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Willy Wonka’s father may mark the trauma of childhood for those who love sweets, but he sure also saved a bunch of teeth from decay and bacteria’s corrosion. 

A dentist’s main job description includes: 

  • diagnose dental issues 
  • treat the patients with corresponding dental services
  • help to develop some healthy tooth hygiene regimes

Becoming a dentist requires professional dental educational backgrounds and devotions into interdisciplinary studies, including a minimum understanding in biology, chemistry, physical sciences, and more. 

After the years of the dental program, one would still need to compete in the job application pool if one wants to get into a hospital or become a partnered/self-employed dentist (which comes with high opportunity costs, risks, and benefits!) 

The article will cover the basic truth of how to write a resume for a dentist job from zero to 1. teaching the methods that could pave one’s way to the best dentist resume while offering an authentic dentist resume sample at the end of the passage. 

How to write a great dentist resume?

Tip 1: Make sure the format is ATS-friendly.

While choosing the suitable dentist resume format, be sure the format is ATS-friendly. Corporate or firms at a larger scale are likely to use a system in filtering their applications: a resume format for dentists with too intricate and fancy designs may be easily spotted as spam mails and ignored.

Tip 2: Follow the oft-told experiences from past intellects.

While good dentist resume templates give one guideline and structure, well-written dentist resume examples offer insights into the rhetoric of “packaging” one’s experiences and skills. Both will offer concrete tips regarding a general dentist resume. Remember to refer to them!

Tip 3: Customize the dentist resume.

While crafting the dentist resume, it is important to constantly reflect upon what kind of person does HR want, and how do oneself fit into such a profile. 

For those building a new graduate dentist resume and who lack real professional experiences, looking into dentist resume examples will offer some general ideas into the field and basic requirements.

However, companies and hospitals often have their own culture and vision. Attuning one’s profile and resume for the specific dentist job at the specific hospital (in the sense of selecting related experiences rather than fabricating them) is crucial to show oneself as the perfect fit.

💡 Tips: Something to keep in mind: depending on one’s location, the recruitment requires one of the two major kinds of professional catalog: a dentist CV or a dentist resume. 

Dentist CV

  • Context: academic settings. 
  • Content: a detailed version of all experiences (educational, academic, professional). while a length of 2 pages is normal, it is expected to be expanded as one’s experience multiplied.
  • Design: plain as paper.

Dentist resume

  • Context: used for a specific role and industry during job applications. 
  • Content: Customization is expected (not many employers want to understand one’s fashion background in a pediatric dentist resume). 
  • Design: varied depending on the industry norms. 

Tip 4: Quantifiable results are often more concrete than descriptive ones.

Years of experience, number of clients or patients, dental operation time, client satisfaction, and more can be a good way of quantifying one’s achievement.

However, do still remember to include keywords in job descriptions, achievements (for instance, specific dental method while writing the dentist resume.

Tip 5: include working expertise is definitely beneficial.

The human mouth is intricate, and there lies a plethora of knowledge for different dental methods and client treatment.

Be sure to include all experiences or backgrounds, ranging maybe from periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, and more. 

💡 Tips: For those writing a bds fresher resume,  intended areas of expertise or past dental studies or internship could also be useful!

What is a good objective for a dentist resume?

A career objective for a dentist is a paraphrase for a candidate’s professional goal and sense of purpose. It’s usually an optional section to a general dentist resume. 

However, the presence of a dentist career objective provides more personal uniqueness to the profile and might be a great idea for those crafting a dentist resume for fresh graduates (who mostly lack real-time experiences). 

The gist one should know for dentist career objective:

  • Do not write poetry with flamboyant vocabulary. It will not help. Specific & Concise will pave one’s way to success. 2 - 4 sentences are the perfect length. 
  • Dive into a specific dentist career objective, goals, and vision. Personalization is the key. Look up some general dentist resume samples, and avoid the cliche objectives. 
  • Do keep in mind, while personalization and passion are great, a dentist resume does not require any information regarding one’s fashion endeavor and dreams. Stay real to the ground. 

Samples of career objectives for a dentist: 

  • Senior dentist resume: Detail-oriented and dedicated senior dentist with 10+ years of experience. Specify in oral and maxillofacial surgery with extensive knowledge of dental implant procedures and dentoalveolar reconstruction. 
  • Associate dentist resume: Experienced associate medical assistant with 5+ years of dental practices in XYZ hospital. Exceptional knowledge in patient care, dental hygiene, dental emergencies, and techniques. 
  • Fresher dentist resume: Driven dental graduate with 150+ hands-on experience from classroom and interns. Seeking to score top on Dental Acceptance Test and Evanston State License to become a dentist employee at Chicago Teeth. 

How to write a resume summary for a dentist job?

A professional summary for dentists is the highlight for a candidates’ major achievements and expertise.

It serves as the short biography at the very top of a dentist’ resume and helps the recruiters to quickly understand one’s capabilities and first-impression.

