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A data entry job entails entering data from different sources into the company database, records, and computer system for storage, processing, and management. A data entry professional should be very accurate, confidential, and efficient since the data will be accessed for various purposes by different people.

A data entry candidate requires a professional data entry resume to emphasize experience, education, qualifications, and skills. The data entry resume should use an outstanding format to increase your chances of selection among the many data entry applicants. 

An exceptional and carefully-crafted data entry resume will help the candidate be selected to attend the interview, that’s why a well-made resume is crucially important for a data entry professional (i.e. data entry clerk, data entry specialist, data entry operator, and etc.) during job search.

Here is a list of common duties and responsibilities outlined on a data entry job description, for you to include in your resume: 

  • Prepare, organize, and sort official documents 
  • Review and examine employee applications and supportive documents
  • Enter and code applications into an electronic format
  • Scan and feed documents into the database 
  • Evaluate the accuracy of data input through database software
  • Design and maintain safe data backups 
  • Provide the information requested by authorized persons
  • Test new database systems and software updates
  • Communicate with candidates over the phone and in-person
  • Maintain activity logs, enter financial data, and prepare reports
  • Assess various data and organization applications for accuracy

How to write a data entry resume?

Step 1: Learn the difference between a data entry resume and a data entry CV.

Curriculum Vitae
Mostly used to apply for academic & science fields 
Tailored for the specific data entry job
Several pages
1-2 pages
Uses a simple plain design
Uses several layouts but has a general format
Gives general details on professional and academic life (whole course of life)
Summarizes experience, education, achievements, and skills for a specific job 

Step 2: Choose the right resume format for the data entry job.

Formats for a modern data entry resume comprise:

1. Chronological resume fit for a data entry professional

It lists details in reverse chronological order, from the latest data entry resume qualities, education, and experience, to the oldest.

2. Data entry’s functional resume format

State your best skills and achievements relevant to the job first. Functional resume formats are suitable for those changing jobs, have short work experience, or are fresh graduates. If there are gaps in your data entry resume, this format is also appropriate.

3. Hybrid/combination data entry resume format

The hybrid/combination resume format  mixes both hybrid and reverse chronological formats by listing skills followed by work experience in reverse chronological order.

4. Targeted format for a data entry job resume

The targeted data entry resume format is specific to a role or company. It takes more time to craft, but it can earn you the dream data entry job.

Step 3: Check out online data entry resume templates & examples.

A resume template helps you to fill in details in the main sections of a data entry resume. You then run it online to generate and download your data entry resume.

Recruiters are used to receiving resumes made from data entry resume templates. However, personalizing your data entry resume with relevant information can make all the difference and help you stand out from the crowd.

✍🏻  Tip: You can get numerous well-crafted data entry resume examples online. Simply type “data entry resume examples/samples” on a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.), and several images will appear.

Step 4: Tailor your resume to the data entry job description.

Peruse the duties and responsibilities of the data entry job description. Match them to your most relevant qualifications and write them on your data entry job resume. Provide figures, facts, and evidence on your data entry resume, and format it appropriately.

Step 5: Craft a data entry cover letter for your resume.

A data entry cover letter is a short document attached to a resume or CV stressing your exclusive experiences, skills, and achievements for the specific data entry position. It ‘covers’ the resume since it’s the first document interviewers look at to decide whether to read or ignore your resume.

Step 6: Proofread your data entry resume.

Read through your data entry resume word by word to remove typos, spelling, and grammatical errors. It’s annoying for a recruiter to find many grammatical errors on a resume, and it may lead to instant rejection.

What to put on a data entry resume?

1. Personal Information

Personal information on a data entry resume provides your identity for an employer to contact you. Place the personal information at the top of the first page of your data entry resume.

Personal information on a data entry resume includes:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Professional Job Title

📝  Note: You can also include Social Media links, Address, LinkedIn URL, Website, Languages, etc.

2. Data Entry Resume Headline

A suitable profile title or CV headline sums up the data entry resume for your target job. Place the title below your name but above your contact information.

Use keywords for the data entry resume headline to showcase your main accomplishments and relevant experience.

Data entry resume headline example:

An interactive computer data entry expert with over 9 years' experience in a corporate environment. Performed several data entry and clerical tasks with 99% accuracy at Rajiv enterprises.

3. Data Entry Resume/Profile Summary

A data entry profile summary comprises a few lines below the contact information outlining the achievements and skills relevant to a particular target position.

Example of a professional profile summary for data entry resume:

A certified data entry expert with over 8 years’ experience installing database applications and software for over 50 blue-chip companies. With proven data entry accuracy and analysis skills. Aims at applying the data entry experience to help AGFA company create an efficient and reliable automated database.

👍 Pro Tip: Use job keywords to write a professional data entry resume summary that highlights your qualities to a recruiter.

4. Data Entry Resume Objective

A career objective for a data entry resume has 2-3 sentences. It's often used by fresh graduates, those changing occupations, and those with career gaps.

A data entry resume objective shows your career goal, education, skills, experience, and achievements.

Example of a resume objective for data entry resume:

An industrious freelance data entry clerk knowledgeable in multiple data entry tasks and database automation software. Seeking to use efficient skills and experience gained from various clients and companies to ensure Prajit company automates its over 2000 records.

5. Data Entry Skills for Resume

The data entry skills resume section is where to showcase the capabilities you possess as a qualified data entry professional through learning, interactions, and personality attributes.

Listing skills on a data entry specialist resume will assist the employers to assess the candidate’s suitability for the job.

