write a career objective statement.

Including a career objective on your culinary resume helps demonstrate to the hiring manager your goals for the profession.

✅ Advice 3. Highlight your educational qualifications. 

If you lack experience in the culinary industry, consider showcasing skills and knowledge you gained from schools.

What to include in a culinary resume - 8 key sections

1. Resume Profile

Begin with your name and contact information and include your name, phone number, email address, and your current location on your culinary resume. 

2. Culinary Resume Headline

A headline is a brief line that summarizes your resume. 

Culinary Resume Headline Examples:

  • Example headline for a beginner chef culinary resume:   
    Driven culinary trainee with six months traineeship experience with a notable chef
  • Example headline for a student culinary resume:
    Culinary school student with a passion for eastern cuisine

3. Culinary Resume Summary

A resume summary is a one or two-sentence outline that describes your relevant work experience and skills.

Culinary Resume Summary Examples:

  • Example of an entry level culinary resume summary
    A passionate and detailed-oriented individual with six months of traineeship experience in British cuisine. Highly skilled in customer service and has the ability to maintain calm in a fast-paced work environment.  
  • Example of a professional summary on a culinary resume 
    Driven and curious chef with 3 years of experience in roasting, braising, grilling, and basting meats. Worked as a chef at several restaurants. 

4. Culinary Resume Objective

A resume objective states your professional aim in 2-3 lines on top of the resume. A good objective for a culinary resume highlights your career goals, personality traits, and experience.  

Culinary Resume Objective Examples:

  • Resume objective example for a pastry chef culinary resume 
    A junior chef who can bake delicate, aesthetically-pleasing pastries. Looking to work with fine-dining restaurants using exceptional culinary skills and expertise in pastry art. 
  • Example resume objectives for entry-level culinary resume
    Entry-level chef seeking to improve and learn new processes and techniques at hotel restaurants. Experienced in customer service and food preparation, able to work under pressure. 

5. Skills for a Culinary Resume 

Skills is a simple section where you showcase both hard and soft skills to your potential employers. Skills needed for a culinary resume include creativity, culinary expertise, and business knowledge. 

Examples of Skills for a Culinary Resume: 

  • Hard skills: 
    • Baking techniques
    • Grilling
    • Food preparation 
    • Knife control 
    • Presentation 
  • Soft skills
    • Emotional intelligence 
    • Detail-orientation 
    • Team player 
    • Willingness to learn
    • Time management 

6. Experience 

Culinary Resume Experience Example:

Sous Chef 
Vinpearline Hotel & Restaurant | Dallas, TX
Feb 2018 - May 2021

  • Cooked and prepared daily speciality dishes featuring Japanese, Chinese, American, and German cuisine.
  • Designed and updated menus across 4 seasons of the year.

7. Education 

Qualifications for chefs are different from those offered by regular universities. Chefs receive training from a vocational school that specializes in culinary arts.

The education section in a culinary resume should include the following information: 

  • The name of the school
  • The name of the degree
  • Years of attendance 
  • Grades 
  • Specialization, courses, & competitions  

8. Additional Information 

Certifications are useful in demonstrating to employers that you are knowledgeable in your field. Popular chef certificates include Certified Culinary Administrator (CCA), Food Safety Manager Certification, and Certified Master Chef (CMC).

5 tips on how to write a good culinary resume

⭐️ 1. Tailor the resume to the job description.

Pay attention to the job description and tailor your culinary resume in accordance with the job description. 

⭐️ 2. Make it concise and relevant to the job.

Include only relevant skills and experience that is aligned to the job you are applying for. 

⭐️ 3. Refer to online resume examples.

If you don’t know where to start, it’s always good to refer to other examples of culinary resumes online. 

⭐️ 4. Keep the formatting (styles, colors, font, and etc.) consistent.

The formatting details, such as styles, colors, font, and margins, are important for your culinary resume building. Keeping these formatting details consistent can help your culinary resume stand out. 

⭐️ 5. Emphasize your diverse culinary experience.

Food trends are frequently updated and changing, so it's critical to stay on top of them to boost your chances of being recognized by hiring managers. Emphasize your diverse culinary skills and experience by showing that you can prepare a wide range of meals.

What makes a successful culinary resume template?

🖋 Should I use a culinary resume template?


  • A consistent and correct culinary resume format. 
  • Saving time by not having to write a resume from scratch.


  • Having the culinary resume as other candidates.
  • Not able to customize the resume as your want.

🖋 What is the best culinary resume template

#1. For inexperienced individuals or those looking for their first job:

The recommended culinary resume templates for inexperienced individuals or freshers are templates with a functional resume format. It will highlight your transferable skills and qualifications.

#2. For experienced/senior individuals:

The recommended culinary resume template for experienced (senior) job seekers is hybrid format templates since it emphasizes your strong job experience and personal accomplishments. 

🖋 Can I get a culinary resume template for free

The short answer is yes! Here are some resources you can use: 

  • CakeResume: CakeResume offers a variety of resume templates which you can use to customize your culinary resume.  
  • Word Doc: Microsoft Word has a variety of built-in templates you can freely choose from.

Ready to build your culinary resume? Use our resume builder to quickly and easily build a stunning culinary resume Now for free!

Professional culinary resume sample

Addy Fuller

Experienced head chef with a passion for culinary art

Email: [email protected]
Location: Miami, FL
Phone number: +1 (954) 514-0908

Resume Summary

Passionate and talented head chef with 8+ years of culinary experience in both eastern and western cuisine. Highly detail-oriented and skilled in knife work and food presentation. Able to supervise young trainees with compassion. 


  • Hard skills
    • Culinary expertise 
    • Supervision
    • Knife skills
    • Menu design 
    • Food presentation
  • Soft skills
    • Receiving feedback
    • Teamwork
    • Compassion
    • Active listening skills
    • Interpersonal communication

Work Experience

ABX hotel restaurants, Miami, F

Feb 2012 - May 2015

  • Cooked and prepared daily speciality dishes featuring Japanese, Chinese, American, and German cuisine.
  • Designed and updated menus across 4 seasons of the year. 

Chils restaurant, Miami, FL 
Mar 2008 - Dec 2012

  • Supervised 10 line cooks. 
  • Monitored and maintained kitchen supplies and sanitary condition. 


Miami Culinary Institute 
Culinary Arts Management 
2000 - 2003

  • GPA: 3.2 
  • Excelled in french menu-creation course

--- Originally written by Diana Shih ---

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