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DevOps engineer resume example
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What exactly is a "DevOps Engineer"? A DevOps engineer’s main tasks include: 

  • Introduce the Software Development Life Cycle's methods, tools, and techniques 
  • Create codes and tools for agile development
  • Understand and develop automation solutions for digital pipeline development (CI/CD pipelines)
  • Create, maintain, and manage application features
  • Provide cross-platform support to internal and external customers

The essential duties of a DevOps engineer should not be mistaken with those of a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) while creating a DevOps engineer resume.

Scaling, automating, and intervening between operations and innovations are all tasks that both job titles have in common.

The key difference is that SREs do not focus on the team’s Agile or Lean development, while DevOps engineers do.

During a job search, the key to acing a professional DevOps engineer resume is to create an accurate and succinct resume, since most recruiters only have six seconds to glance over an applicant's resume. In this article, we will highlight 9 important steps to build an excellent DevOps engineer resume

Step 1: Tips for writing the best DevOps engineer resume

Tip 1: Customize DevOps engineer resume for the job.

Because recruiters only have less than 20 seconds to scan a resume, it's critical to tailor your DevOps engineer resume to the position.

Tip 2: Quantify results on your DevOps engineer resume.

Your DevOps engineer resume will stand out if you quantify your accomplishments. For example, focus on monetary amounts, timespans, volume, and percentages.

Tip 3: Craft an ATS-friendly DevOps engineer resume.

The key to making your DevOps engineer resume ATS-compliant is to highlight key skills, keywords, and relevant work experience that matches the job description.

Tip 4: Use action words on your DevOps engineer resume.

Using diverse action words in DevOps engineer resumes not only helps you demonstrate your achievements but also stand out from the crowd.

Tip 5: Showcase your adaptability at a job.

As a DevOps engineer, your primary focus is Agile development. Hence, you ought to be adaptive and see things from a different viewpoint. You can demonstrate this attribute on the DevOps engineer resume by showcasing projects you've worked on.

Step 2: Choose the right template for your DevOps engineer resume

It's vital to utilize the correct DevOps engineer resume template if you want to boost your chances of landing a job as a DevOps engineer. Here are some helpful tips:

  • The best font size & style for a DevOps engineer resume:
    For balance and clarity, a font size of 10 to 12 points for body text is recommended. Calibri, Helvetica, Verdana, and Garamond are some of the greatest typefaces to utilize.
    For an added emphasis, raise the font size in the heading area by 4 to 6 points.
  • Standard margin to use in DevOps engineer resumes:
    The standard margin to use is one inch on all sides. 
  • Appropriate spacing for DevOps engineer resumes
    In most cases, 1.15 spacing is suitable for your resume, with double-space following headings.

💡 Tip: If you're still unsure about the rules for resume styles and layouts, take a look at other DevOps engineer resume examples online.

Step 3: Start with contact information and basic personal details

✅ Essential:

  • Full Name
  • For recruiters and employers to get to know you, your stated full name should be correct. 
  • Email Address
    Your email address is a crucial contact detail, so make sure to double-check the email address on the resume.
  • Phone Number
    Some recruiters call directly to schedule interviews. 

💡 Optional:

  • Address
    While many people are concerned about their privacy, if you want to work internationally, it is customary to state your city and country.
  • LinkedIn URL
    A LinkedIn profile is beneficial when there’s a lot of work experience to fill in the work history on a DevOps engineer resume
  • Personal Website
    A personal website is useful if you want to demonstrate your portfolio and projects you’ve had in the past. 

❌ Avoid:

  • Date of Birth
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion or Belief
  • Marital Status and Dependency
  • Expected/Current salary

Step 4: Create an intriguing DevOps resume title

A resume headline is a one-sentence summary of the full resume. The importance of a good resume headline for a devops engineer cannot be overstated, as recruiters frequently determine whether or not to read the full resume solely on the resume headline.

Here are three tips to write a good resume headline:

💡 Tips:

  1. Showcase your greatest accomplishments or strongest strengths 
  2.  Make use of catchy phrases and terms  
  3. Place your DevOps engineer headline on top of the resume  

Examples of DevOps engineer resume headlines:

  • Fresher’s DevOps engineer resume headline: Detail-oriented student assistant for a computer information system with an emphasis on building CI/CD pipelines
  • Junior DevOps engineer resume headline: Ambitious DevOps engineer with 2+ years of experience in DevOps processes
  • Senior DevOps engineer resume headline: AWS-certified DevOps professional with a particular focus on agile development based in Manhattan

Step 5: Craft a summary for your DevOps engineer resume

A resume summary is a one- or two-sentence description of yourself, your experience, and your most significant skills. A solid DevOps engineer profile summary will help you get the attention of the recruiters. 