Some data entry skills for a resume include:

  • Hard Skills for a data entry resume: Microsoft Office, Fast typing, Computer applications, QuickBooks 
  • Soft Skills for a data entry resume: Confidentiality, Communication, Office etiquette, Thoroughness, Organization skills

6. Work Experience Section on a Data Entry Resume

This section on a data entry resume helps recruiters appreciate your academic abilities and qualifications.

Example of work experience section on a data entry resume:

Data entry clerk - Malikh Inc | Madrid, Spain                                                               

  • Inducted eight beginner data entry graduates on data entry applications evaluation, repair, and maintenance, saving $4100 annually in training fees.
  • Supervised a team of 15 data entry interns to install a sales and purchases automation database which improved efficiency by 43%.

📝 Note: Include the institution name, job title, location, and dates for the period you worked for each job on your data entry resume. Ensure to start with the paid jobs followed by the unpaid ones.

7. Education Section on a Data Entry Resume

The education section on a data entry resume lists the institution (town and country) you attended in reverse chronological order. E.g., masters-bachelors. You may skip high school and lower education levels if you hold a degree or diploma.

The education section on an entry-level data entry resume enables the recruiters to assess the candidate’s academic accomplishments, passion, dedication, and desire to learn more.

📝 Tip: You can include credible industry-relevant e-learning, online courses, and certified training on your data entry job resume. 

8. Additional Information for a Professional Data Entry Resume

This lists publications & papers, certifications, licenses, awards & commendations, hobbies, and sports relevant to the data entry job. It may highlight hidden skills, personality traits, and leadership capability on a data entry resume.

E.g., A "mathematics club award and certificate" shows a data entry fresher may have problem-solving skills.

Cake is an online resume builder that helps job seekers build professional data entry resumes for free download.

Tips for writing the best data entry resume

💡 Tip 1: Customize your resume for each data entry job.

Use credentials that match the data entry job description. Evaluate the data entry job description and the company website first, so that you can better highlight your best qualities on your data entry resume.

💡 Tip 2: Use action verbs and keywords for the data entry resume.

Utilize precise sentences with action words (established, initiated, assessed) to underline your skills and achievements. Borrow keywords from the data entry job description and related research.

💡 Tip 3: Quantify your solutions to problems on the data entry resume.

Using a problem-action-result method portrays your value rather than only giving a list of duties and responsibilities of a data entry job. Use numbers for dollar amounts, range, time, percentages, and improvement to exhibit actual results.

💡 Tip 4. Elaborate on industries and roles you acted as a data entry role.

Use common local and international words and abbreviations. Clarify and elaborate on any uncommon words or abbreviations. 

For example, “worked as a medical data entry analyst at Emirates.” Elaborate on “Emirates” if it is one of the best firms in the industry.

💡 Tip 5: Follow a general data entry resume format.

The standard ATS-friendly data entry resume requires simple 10-12 size fonts (Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria, etc.), automatic black on a white background text, and bold 14 size fonts for headings.

Avoid using images, tables, charts, and fancy fonts on a data entry resume.

How to write a cover letter for a data entry position?

1. Contact Details 
Write your full name, email address, and phone number.

2. Introduction/Greetings 
Using personal greetings and addressing interviewers by real names creates a good first impression. To get their names, search the company website or LinkedIn page.

3. Your motivation as a data entry professional
Why do you seek to work for that company? Which of their services/products do you rate highly? Do you wish to join them to further your career as you help them? Be as clear as possible.

4. Your qualifications for the data entry job 
Outline your skills, experiences, qualifications, capabilities, and achievements for the data entry job.

5. Closing remarks
Convey your sincere gratitude to the reader of your letter using a “thank you” line. Draw the employer’s attention to any links or attachments to your data entry resume cover letter. Finally, sign your name in full, proofread, and insert any relevant links or attachments to your data entry cover letter.

Data Entry Resume Sample

Mehreen Mehdi

Top-rated data entry operator with over 9 years' experience working for 4 blue-chip companies

[email protected]

Professional Summary

An accurate data entry clerk with 8 years’ experience in a busy fast-moving goods industry. Seeking to use her fast typing and accurate data entry skills to help Loafers Confectioneries organize its sales and inventory records. Maintained 99% accuracy as a data entry specialist, entering over 850 records daily. Improved efficiency for Data malls by 42% through automation of various tasks using MS Excel.

Work Experience

Prashidh Enterprises | Islamabad, Pakistan
Data Entry Specialist

  • Coached a team of 13 junior data entry clerks on data entry accuracy and typing speed which improved efficiency by 49%.
  • Entered over 200 customer orders daily into the database computer system with 97% accuracy.
  • Increased the speed of data entry by 47% (compared to the previous data entry clerk) for invoices, orders, mailings, and inventory.

Ramdhi Singh Co. Ltd | Punjab, Pakistan
Data entry Operator  

  • Entered over 500 sales records per day of all company products with 98% accuracy, saving 52% in previous data entry costs.
  • Automated over 800 repetitive tasks through MS Excel macros, increasing efficiency and revenue by 53% and 45% respectively.
  • Used QuickBooks and Google sheets to organize and maintain over 600 customer records including invoices, orders, and receipts, that saved over$34560 annually in lost revenue.


01/2012-05/2015, Bachelor of Data Analytics     
Lahore University of Management Sciences | Lahore, Pakistan           


Soft skills

  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision Making

Hard skills

  • Spreadsheet design and maintenance
  • Data mining and data QA
  • Quantitative methods
  • Business intelligence
  • Computer Applications

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