The gist one must know for dentist resume summary: 

  • Structure the dentist profile summary. Fragmented sentences are acceptable and even encouraged as long as it makes sense and is easily comprehensible. 
  • Adjectives could be a good start. Adjectives offer the chance to personalize a candidate’s dentist resume and give some glimpses into the candidate’s personality or working style. 
  • Be aware of what skills are required, and attune that of yours. 

Samples of dentist profile summaries

  • Child dentist resume: Compassionate dentist with 20+ years of experience in child dental care. Exceptional skills focused on oral hygiene treatment, preventative management, and orthodontics. 
  • Dentist resume for fresh graduate: Dedicated dental graduate from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, with 200+ hours of experience in the professional dental field and 2+ years intern as dental assistance in the US. SMILE hospital. 
  • Dentist resume for fresh graduate: ACTA graduate with 2+ years of experience for non-profit company Give Kids a Smile, helping over 1-00+ clients and families with dental necessities. 

What are some great skills to put on a resume for a dentist?

Skills for dentist resume covers a candidate’s professional capabilities and knowledge. There are 4 major formats for writing the dentist skills on a resume. 

Bullet List

- Straightforward and concise
- A great option for those working on a new graduate dentist resume

- Difficult to give a full picture of one’s abilities

Expanded Bullet List

- Offers more details

- Takes up much space

Work Experience Integration

- Shows professional competence with real examples and achievements

- Not recommended for resume for bds. Might be redundant due to similar material at the “work experience section”

Categorized Skills

- Optimal for a career that requires various or interdisciplinary skillsets

- Only applicable for a few industry/career option

The gist one must know for dentist skills on a resume:

  • Only keep the relevant experiences and skill sets. 
  • Resume for bds: draw attention to available knowledge & educational background. 
  • Senior dentist resume: keep the skill section concise and highlight the work experience section instead. 
  • Shows both hard & soft skills. However, since a dentist is a career with high barriers of entry, focus more on medical specialization and expertise. 

Examples of common skills for a dental resume:

  • Oral Sedation
  • Implant Surgery and Reconstruction
  • Veneers, Bridges, Crowns
  • Dental Care 
  • Sleep Apnea
  • ACLS / BLS Certification 
  • ICON Aesthetic Infiltration
  • Pediatric Prophylaxis Expertise 
  • Preventative Dentistry / Infection Control 
  • Interpersonal Skills 
  • Empathy & Compassion 
  • X-Ray Processing 

Cake helps dentist build professional resumes! Start from choosing a suitable resume template & layout, you can learn from our step-by-step guide to make a perfect dentist resume for free!

How to write a dentist resume with no experience?

Advice 1: Look for dentist resume examples. 

Select the suitable resume format for dentists that enhances a candidate’s qualifications and profile in the mind of the recruiters. The common types of resume formats include: chronological, functional, and hybrid (check out more at the best resume format for a dentist). 

A functional resume format will be the go-to-choice for non-experienced candidates and resume for bds. 

Advice 2: Add an achievement section to the fresher dentist resume. 

Instead of focusing on working history, highest achievements such as patents, scientific paper publications, medical externship and internships, research lab experiences, will all pave the way to the job. 

Advice 3: Write a customized career objective for dentist.

What hammered home the decision of becoming a dentist, or this field? Show one’s potential, expertise, and one’s sincere motivation through the power of persuasive oratory.  

Advice 4: Highlight educational background. 

Highlight educational qualification as it says a lot about a candidates’ ability and level of professional knowledge.

Advice 5: Include portfolio or dental-related projects.

Examples are non-profit volunteering, internship, externship experiences, campaigning for dental care, involvement in organizational events, competitions, patents, or lab experiences. Any information that shows one’s potential and dental expertise will be good. 

❗ Even if it’s not required, one can also provide a dentist cover letter, also known as the job application letter for dentist (do not confuse it with the dentist CV), covering one’s motives and reasons of application. 

Dentist resume sample

Tommy Joffery

Senior Dentist at YYY Hospital 

Mobile: (+2) 111-111012
Email: [email protected]


Senior Dentist with 15+ years of specialized and medical expertise in orthodontics. Capable to provide general dental care as well as appropriate treatment to positioning alignments and preventative child tooth management. 

Work Experience

Senior Dentist & Orthodontist, All Smile Dental Clinic

 Feb 2015 - Present

  • Conducted general dental care and orthodontic treatment to over 200+ patients.
  • Maintained and checked oral health conditions, cancer screening and periodontal charting. 
  • Ensured and increased patient satisfaction by 43%. Advised necessary surgery or dental measures to patients.

Dentist, Pacific Dental Services   

May 2005 - Jan 2015

  • Inspected patients dental condition to understand dental issues, jaw structure, and teeth alignment. 
  • Performed oral prophylaxis, root canals, cavity filling, and orthodontic braces on a daily basis. 
  • Assisted senior chair-side with four-handed dentistry.


  • Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics 
  • Full mouth radiographs 
  • Root planing and debridement 
  • Emergency dental care 
  • Preventative management for oral health. 
  • Infection control
  • Dental procedure
  • Attention to details 
  • Patient engagement and education 


    • Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston

    2018 - Present

    BDS in Cell Biology and Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, 2005. 


    --- Originally written by Julia Chu ---

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