When writing a profile summary for DevOps engineers, try to: 

  1. Include key skills mentioned in job descriptions 
  2. Only include relevant skills and work experience 
  3. Put your qualifications together 

The style of a resume summary is similar to that of a career objective, but instead of highlighting your goals, it concentrates on your skills & experience, and how they connect to the position you're applying for.

Writing a career objective for DevOps engineers can be useful for freshers. For example, when drafting an entry-level DevOps engineer resume as an inexperienced applicant. 

Examples of DevOps engineer resume summary: 

  1. Resume summary for experienced DevOps engineer: Innovative and hard-working DevOps Engineer with over 3 years of experience maintaining, automating, and optimizing important AWS installations.
  2. Resume summary for DevOps lead: Skilled and enthusiastic DevOps Engineer with experience in SQL Database configuration and scripts automation. Used Scrum and Kanban Agile frameworks to complete projects successfully.
  3. Resume summary for fresher DevOps engineers: Highly-motivated graduate student of computer information systems who enjoys developing new methods in automation and optimization using Octopus Deploy. 

Step 6: Include skills and abilities on your DevOps engineer resume

Adding relevant skills for the position can help you get the recruiters’ attention. Hiring managers are looking for both hard and soft skills on a DevOps engineer resume

There are four main ways to structure the skills section of a DevOps engineer resume

Structure 1. A simple bullet list 

A bullet list is the most straightforward way to craft the DevOps skills section on a resume. Here’s an example for both hard and soft skills for DevOps engineers: 

  • Hard skills
    • Unix/Linux
    • Git
    • Jenkins
    • Puppet
    • Nagios
    • Configuration management 
    • AWS/VMWare/Cisco
    • Python/SQL
    • Agile
    • Build and Release 
  • Soft skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Collaboration Skills
    • Adaptability 
    • Creative Thinking
    • Active Learning
    • Interpersonal Skills 
    • Stress Management 
    • Teamwork
    • Time Management 
    • Organizational 

Structure 2. An expanded bullet list

An expanded bullet list lends credibility to your skills and demonstrates how your skills can be the best fit for the role. 

Examples of skills for a DevOps engineer's resumes: 

  • Knowledge of Python, C/C++, and Java: utilize programming languages on 5 different projects and over 30 significant clients. 
  • Knowledge of Kanban and Scrum: successfully led 4 teams with Agile collaboration and project management. 

Structure 3. Integrating with work experience 

This resume style is similar to a reverse chronological resume, but with shorter listings at each point of job experience. It is substantially lengthier than the previous two structures and it is more suitable for those with extensive job experience and speciality.

Structure 4. A categorized skills section 

If you are applying for jobs that require a diverse set of skills, then distinct categorization is a viable option to write the skills section. 

Example skills for an AWS DevOps engineer resume: 

  • Scripting skills
    • Ruby
    • Python
    • Java
    • Perl
  • Security skills 
    • XSS
    • SQL
  • Cloud/Virtualization Technologies 
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Microsoft Azure 
    • Pivotal Cloud Foundry 
    • VMWare vSphere ESX/ESXi

Step 7: Highlight work experience and accomplishments

A well-written work experience section on the DevOps engineer resume is the best way to demonstrate your suitability for the job. To make a good work experience section on your resume, these are the 5 essential elements: 

  1. Use the correct resume format.
  2. Only include the relevant experience to the position you’re applying for.
  3. Highlight your accomplishments. 
  4. Emphasize your professional trajectory.
  5. Use short sentences and action verbs. 

Here are 3 tips to help you strengthen the work experience section of the DevOps resume:

  • Tip 1. Tailor the job history section
    Emphasize the work experience that recruiters will find most useful.
  • Tip 2. Add quantifiable results 
    Frame your work experience in a quantifiable manner (e.g., numbers, percentages).  
  • Tip 3. Use action verbs 
    Use empowering action verbs and avoid overusing the same verbs. 

Work experience examples

  1. Azure DevOps engineer work experience
  • Created 5 recommendations on duplicating subset machines to the Azure Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS).
  • Analyzed 150 subscriptions for various business cases to update security systems. 
  1. Cloud DevOps engineer work experience
  • Used Python and SQL to code for 6 different automation systems. 
  • Implemented cloud solutions via CI/CD Tools to improve 10 clients’ software development ecosystem.

Step 8: List educational qualifications and background

The education section of the resume should contain these 5 essential elements: 

  1. Your Degree
  2. Your Major 
  3. Year of graduation 
  4. The school of attendance 
  5. Honors and awards you’ve earned 

Where you should put the education section differs depending on your situation: 

  • For students and freshers: right after resume summary 
  • For experienced workers: after work experience section

Education section examples: 

  • High school education: 

    Rancho Cucamonga High School (CA, U.S.)
    2008 - 2012 
    • GPA: 3.2/4.0
    • Honors & Awards: 
      • ACM-AAAI Allen Newell Award 
      • Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship 
  • Education in progress: 
    B.S. in Software Engineering, California Institute of Technology (CA, U.S.)
    Expected to graduate in 2012 
    • GPA: 3.5/4.0
    • Extracurricular activities:  
      • Computer Science Club Leader 
      • Vice President of Student Council 
  • Incomplete education:
    M.S. in Computer Science
    Indiana University Bloomington (IN, U.S.)
    • 2013 - 2015: completed 100 credits

📝  Note: High school education should be omitted when you have a higher education degree.

Step 9: Add an extra section to highlight personal traits

Here are some intriguing facts to include in an extra section on your DevOps engineer resume to show your attributes or achievements:

  • Volunteer work
    Research shows that 82% of hiring managers would rather hire someone with volunteering experience as it demonstrates the initiative and values of the applicants.
  • Certifications and awards 
    Adding certificates and honors can further showcase your skills and accomplishments.
  • Projects 
    Including a project section on your DevOps engineer resume is advantageous since it highlights work that recruiters may be interested in. As a DevOps engineer, it may also display your "adaptability."
  • References 
    Adding a list of references on your DevOps engineer resume can help employers validate your work experience. The recommended number of references for a resume is three to five. 
  • Hobbies and interests 
    Including hobbies and interests in your DevOps engineer resume not only highlights your unique qualities but also helps you connect with recruiters.

Step 10: Write a DevOps engineer cover letter for your resume

After you've completed your resume, you'll need to write a DevOps engineer cover letter. A cover letter should be one page in length and contain the following five sections:

  1. Contact details 
    Include your full name, email address, and mobile number. You can also add links to your LinkedIn page or Cake profile. 
  2. Introduction 
    Greet the hiring manager, even better if you can search up their names! 
  3. Motivation
    Explain why you wish to work for this company as a DevOps engineer. You can consider the company's values and products.
  4. Qualification 
    This is the main body of your DevOps engineer cover letter! Describe how your credentials and capabilities are a good match for the position. Make a list of your previous experience and choose the most impressive accomplishments.  
  5. Closing 
    Thank the hiring manager for reading your cover letter. Don't forget to sign your cover letter with your complete name at the bottom. 

Cake provides the best DevOps engineer resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate their qualifications. Let us help you land the dream in DevOps engineer job with a strong resume (free download)!


In this article, you’ve learned how to write a resume and cover letter for a DevOps engineer. It’s never easy to create a resume from scratch, therefore looking at some resume templates is always a good idea.

📝 For recent graduates and inexperienced individuals, a resume builder and other resume examples can be very beneficial. Best of luck! 

DevOps engineer resume sample

Lisa Young

Data-driven, focused, and experienced IT specialist with keen interests in hosting zones in AWS, Azure, and Google Compute

Email: [email protected]
Location: Chicago, IL
Phone number: +1 312-555-0187

Professional Summary

A responsible and detail-oriented IT professional, enthusiastic about creating excellent operation systems in an Agile environment. Over 5 years of experience in Amazon Web Services like ECB, EBS, and S3 Bucket. Managed over 6 teams to improve operational systems for many clients.  

Work Experience

Senior DevOps Engineer at X cooperation
New York, NY
Feb. 2017 - Present

  • Defined 5 automated roadmaps for the software development team. 
  • Over 50 applications were integrated to the DevOps standards, with over 100 sub-applications included.

DevOps Engineer at Y Technology
Chicago, IL
May 2014 - Jan. 2017

  • Created over 4 cookbooks for provisioning servers like Jenkins, Splunk, and Chef-server.
  • Created 2 automated systems to build and release management processes to monitor changes between releases.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT, MA, U.S.) | 2010 - 2014
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

  • Extracurricular activities:  
    • Computer Science Club Leader
    • A Member of Toastmasters


Soft Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Adaptability 
  • Creative Thinking
  • Active Learning
  • Interpersonal Skills 
  • Stress Management 
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management 
  • Organizational

Hard Skills

  • Unix/Linux
  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • Puppet
  • Nagios
  • Configuration Management 
  • AWS/VMWare/Cisco
  • Python/SQL
  • Agile
  • Software Development

--- Originally written by Diana Shih ---

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